Louis Chenevert as a prominent advocate in entrepreneurship

The present business market has become so competitive that any entrepreneur who wants to succeed has not only have to be well equipped with formal education but also some other important entrepreneurial factors for him or her to be able to survive in the market. Some creative and determined entrepreneurs have been able to cope up with the crazy and competitive market by showing the world that they have confidence in their skills to push through no matter how hard it becomes.

Well, one of these entrepreneurs is Louis Chenevert who is the former CEO and the founder of the United Technologies Corporation. He has been able to live a successful life as an entrepreneur, and as a result, he goes to on to help others realize their goals in entrepreneurship through various guidance and advice using his life as an example. Louis Chenevert did not become the CEO of the United Technologies; he had gone through a lot of ups and downs before his present position. The first company he worked after his education was an assembly plant where he worked as the supervisor. He had a lot of hard tasks taking into consideration that he was among the employees that were lowly paid at that time.

During this time, he learned how to turn event the negative events into something positive. He observed the way employees were being treated and also learned how they need to be treated to increase their efficiency at work. He had in mind that one of his goals was to one day be a manager of his company or any other company. This is where he learned how the employees should be influenced positively for them to be fully willing to work together towards the achievement of a common goal of the organization.

Louis Chenevert also believes that for any entrepreneur to be successful, you have to be wise in choosing the kind of people you associate with. This will determine the kind of influence they will have in you. Successful people always give you a challenge and hence they influence you to be focused towards being successful too.


David Zalik, The Real Deal

It was not easy for the forty-three-year-old entrepreneur to get to where the cane to be. It did happen in an instant and it certainly did not just fall into his lap. David Zalik fought the good fight and obliterated the obstacles that stood in between his goals and himself. The determination on this CEO of GreenSky Credit is fierce and undying, and his story is available on the web to inspire all who want to traverse through the edges and the cliffs of being an entrepreneur so that one can rise above the mediocrity that mentality slaves the great majority of the people here in the USA and the rest of the world on a spectrum. David Zalik had two parents that were both born outside of the United States as he was as well. The parents he had felled in love in Israel and married to a baby named David Zalik. Before that, his mother was a struggling citizen of a communist country who had sent authorities to seize her and her family as they were trying to smuggle themselves from the tyrannical grasp of that corrupt government. His father was born and raised in the land of Argentina. As David Zalik grew older they all moved to the free lands of the United States where opportunity was rampant and abundant to those who chose to control their future for the better. David Zalik was one of those people who wanted a better future so at the age of only four through thirteen he learned and studied books in math. This prepared his young mind for an advanced placement in which he was granted to study at Auburn University where his dad worked as a teacher then. He agreed to the process and at thirteen passes the SATs and then a little later began his own business with computer repair and technology when the dot-com fiasco was just then breaking out. He then sold the business at three million at the age of twenty-two so that he could then start to invest inside of a business system that came to eventually become a green sky Credit which David Zalik is now the real CEO of.


Stream Energy Invents a New Philanthropic Formula

Stream Energy will best be remembered for its intervention in the Hurricane Harvey disaster in which it helped to construct shelters for the affected communities in Dallas. The company worked through its philanthropic Stream Cares Foundation to bring a smile on the faces of the many Dallas residents who had suddenly been rendered homeless by the hurricane catastrophe.

Hurricane Harvey Misfortune and the Angels of Grace

Houston neighborhoods were not places to visit in the wake of the now greatly revered catastrophe of Hurricane Harvey. Many organizations and established companies could do little to help the desperate communities under siege. Many people lost their lives while others were injured and made homeless. However, Stream Cares intervened. Stream Energy moved in with the resources it has collected from its energy sales activities and chipped in the hour of need. There is nothing ever more excruciating than being left with nothing to count on as one’s own property, and yet still look up and be reminded that there is no shelter to hide under. So the action by Stream was not in vain. In fact, it is what the residents of Houston needed more than anything else for an immediate mitigation of their situation. Stream Energy has particularly set a great example in the Hurricane Harvey disaster. Their activities are the excellent example of how companies can balance their business objectives and community support.

