SweetGreen: A Rapidly Growing Healthy Way to Happiness

Nathaniel Ru, a student from Georgetown University, found a void in the food industry in their city as they could not find a fun and healthy place to have a meal. This eventually led him and two of his classmates to open an eatery in the area that consisted of a 21-store farm-to-table style restaurant chain they called SweetGreen.


Once equipped with some backers and an architect, Ru and his classmates began a business that would grow throughout the Northeast’s major cities and suburbs. The food at SweetGreen is fresh and healthy, with the majority of the ingredients purchased from local farmers and purveyors.


Nathaniel Ru and his partners created SweetGreen to not just be a place to purchase food, the founders compared their company to Apple, in the sense that both considered the “why” before the “what.” Also, similarly to Apple, SweetGreen challenges the norms of eateries.


They do this by incorporating music into their authentic venues. When the founders were faced with the opportunity in 2009 to obtain a larger space near Dupont Circle, they opened it with the idea of having speakers and live music every Saturday and Sunday at the store. This connected music to their food in an emotional way.


This led to the creation of a “music and food experience” near a farmer’s market where much of their food was purchased. More and more people became familiar with SweetGreen and became regular customers. This has allowed Nathaniel Ru and his business partners to be more than a restaurant company, and also a lifestyle brand. Their community of healthy eating has reached out to students and professionals alike.


One marketing tactic that SweetGreen uses since they are often in cities that are very busy and therefore have a lot of parking tickets, is to put a coupon on the window of a vehicle with a parking ticket in addition to something ‘sweet’ to counteract the negativity of the parking ticket.


As to not become a chain store, Ru makes sure that each individual store has its own architect and a unique design that reflects the local tastes. Ru also notes the importance of servicing its employees. They hire great people, and often hire friends of their best employees as well.


Stores with longstanding teams have the best results. They offer company retreats to keep their employees happy, and as a way to recruit new people who will stay with the brand for a long time.

Salad Never Looked So Sweet

As Nathaniel Ru and a few of his friends approached the end of their senior year at Georgetown University, they began searching for a solution to a common problem: finding healthy food. Fun eateries with nutritious offerings were few and far between, but that didn’t deter the group of hopeful fellas from reaching for something to be desired. They eyed an empty space not far from their own apartments and approached the landlord with a ridiculously short business plan in hopes that they might be able to persuade her that their brainchild, a farm-to-table eatery they called, “Greens,” was worth a chance. Believe it or, with a push from the landlady and a few edits and added pages to the business plan, Ru and his friends were in business. “Sweetgreen” was up and running and would soon attract the attention of some valuable investors who would help the team expand their college pipedream to 21 stores and counting, sprinkled across the most progressive cities in the Northwest and east.


Ru and his buddies had no idea that their business plans would amount to such success so quickly, but they’ve done their part in assuring that each eatery still adheres to their original values. For one, each restaurant is focused on providing customers with healthy, sustainable food options. The Sweetgreen team works hard to establish connections with local farms and food distributors to assure that many of their menu items are locally grown or harvested. They also work hard to make their restaurants a progressive environment. Customers are made to feel welcome and are given an extra dose of hospitality. They’ve even been known to host in-store yoga classes and an annual benefit festival.


Ru says that his passion lies in providing people with healthy food options. However, salad greens aren’t the only thing driving the success of this modern food mogul. Ru and his friends may have gotten some of their business savvy from an entrepreneurial class they took together at Georgetown. All of them are also descendants of first-generation immigrants parents who started their own businesses. But the mission of Ru isn’t an old-school one. In fact, he and his comrades have used their tech smarts to push the company’s online repertoire and app. This is where they do the majority of their sales. They’ve also embraced their fellow millennials who are looking for more than just a restaurant.


Nutrimost “the Ultimate Fat Loss System”


Nutrimost, the weight loss company is suing Healthy Living another weight loss company because they allegedly ripped off from their promotional video. Apparently, Healthy Living took Nutrimost’s video from their site and added it to theirs. Adding claims that the videos weight loss was their diet plan’s doing. Healthy Living finally took it off their website, but Nutrimost wants $300 thousand for the theft and the loss of “goodwill and reputation.”

