Reduce the Rays

MarketWired said that with the entire country being in the middle of the summer months the New York Times released an article detailing the findings that UV rays and radiation can do to a person’s skin. The article also detailed methods and ways to prevent sun damage before it occurs. Much of the study was done by a British research team that collected data from middle aged volunteers who have some form of sun induced damage in their DNA.

While the cells on the surface of the skin seemed normal, researchers found disturbing mutations under the skin that will eventually lead to the first stages of melanoma or cancer of the skin. The research was led by a cancer geneticist who works at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in England, Dr. Peter J. Campbell. The members of the research team were completely surprised when they noticed the mutations that were linked to the cancer. The overall number of the mutations that were present were much higher than the team had initially estimated. 0.1 square inch of the skin ended up having thousands of mutations of the DNA in a single cell.

Researchers were also worried that not many people were aware of the true meaning of the S.P.F. ratings that are listed on skin protecting products. Doctors and dermatologists behind the study have concluded the study by telling readers to avoid the sun during the midday if at all possible. If you or someone you love has to be in the sun it is in their best interest to cover up with a product that carries an S.P.F. rating of 30 or higher.