New Idea That Bacteria May Cause Type 2 Diabetes Could Lead to a Vaccine

Millions of Americans suffer from type 2 diabetes. Any research or breakthroughs in the prevention or treatment of this disease are, therefore, of paramount importance. Christian Broda said this form of diabetes develops when the body becomes resistant to insulin or the pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin. Doctors have known that certain factors, such as excessive body weight and lack of exercise, do create an increased susceptibility to it. However, they still don’t know exactly what causes it. This may be changing with surprising research indicating that bacteria may cause this disease.

Bacteria are associated with infectious diseases, so finding out that such a thing can be causing type 2 diabetes would be surprising. That said, while surprising, it would not be unprecedented as microbes have been identified as a causative factor in cervical cancer and stomach ulcers. If this research line into diabetes can be proved beyond any doubt, then it offers very promising benefits. The biggest positive from this would be that it should be possible to develop a vaccine that should prevent type 2 diabetes. We could be at the cusp of a new era where a new vaccine is eradicating a horrible disease that affects so many people’s lives as they had eradicated polio decades ago. The findings also track with obesity being a higher risk factor for the disease because people who gain weight tend to have a higher likelihood of being colonized by the bacteria being implicated.