Nutrimost calls itself “the Ultimate Fat Loss System,” they claim that through using their diet plan clients can lose up to 20 to 40 pounds in 40 days. Nutrimost works by giving you healthy recipes for various food while keeping them delicious. Their diet plan operates in phases to help lose fat. As you lose weight, you go from phase to phase, eating specific foods until your plan is over. Their programs target the difficult to lose fat such as the hips, butt, and gut.

Nutrimost uses biocommunication technology to see what supplements and food your body needs to lose fat and stay healthy. The computer sends electrical signals to your body, and it responds to subtle changes in its electrical properties on your skin. The goal of the scan is to build a customized plan that will cater to your bodies needs as they are different from everyone else. They claim by following their program that your bodies organ and hormonal stressors will be corrected over time, allowing you to be healthier.


Excel in your weight loss goals with NutriMost


Having a lot of weight can cause numerous health problems to your body. Losing the excess weight can be a daunting and lengthy task. Some forms of shedding weight such as restraining yourself from eating, over exercising and taking some pills and drugs can be harmful to your body. NutriMost solves all of these problems as it is easy to use, helps you lose weight fast and is not detrimental to your health.

What is NutriMost

NutriMost is a rapid weight loss program that uses state-of-the-art technology to measure your body and customize a unique program for you. In addition to that, it helps you keep weight off. Patients lock their weight sets in at a particular number and are shown ways on how to maintain their weights within two pounds of the selected number. The average weight loss for NutriMost patients is an impressive 5 lbs per week.

Benefits of NutriMost

NutriMost edges conventional weight loss programs in some areas including:

  1. NutriMost helps you shed weight fast as compared to other similar programs. There is a litany of testimonials from people who have lost more than twenty pounds of fat in less than forty days.</p>2. NutriMost is customized for every patient. Most weight loss programs use a general formula for everyone that walks in their front door despite everyone being different.

    3. Nutrimost’s program is safe and very easy to follow. The program does not require you to take drugs or hormones, pre-packaged foods or even indulge in harmful practices such as starving yourself. Even exercising is not necessary. NutriMost staff and your assigned doctor will support you throughout the program so that you can achieve your goals as early as possible.



Healthy, Safe Weight Loss With Nutrimost

Hormones, drugs, foods that have been prepackaged, shakes–these are all antiquated 20th century means of diet facilitation, and largely they don’t work. One of the reasons they don’t work is because such programs, beyond using unhealthy means of facilitating weight reduction, are pre-packaged solutions. They’re a “one-size-fits-all” way of approaching the issue. The thing is, the people most likely to be wary of “one-size-fits-all” terminology are those who are struggling with weight issues. There’s a reason stores like “big and tall” exist. Certain individuals have dimensions which don’t accede to the status quo. For a weight loss program to be safe, healthy, and effective, it needs to be tailored around individual needs. Certain people have certain medical conditions which may prevent them from one type of treatment/solution, but not another. With Nutrimost, solutions are specifically engineered per individual, and have successfully helped people excise eighty pounds or more; and keep it off.

Nutrimost works like this: an individual seeking treatment meets with a medical professional offering Nutrimost solutions. Then a plan is specifically tailored over a roughly forty day period of time, and the weight loss begins. Averages for weight loss with Nutrimost are between a pound a day and five pounds a week, depending.

In modernity, getting on a weight reduction program has less and less to do with vanity. Excess weight contributes to a bevy of serious conditions, including psoriasis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and sleep apnea. All these conditions can be reversed, or at the very least severely curtailed, through use of Nutrimost.

The last thing to consider is the speed with which this program has spread across the country. Only a few years old, Nutrimost is yet a national effort, and over the last several years it has provided innumerable patients with quantifiable results that have diminished previously-existing medical conditions and increased their quality of life.