Embracing Clients with Philanthropic Deeds

The Stream Energy Management says that giving is part of its core values and mission. Consequently, it formed Stream Cares Foundation to specifically handle the philanthropic needs of its clients and communities around which it operates. Stream Cares Foundation operates within Texas and beyond. The company says that it has operated for over 12 years, now; the company has been pursuing the charity and philanthropic agenda and says it is pleased to see that it has made an impact in the lives of many citizens of USA. Stream Cares Foundation is an idea that seeks to set a new way of working with communities. The outfit offers a chance to give back to society while at the same time building the brand’s name.


Mark Mofid Is Using Plastic Surgery To Help Change Live For The Better

When it comes to the field of plastic surgery, the press has always been able to easily sway the masses, especially when it comes to a bad procedure. Thankfully, plastic surgery is in a better place than ever before, with safer implants and surgery methods in practice around the world. Plastic surgery has grown at a modest rate in the United States over the past few decades, but nothing compared to other countries out there, such as Brazil. This is because of the bad press that the industry has received over the years. Dr. Mark Mofid is currently working to reverse the bad press that the industry has had over the years. Mark has been operating out of his own practice in San Diego for more than a decade, providing thousands of clients with great results.

Throughout the course of his career, Mark Mofid has virtually perfected his techniques with plastic surgery, though he continues to improve on them whenever possible. At his practice, he performs all types of plastic surgery for his clients with great results, especially buttock surgery, which is Mark Mofid’s area of expertise. Mark was even able to develop his own implant for the glutes that has allowed him to basically steal the show in the industry with some of the best results anyone has seen thus far. There have always been critics that have bashed the industry throughout the years, especially over controversial procedures that have done well to damage the reputation of the industry. Mark has steadily been improving this image over the years and continues to do a great job by limiting the extent of surgeries as well as upholding safe standards for all procedures.

Mark Mofid has spent more than a decade perfecting his methods when it comes to his procedures and handling his patients, which is why he has one of the leading plastic surgery practices in the U.S. surgery hotspot, California. Mark can regularly be caught online giving feedback or posting articles on plastic surgery as well as around the country at plastic surgery conferences and events, where the latest information on the future of the industry can be caught.

Aloha Construction receives BBB Torch Award

The BBB Torch Award is one of the most prestigious awards a company can be honored with in this day and age. So it comes as no surprise that the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics was given to Aloha Construction of Lake Zurich, Illinois.

Now, this award is not by any means easy to get. If a business is nominated for the award they must be put through a screening process where everything is looked over with a fine tooth comb. There is also six specific criteria the business must meet and this company managed to meet them all and then some.

The Torch Awards for Ethics honor companies that demonstrate a wide variety of expertise when it comes to things such as leadership in the company and showing the highest of standards in consideration to the ethics on how they benefit not only their customers but employees and community, too. And in their decades of service to their community they have more than qualified.

Not only has Aloha Construction given many, many people more than satisfactory work on their houses but they are constantly giving back to their community. The construction company only offers the best work done by highly trained employees. Even continuing after the job is done they will still offer their full support.

Multiple times Aloha Construction has shown it’s want to help out the community in different ways. They sponsor multiple different sports leagues in their city from hockey to basketball. And if that wasn’t enough, they have given a family in need a shopping spree and also gave a boy with a heart defect and his friends tickets to a Bulls vs Rockets game where they were able to use Aloha’s box suite.

It takes a lot to be nominated for such a prestigious award like the Torch Award and I believe it went to a very good company. There are many different types of construction companies out there, but this specific one takes the cake. Not only does this company do exemplary work in their day to day but they never fall short on making sure their community knows that they are always there to help. Whether it’s a family in need or a sports team that needs sponsorship, the Aloha Construction company was there.


Robert Deignan Creates ATS The Digital Services Champion

Robert Deignan is a jack of all trades. With both his professional and personal life being a combination of competition and innovation, it is clear Robert Deignan has a skill set to accomplish much. Robert attended Purdue University where he received his degree in Organizational Leadership. He earned this degree between the years of 1992 and 1995. He later founded and began his own business called ATS Digital Services.

