Major Louis Chenevert’s Contributions at UTC

Among the key accomplishments made by Louis Chenevert while working at the UTC is towering of the 6’5” stature. This was during his reign as the president and CEO of the company since March 2006 to December 2014. During his position as a leader of the company, Louis is said to have been committed not only to utilizing advanced technology but also in people.

Since his first day at UTC, he made a pledge and a mission to make UTC a better company by taking it to heights against its competitors. It is true he lived to this pledge as he always made use of his knowledge and experience to make improvements in the company. Visit United Technologies website for more info.


He always believed in teamwork and emphasized on the fact that it is only through investment in the right technology and investing in the right people that a company can move forward. More to his stewardship in the company, Chenevert’s leadership was complete of Admirable qualities.

It is through his forward-thinking ability that Louis Chenevert managed to pick out projects with a potential to push the company’s vision. He was also a talented individual in inspiring his staff to work in making the projects a success.

He did not only apply these philosophies while at UTC but they are inborn characters to him that he perfects. Since he joined the world of career, he has always expressed admiration to companies that plan their future success through investing in equipment on the cutting edge of technological innovations.


At one time through an interview, Louis was quoted saying modern-day success is entirely dependent on modern technology and this is all what he has been up to. In spite of having left UTC in 2014, the company always thanks him for the foundation he laid. Even after being succeeded by Gregory Hayes for the CEO position, UTC has remained to dominate the market.

More to this, the company, has continued enjoying vast of competitive advantages that were laid and implemented during his tenure. Surely, Chenevert left a legacy that continues to blossom and drive UTC particularly in fostering a competitive business environment for the company today. Read more about Louis Chenevert at

Market America Events for Representatives and customers

Market America is a company that utilizes internet platform for product brokerage, advertising, e-commerce, and marketing. Founded in 1992, Market America provides entrepreneurs with a transparent business system while allowing consumers have an easier way to shop.Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, the company operates in the US, Taiwan, Australia, Mexico, UK, Hong Kong and Canada. The Company coordinates events for link-up between consumers and distributors. With nearly 700 employees and over 160,000 distributors, Market America has so far yielded sales of over $5 billion.

Business Model and the Products

Market America offers varieties of products from different renowned retail brands across the world. The company deals with products ranging from cosmetics, health and nutrition, pet care, home and garden care, weight management and much more.Market America uses its shopping website, SHOP.COM, where consumers can access the many items. The company’s distributors earn commissions on product sales. Also their earn commissions out of recruiting new sales team members.


Under the leadership of JR Ridinger, the president and CEO, the company has become global online shopping destination. Market America organizes seminars and training activities for the company’s representatives and distributors as well as trade shows and conventions. Organised regularly, the Market America Events held in different regions. On August 9-13 this year, an international conference took place in Greensboro, N.C. The 25th Market America anniversary brought together more than 20,000 people. The event was used to launch new products including Isotonix Essentials and DNA Miracles.Other events organized for this year include East Coast Product Symposium held in Atlantic City on October 6-8, Singapore Leadership School on October 20-22 in Singapore and Taiwan Leadership School on October 27-29 in Taipei. In November there are events organized in in Hong Kong, Miami as well as Northeast Regional in Providence RI.

MB2 Dental’s Latest Office Has Been Designed to Create Opportunity

MB2 Dental is all about helping their patients and making sure that they can give them every opportunity possible. Because of the way that the company works and because of the options that they have to make a difference in the lives of their patients, MB2 Dental is able to open new offices. The latest that they have opened, Picasso, is a place where people can come to get what they need out of the different dental solutions the company has. It is a premier dental location and one that is made just for people who want the best experience possible and who want a great dental experience.

At Picasso, people can enjoy more than just basic dental procedures. The newest office is able to offer orthodontic services, too. This is a new approach that the company is going to offer in hopes that they will be able to cater to more patients. It is going to allow them to give their patients the most exclusive service and will also allow them the chance to make sure that they are going to get exactly what they need from the dental industry.

MB2 Dental has come a long way in the dental industry. They started out as a small office and they have been able to grow in that time to include many different options for their patients. The company continues to see a lot of success and that is due, mostly, to the fact that their patients are able to have a more enjoyable experience there than they are able to have at any other location nearby. MB2 Dental caters specifically to their patients and they want to make sure that all of their patients are getting exactly what they need from the dental approach that the company takes for making things better.

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Since MB2 Dental first started, they have been able to help all of their patients. They want to give them the chance that they need to truly have a good dental experience and to get exactly what they need from the dental procedures that they get from the dentist. MB2 Dental works as the premier dental agency in the area and they are able to give all of their patients exactly what they are looking for. The dentist has many years of experience and that has helped things work better for the people who are there. Visit the company profile on LinkedIn to know more about MB2 Dental.

From children to adults and even different cases of mouth issues, MB2 Dental is confident that they are able to help people get exactly what they need. This is something that has set the business apart and has made MB2 Dental a great option for people who are looking for more in their dental experience. MB2 Dental has made it a point to make sure that they are able to help people and that they are able to give their services to everyone who comes there regardless of their age, what they do with their mouths or what they need done to their teeth. Visit the company profile on Facebook.

