Carl Jr.’s Patriotic New Burger

There’s many things that America has pride in; and one of things is its burgers. Carl’s Jr. has decided to unveil its latest masterpiece; a burger featured with hot dogs and potato chips inside! I bet some of you are already drooling over the idea of how delicious this new burger could possibly be. According to this article , it is to be named The Most American Thickburger and will release on May 20th. What a great time to be alive and what a great time to enjoy the Fourth of July with a bang.

This is simply incredible; a hotdog and potato chips combined into one superior meal that can leave your taste buds screaming and whining for a single bite. But beware; you will be wanting to come back as you leave the door of Carl’s Jr. only to want second helping and your wallet weeping as it knows it will get abused. Carl’s Jr. has done it again; fusing its amazing ingredients into one spectacular idea. At $5.79 solo or as a complete meal at $8.29 with fries and a drink, it is an affordable luxury you can only get at Carl’s Jr. Just be sure not to get too excited to watch your intake and everything will be dandy.

Engadget suggested that you could be sure to try some of The Most American Thickburger when it releases; it’s sure to be a hit among food enthusiasts!