Robert Deignan worked hard to improve his initial business known as ICE, but later became ATS. Robert took a team of individuals and created would have known today is Advanced tech support. Is individuals or highly skilled and highly trained as they were actually members of Microsoft and their cyber security division. AppEsteem Is an company that gives certifications and AIDS and services for Digital Services. A company would actually have to meet a large amount of compliant parameters to even be recognized and certified by Appsteem. ATS has serviced a myriad of individuals through several different forms of technology. Sometimes what is used by ATS is simple over the phone communication. Other times they have located throughout several locations a access screen that allows sharing abilities through different technologies. ATS is a company that wants to bridge the gap between software vendors, companies that offer security, and regulation companies. To contribute to all three of these branches an opportunity to operate and maneuver fluidly with one another. They believe that if they are capable of having a flow between all of these branches they will have a capacity to increase healthy consumer interaction.

That complexity of the organization created by Robert is truly astounding. Robert has actually been able to unite field that normally would have trouble blending jobs together. Robert is also more than an entrepreneur and innovator but someone that spends his time well with family and friends. When he is not building a mega company Robert spends his time Fishing. Specifically a fishing tournament at West Palm Beach. Over the coming years ATS will more likely continue to grow and expand and impact Digital Services for years to come through the work Robert Deignan.


Dr. Mark McKenna ShapeMed Weight Loss Programs

Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from Tulane Medical School in 1999. He worked at his father’s practice for a few years. He was struck with the fact that doctors do not make as much money as he had originally thought. Instead of pursuing medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna found a calling in business ventures.

Dr. McKenna had a large real estate business in Louisiana, prior to Katrina. After the hurricane decimated his business, he moved to Atlanta and opened ShapeMed. ShapeMed specialized in cosmetic procedures like Botox and laser hair removal, as well as weight loss programs. He then sold his business to Lifetime Fitness for a staggering $4.4 million and worked closely with them for a period of time.

After a year of working for Lifetime Fitness, the company was bought again and Dr. Mark McKenna was asked to stay on as a medical director. He felt the bureaucracy of a large corporation would not be a good fit for him.

Dr. Mark McKenna decided to pursue a new venture called OVME. The name is pronounced “of me” because Dr. McKenna wants the focus completely on the patients. OVME will open it’s doors next year. The new business will allow patients to bypass waiting rooms and go straight to the consulting area, as well as virtual consultations. They will also offer an Uber-like app to order Botox injection house calls.

OVME isn’t restricted to merely Botox injections though. Their luxury treatment rooms will offer a multitude of facial treatments, such as dermal fillers and Vivace microneedling. They will also have testosterone replacement therapy for patients with male-pattern baldness. For patients needing help with weight loss, they begin with a DNA analysis to maximize weight loss program efficiency.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s vision for OVME is very patient oriented, including memberships for long term solutions. He wants all of his patients to look and feel their very best.

MarkMofid: Doing whats Right

Surgery is and can be a very delicate process. It takes years of practice and a steady hand to perform the complex procedures that surgery requires. If a doctor isn’t careful or aware the results can be somewhat worse than before surgery was applied. That is why some individuals are doing their best to make sure that surgery is safer than ever before. People like Mark Mofid are who I am describing.

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon who is taking the surgical procedure world by storm with his commitment to safer and ethical work. Working out of San Diego he is especially interested in the area of plastic surgery involving gluteal augmentation. Gluteal augmentation is surgery that involves enlargement or sculpting of the buttocks. This type of surgery is usually looked at in a negative light but Dr. Mofid is combating this head first. He is well equipped to this do as he has an educational background from both Harvard University and the John Hopkins University. Because of his deep comprehension of muscle fat and skin systems he views the surgeries in his own unique way. He has an extensive resume and reputation for sticking strictly to medial guidelines and practices cleared by the rules of law. For example, in most cases people that receive the gluteal augmentation surgery want to come in for additional work. This is not always safe or responsible but due to the monetary gain most doctors will perform anyway. Mark Mofid is not one of these doctors as he values safety and the health of his patients over anything. He actually created his own superior gluteal implant that better meshes with human flesh. His design has better intramuscular positioning improves ratios and general looks better than the older designs.

