Markus Rothkranz Tells Us Why Not To Do Coffee Enemas

Markus Rothkranz explains that when performing enemas good plain old water will do the trick and that it’s kind of silly to start adding coffee to this procedure. Some of the myths are that coffee helps de-toxify your liver however your liver is already created to get rid of toxins so it seems kind of silly to rid something of toxins that was created for the sole purpose of getting rid of toxins in our bodies.

Our liver is meant to filter things that we swallow and if we wish to cleanse our livers then we can do so by eating foods that will help our liver. Markus explains that people are hooked on coffee enemas because coffee is addicting. Coffee itself is a stimulant that gives us all a bit of energy boost until we crash and need more coffee which creates an endless loop of obsession and borderline addiction.

Our colons are porous and anything placed into our colon goes directly to our bloodstream, so all the caffeine from the coffee enema is absorbed directly into our blood giving us that perked up feeling that can lead to coffee enema dependency. Markus warns that coffee is a stimulant that can cause adrenal crashes which in the long run can lead to blood pressure issues, low energy, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, asthma, and many other ailments.

Coffee enemas have been quite popular for awhile and have even been used in clinics, however, Markus reminds us that the reason people feel so great is because of the enema itself and not the coffee. Enemas are one of the top ways to safely cleanse your body and you’d receive great if not better results from using pure water and omitting the coffee altogether. Great natural ways to clean your liver is by eating bitter foods such as endives, dandelions, artichoke leaves, and many others.

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