Every dog owner is happy with a joyful pet. A dog is a man’s best friend, and it should be well-taken. When it comes to food choices, there is a wide variety to choose. The foods keep a dog healthy and strong at a time when you can’t trust all the brands in the market. In fact, some foods common in human foods are poisonous to canines. Such foods include Chocolate’s, onions, tangerines and garlic. Food manufacturers like Beneful make ensure Dog food adheres to the highest of standards set American Animals Welfare Association. The nature of dog food means the companies involved in its manufacture must be extra careful not to use the wrong ingredient.Beneful is a well-known manufacturer of beef products. It ensures the beef is fresh before mixing any of its foods. The vegetables it uses are also fresh and its ingredients chosen carefully. The vitamin supplements chosen by Beneful are of the highest standard and must meet the highest possible standards. The Dog market has also led to the growth of the local economy. The market last year recorded a 37% rise in profits posted on twitter thanks to increased pet uptake and sensitization campaigns.Beneful on the hand has benefitted immensely from its marketing campaign targeting the wealthy. The competition has gotten so high that the food dog is also edible by humans. Many Americans own more than one dog. They also want to ensure their dogs eat a wide variety of foods.Beneful provides up to 8 categories of foods with each class having subclasses. All dogs have different needs and like humans, they also need treats for afternoon bites. Puppies also require different types of foods given they are glowing and need proteins. Purina Beneful also helps many corn farmers in the Midwest. It buys the corn from them at good prices and uses it to make corn. It also hires a lot of graduates hence supports local economies. When it comes to your dog, give it the best, and you will have one happy pet. The article is a recap of

The Choices That Beneful Customers Have At Their Disposal

I choose Beneful over the other dog foods on the market. It has become the staple in the home, and it has served my dog well. There are abundant flavors and the dogs seem to just love the taste of this brand. Oddly, the way that I discovered Beneful was completely by accident. We were using another bland brand of dog food that shall remain nameless when my daughter decided that she wanted to pick the dog food. This, after all, was her dog. We bought the dog for her during Christmas, and we just started taking care of it. Since she was 5 we really didn’t leave her with any decision making abilities about the pet. I figured that letting her pick the brand of dog food was the least that I could do. She couldn’t read yet, but she pointed to the Target picture of a dog on a Beneful package. I asked her why the picked out this particular brand and she said on twitter that the dog on the package looked happy. I had to admit that this was true. In time I would find that her keen observation paid off. I found my daughter playing around with a dog that had the same happy look that the dog on the Beneful package had. Her dog is a puppy and Beneful has food especially for puppies. This made it much easier for consider this type of food for her dog. I have been quite impressed with the brand because it has so many flavors available. My little girl doesn’t know about all the healthy ingredients, but I tell her all that time that she made a great choice by choosing Beneful. I have even convinced her to eat some of her vegetables by telling her that her dog eats food that contains vegetables. I am aware that there are other dog foods out there, but I don’t have a desire to get any other foods for this dog. My daughter’s decision stands. She picked a great brand, and her dog seems to gravitate towards the meals and baked treats.