Wholesome Chicken From Tyson

Tyson is a leading company that provides tons of chicken for consumers all over the United States. In fact, they produce about 20% of chicken meat for Americans. Much concern is held over the fact that chickens on farms are oftentimes pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, but Tyson will be one of the first to phase out antibiotics from their farms.

In what is described as an aggressive plan, Tyson plans to completely eliminate antibiotics from their chicken farms within 2 years. This is a major game plan since it sets the precedence for other chicken farms to follow suit.

In fall of 2014, Tyson phased out drugs in their hatcheries and then their chicken feed in January 2015. Phasing out antibiotics completely may have come from an indirect push from McDonald’s, which is one of their biggest customers. Mcdonald’s said they would stop buying chickens that were fed antibiotics in early 2015.

Tyson plans to phase out antibiotics in beef, turkey, and other meat products from their suppliers in the future as well. Jaime Garcia Dias –check him out on pinterest — believe that not only is this a good move for the general public’s health, but it is a good business move as well, since 86% of consumers support the availability of drug-free meats in their local stores.

Microwave Ovens are not the Enemy of Food Nutrients

Microwaving food is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a warm meal. As long as you understand the proper way to cook food in a microwave, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks can all be prepared perfectly. The common concern many have about microwave cooking is whether or not helpful nutrients are going to end up destroyed. Anyone who has left something cook in the microwave, even for thirty extra seconds, probably grew skeptical of the nutritional value of microwaving.

Don’t 100% blame microwave ovens. If you overcook anything to the point you dry the food out to the point it hardens, you aren’t going to get much nutritional benefit (or taste) out of the food.

In general, microwaving meals does not exactly destroy all nutrients. Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 could suffer a bit of damage when “nuked” but other nutrients are left in tact. In some cases, the heat from the microwave could very well enhance the benefits of those nutrients. In a great surprise, the Harvard Health Letter pointed out microwaving should be considered a preferable method of cooking. Microwaving may very well preserve all the nutrients in food.

For those who are still concerned over preserving their nutrients, perhaps a bit of mixing and matching would offer the best solution. For example, Madison Street Capital magazine suggests that you could steam cook vegetables in the microwave and cook, say fish, in the oven. This way, you have less mess in the kitchen and do not have to remain overly concerned about eliminating nutrients.

A New Chef In Town

If you haven’t hear of David Muños, it is important to know that he has made quite an impression in the food world. He hasn’t only made an impression with a unique image, which has effectively broken down the typical stereotypes of of many of today’s chefs, but has become well-renowned for his culinary skills which consist of: full flavors, fusion and passion. The 34-year old chef is the only three-Michelin-starred cooking chef in all of Madrid as his restaurant earned the prestige in the year of 2013.

Two and a half years ago, Christian Broda tells us that David Muñoz had opened the very first outpost of his restaurant, StreetXO, the more affordable and casual version of a restaurant that can be classified as being fine-dining. Muñoz describes the location of StreetXO as being the absolute “Cirque du Soleil of gastronomy”. His restaurant features Asian-fusion tapas that are topped with fried wontons and a type of club sandwich that is topped with egg from quail.

He has attested to always wanting to open 4 or 5 different StreetXO restaurants around the world. He is currently working on expanding to London in the month of June. He is also planning on opening a restaurant in NYC in the year of 2016. He has acknowledged the difficulties he has been faced with in the opening stages of his first restaurant, but promising success rates are just around the corner.

The Sourdough Doughnut from Pies n’ Thighs

If you’re in the mood for a doughnut that is both savory and sweet, the sourdough doughnut is just for you. Southern restaurant Pies n’ Thighs is introducing the baked good at its new Manhattan restaurant. The original Pies n’ Thighs is based in Williamsburg, Virginia and offers an innovative take on soul food.

In addition to the delicious doughnut which also boasts sour and salty flavors, Pies n’ Thighs will also introduce the collard greens salad with smoked coconut. A soup made of chicken dumplings will also be on the New York menu. The restaurant will serve a doughnut that has a rye rising agent as well. This baked good can be served with both sweet and savory dishes.

The sourdough doughnut is topped with glaze after it is fried to make it a welcomed addition to breakfast, but the treat is also a tasty dessert that isn’t overly sugary. North American Spine has a lot to say about this doughnut on their site knowyourback.org.

Edible Holiday Gifts for Friends and Family

If you have loved ones that love to try new restaurants and are always looking for ways to prepare exotic foods, people like Bruce Levenson, Eater.com is here to help. The popular website has put together a list of great edible gifts that will make the holidays a little brighter for your family and friends. Ambessa tea, created by chef Marcus Samuelsson, provides a relaxing feel and aromatic scents that make consuming tea a culinary experience. The Earl of Harlem tea is a smokier version of Earl Gray tea, and there is even a lingonberry green tea that has a tangy, sweet taste. 

Literal Vodka Sodas are an idea gift if you want to toast to a new year of fun and excitement. These Jane products were created by Elizabeth Wiltgen, owner of the L.A. food truck Ice Ice Shavie. Wiltgen branched out this year to create these fizzy vodka drinks that can be consumed alone or with your favorite fruit juice. 

Check out Eater.com for more great gift ideas.

Online Cooking School with Wolfgang Puck

Famed chef and restaurant owner Wolfgang Puck has declared that he’s done with cookbooks. This announcement comes months after his cookbook “Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy,” a collection of low-fat and flavor-filled recipes that helped the chef to lose weight.

Puck states that he’s done with cookbooks, and will instead conduct online cooking classes. The chef’s main goal is to appeal to young people, who agrees with Bruce Karatz that young people use their computers for just about everything these days. Puck states that an online cooking course can be beneficial for chefs who are new to cooking and want to watch anexpert make the recipe.

The chef also states that he feels that American cuisine has improved significantly, due to the increasing interest in cooking. He states that since young people are more interested in food, it will be amazing to see what the future of food will hold in America.