Because of Mark Mofid patients are more comfortable with getting surgery because it is safer and has improved in quality quickly in a small amount of time. Recently he has shifted his attention to the gluteal augmentation center of the world Brazil for new experiences and ideas which will help him to continue making things better. All the while he will continue to uphold hid belief in doing things right.


Jordan Lindsey and The Latest Trends in Forex Inventions and Innovations

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of JCL Capital, and the founder of several other businesses with in the financial services industry and the technology industry. Jordan Lindsey was growing up in New York, and he learned to play a lot of sports growing up, because of his desire to compete. He played tennis and ice hockey growing up, as these were his two favorite sports. He also had a natural entrepreneurial spirit growing up. He was someone who wanted to change the world, even from an early age as a child. In order to accomplish this goal, Jordan Lindsey knew that the best way to do this was to grow businesses.

When Jordan Lindsey was introduced to the area of San Francisco, California, he immediately found a passion and a desire to live there full time. Jordan Lindsey was always impressed by the way that the people in the San Francisco area would share ideas with each other. He also liked how there was a positive culture in San Francisco that was built around starting businesses, and pursuing creative domains, such as art wok and music. Jordan Lindsey decided that he would move back to the area several months after going back to New York.

Today, Jordan Lindsey is somebody who has taught himself to be a computer programmer and to be an experienced algo trader in the algo trading busing. Jordan Lindsey studied at St. Joseph’s College, and he studied at the Mount Angel Seminary. He has lived in Bosnia, Mexico, and Argentina. While in Bosnia, he met his wife, and the two fell in love together and had three daughters.

Jordan Lindsey has created a new algorithm that has allowed him to trade on the foreign exchange markets. This will allow the user to trade more efficiently and take advantage of market inefficiencies. Jordan Lindsey has also created his own cryptocurrency that has appreciated due to supply and demand economics.



Adam Milstein Advocate Of Semitic Rights

Adam Milstein recently reported on developments in the attempts by radical Muslims to delegitimize Israel, the historic homeland of the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism has been a constant presence of the extreme right over the years. Recently North America along with Europe has turned a blind eye to the efforts of radical Muslims and their ideology. Adam Milstein states that the ignorance of radical Muslims convictions superiority of Islamic around has created a failure in the distinguished rent between mainstream and radical Muslims.

Adam Milstein has stated that in this light, Israel is viewed as an oppressor of Muslim ideology and is blamed continuously as the source of most problems in the Middle East. This political alliance has been typified by the organizer of women’s Mark on Washington DC Linda Sarsour. This alliance is the political left is growing. To illustrate the recent trend rallies in Chicago that had been created to help celebrate the LGBT communities expelled three people for displaying their Jewish heritage by placing stars of David on their pride flags.

This is led to a strange alliance between Islamic radicals and radical leftists. This comes along with a history of extreme Islamic nationalists collaborating with oppressors of Judaism. For example the cooperation between the grand movie of Jerusalem during the reign of Adolf Hitler.

Perhaps what is most alarming about the recent rise of anti-Semitism is how this controversial ideology has begun to enter the mainstream culture’s vernacular. As radical Muslims are continuing to focus on the delegitimization of Israel the historic homeland of the Jewish people they continue to instigate racist ideologies. By strengthening their allegiance with the radical left, they hope to destroy Western values of freedom and democracy and tolerance. This growth of anti-Semitic sentiment particularly on college campuses not only threatens the ideology of those who reside in America but the future of people with Jewish heritage around the world.

Adam Milstein along with his wife Gila have cofounded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This organization hopes to sponsor the education of students and young professionals around the world and to help those identify with their Jewish heritage and encourage their Jewish pride along with advocation for the rights of the state of Israel and Jewish people as a whole.