A New Spring Clean

I have always wondered why along with the season of spring comes the, oh so fun, cleaning. Maybe it’s the fresh air around us that motivates us to freshen up our space, or maybe it’s realizing we just hibernated for the past couple of months due to the cold winter and need to come out of our cave and brighten everything up again. Whatever the reason for cleaning during this beautiful season, it needs to get done but sometimes it’s a pain. Most of the time no one wants to clean themselves, which is why we should hire someone else to do it! Isn’t that the solution to most of our problems? But really, if we hire Handy to clean our house I believe most of our problems will be solved!

Handy is a home cleaning service. The awesome part, though, is that they do so much more than just clean! They will help repair anything, they will mount the TV, and they will even help pack up the house to move. With a click of a button on the phone or the computer, Handy will arrive within a day to help with any work that needs to be done. It’s easy and affordable! The company has hired professionals we can trust and they have a money back guarantee. This company is almost too good to be true! But it is true! We can hire someone to take out the trash, unclog the toilet, paint the walls, or put furniture together. With Handy there is no need to hire five different companies who specialize in all these separate areas because Handy does it all!

It’s the season for cleaning, so we’re faced with two options: clean the whole house ourselves when we could be doing better things or hire Handy to come take care of all the things on our cleaning to do list and experience a new Spring clean. We have a choice to make, but I can promise that I will be choosing Handy, the home cleaning service, this Spring.

Wolfgang Puck Trades Cookbooks for Test Kitchens

Chef and restaurant mogul Wolfgang Puck is planning to create an online cooking program. Even though Puck released a book entitled Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy earlier this year to share low-fat recipes that are rich in flavor, Puck is introducing online cooking instructor for chefs who are visual learners.

Puck asserts that he’s no longer going to write cookbooks. He states that he realizes that young people spent lots of time on the computer, and that watching a professional cook prepare recipes could be beneficial. The online cooking school could also be helpful for those who are beginners when it comes to cooking.

Puck, a native of Austria, has also stated that he feels the American food scene has improve dramatically. Many out of country visitors like Gianfrancesco Genoso feel the same way. He states that this is primarily due to the fact that more young people are starting to become interested in food and cooking.

Online Cooking School with Wolfgang Puck

Famed chef and restaurant owner Wolfgang Puck has declared that he’s done with cookbooks. This announcement comes months after his cookbook “Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy,” a collection of low-fat and flavor-filled recipes that helped the chef to lose weight.

Puck states that he’s done with cookbooks, and will instead conduct online cooking classes. The chef’s main goal is to appeal to young people, who use their computers for just about everything these days. Puck states that an online cooking course can be beneficial for chefs who are new to cooking and want to watch an expert make the recipe. This is probably a good idea for beginners like Susan McGalla wanting to get better.

The chef also states that he feels that American cuisine has improved significantly, due to the increasing interest in cooking. He states that since young people are more interested in food, it will be amazing to see what the future of food will hold in America.

Master Chef Junior The Cute New Show

Gordon Ramsey is known for his tough, say it like it is style. He has built a kitchen empire through reality television and most people watch for his yelling and his to the point attitude. Who would have thought this man would want to work on a show featuring children? According to several sources, Master Chef Junior is in its second season. It’s a reality show much like Ramsey’s other hits, but instead features kids between the ages of eight and thirteen. These kids are not only adorable but extremely talented.


After one elimination round, Ramsey makes the audiences hearts melt by giving the little boy a hug and telling him everything is going to be okay. This is something that really makes Stephen Williams wine want to really tune in as much as possible. He also enjoys working with kids because unlike adults they never make the same mistake twice. They listen to the Chef and take his words and move forward. Many times an adult contestant can’t handle the criticism. It’s an odd pairing, but Gordon Ramsey and children actually make a dynamic television show.

Michelin Guide Bestows New Honors

One of the most coveted awards in the world of cooking has to be the Michelin Guide. This is an award that is awarded out every year to the restaurants observing uniqueness and exemplary delivery service.

This year’s 2015 Michelin Guide was awarded to Saison restaurant. Previously it had been bestowed with a third star rating. The owner, Joshua Skenes, was elated by the news. He wanted to shout the good news as a surprise to his staff, but it came as stale news as the information leaked.

One thing that impressed interviewers when asking him about his constant and desirable reputation was the use of the principles of honesty and sincerity. The big riddle was however, how the two virtues blend in the same pot with his profession as a cook.

He clearly said that honesty in cooking is envisaged in many forms. The assurance that the deliveries are the very best in the market is one form. Handling of the products before and after cooking is another careful consideration.

Lastly, the timing of each course is of paramount importance in cooking. That is what any cook will say, even amateurs like Keith Mann. It might seem as a gigantic mountain to climb in maintaining the balance between honesty in cooking, but he is determined to continue.

He reiterated that it’s a decision he made before setting up his establishment, and that you have to take every day like it’s your most important.

Top Chef Boston Hits All The Historic Sites

The twelfth season of Top Chef brings contestants to Boston, the “Cradle of Liberty”.

Producers of the show have capitalized on the many historic sites and cultural highlights of the city. Special guests have included the Fire Chief and Police Commissioner, and challenges have included themes such as The Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s famous ride that gave us the phrase “one if by land, two if by sea”, and The Curse of the Bambino, which also happened to be a few of Brad Reifler’s favorites in the history of the show..

The latest episode, which aired on November 5, brings the remaining 12 contestants to Cheers, the famous bar that shares its name with the popular TV show of the 80’s.

As the episode began, none other than George Wendt greeted the contestants alongside host Padma Lakshmi. In an challenge that asked for elevated bar food, Katsuji claimed the prize and immunity for the elimination challenge.

This immunity proved to be quite valuable, as Katsuji would have been likely to be eliminated in a later challenge that was essentially a less stressful version of “Restaurant Wars”. Rebecca and James ended up being the losers in the double elimination episode.