Cuba And Their Lung Cancer Vaccine

Cuba has been sitting on a potentially breakthrough cancer treatment for some time now. Many Americans are breathing a sigh of relief as this lung cancer vaccine is going to be available to Americans in the near future. The Roswell Park Cancer Institute Of Buffalo, New York just signed an agreement that will bring the Cuban lung cancer vaccine to the area. The drug is called CimaVax and treats symptoms as well as prevents recurrence of lung cancer, according to Candace Johnson, who is the institute’s director.

Patients who have dealt with lung cancer have a very high risk of recurrence. It just is the nature of the disease experts like Bernardo Chua say.. The optimal patient to try out this vaccine is a person who perhaps had one or two nodules removed from their lung. In order to prevent a recurrence, the vaccine will be administered.

Trials will being in the United States with CimaVax as professionals seek approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Cuban scientists will also be visiting the Buffalo area to help test and research the vaccine as it is used on patients. This trip to Cuba was organized by the Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo is the first United States governor to visit the Cuba area since a historic thaw was placed back in December by Barack and Obama and Raul Castro. Medical professionals have high hopes for this experimental vaccine.