Malini Saba And The Importance Of Simplicity

Simplicity is actually very important these days. For one thing, the world has become very complicated. There is a lot of news about many different things happening in the world. Therefore, it is important for the aspiring businessman to keep things simple. This is one thing that Malini Saba advises for people who are looking for ways to succeed in the world other than just working a regular job. One of the things she has done was learn as much as she can and found a way to simplify it so that she could understand. To her credit, it worked.


When Malini started her company, she has faced a lot of obstacles. However, she has gained a lot of support and has moved through the obstacles in order to bring people one of the most successful investment companies in the industry. One of the reasons is that she has a heart that loves to help others. She is also very humble when it comes to dealing with people. She is more willing to listen than speak over people. Her way of dealing with people as a business owner is the opposite of many business owners. One thing she loves is relationships.


Speaking of relationships, she takes pride in raising her daughter. Her daughter is the most important person in her life. This is one of the reasons that she is consider someone who is of great influence to women. She is someone who gets down to work as opposed to complaining about how unfair life is. One thing that she goes by is that she is willing to do everything she can to make life better for people.


Malini Saba’s desire to make life better has led her to putting together Stree: Global Investments in Women. Therefore, she is not the only one that gets to enjoy her success, she is also someone who is interested in sharing her success with other women and children. For one thing, it is very tough for people who are in hard situations. Malini herself was in a tough spot being poor at some point in her life. Therefore, she respects and admires people who chase after their goals.


All About BMG’s Big Player Ricardo Guimarães

Ricardo Guimarães has worked with BMG for many years and is one of the best that the company has seen. He is able to continue working with the company because he has given them the opportunities that they need to be able to get better at what they are doing. He has worked with them to allow them the information that they need to continue and has given them the opportunities that BMG needs to be able to be successful in any environment. He started out very small but was able to grow the business exponentially to ensure that it continues to grow to a larger-than-life banking opportunity.

According to the release from Wikipedia, Ricardo Guimarães plans to continue working with BMG and building the business that he has created there. He wants to be able to grow the business and wants it to continue to be successful despite the shortcomings that are going to be seen and have been seen in the economy in Brazil. He has worked very hard to bring the bank to where it is and continues to grow it for the people who are the customers of the bank in Brazil.

There was a recently released press conference on what Ricardo Guimarães plans to do to make the bank better. He has talked about more sponsorship opportunities with the bank and has given his plans away to make it a bigger business model in the world. He has wanted to make sure that the bank remains secure despite the direction that the Brazilian market is going. This release talks about how he plans to cut back on some of the payday loans of the bank while still giving people the opportunity to borrow the money that they need, it will just be done in different formats.

Because of the way that Ricardo Guimarães has been running BMG, the bank has been able to be more successful than its competitors. He has made sure that he not only created a big name for the bank in his own country of Brazil but that he has also worked to make the name of the bank known internationally. He wants to make sure that people around the world know about BMG and that it is something that becomes a household name throughout the world. This has given him the opportunity to grow the bank and make it better.

Soros Warns Of Economic Crisis Worse Than 2008

George Soros has a wide theater of works such as hedge fund management, financial strategy, economics as well as politics. Not only that but he also earned a name for himself by “breaking the bank of England,” by short selling US dollars and reaping a massive profit of one billion during Black Wednesday. So needless to say, when the Hungarian mogul speaks on financial matters people tend to listen.

This is just what occurred at a recent economic summit in Sri Lanka were Soros spoke over his concerns about the state of the global economy, ominously stating that the current state of economic affairs for the world’s major markets (which have been experiencing massive downturns) reminds him of the financial situation present during the 2007 and 2008 financial market housing bubble crash.

Soros allocated a great deal of the trouble facing the world markets on to the economic downturns experienced at the tail end of the year in 2015 which carried over into 2016 a domino effect that was put into motion, accidentally, by the Chinese financial sector. The reason, he said, that China is having so many problems is that the nation has yet to make their currency easily convertible and as well as the seeming lack of any kind of progressive growth model moving forwards. In addition, he noted that there also needs to be work done for the Chinese economy to return to more positive interest rates and some thought given to the fact that China is shifting rapidly away from manufacturing and heading towards a more consumerist and service based market conception.


Soros said that China’s adjustment problems amounted to a “crisis” akin to the financial collapse experienced in the United States in 2008, only much, much worse. Soros went on to say that it is something everyone should be concerned about. There is now a great deal of statistical data backing up Soros’ claims, such as the data analyzed by the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, commonly referred to as the “Fear Gauge” which has shown a clear-cut increase in market instability – a rise of thirteen percent – a trend which other volatility indexes (such as the Nikkei Stock Average and the Merrill Lynch Index) are also documenting.

However, not everything is all doom and gloom, for instance, China has released public statements pledging to put forth a plan for increased Yuan convertibility as well as to focus more on their manufacturing sector. What the future holds, for China’s economy, as well as the rest of the world’s is unclear, what is clear is that whether things improve or not they will likely have to get much worse before they get better.

Andy Wirth: The Ironman CEO

As of September 2015, The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board appointed Andy Wirth as the new Chairman. He was appointed by the Reno-Sparks Convention and will be chairing the board that has nine members. The Board was expressed faith that the new board would bring on board unique ideas that would play a very integral role in taking the airport up to a better level when matters related to better performance are concerned. Accepting the appointment, Wirth said that they would add very talented and experienced individuals who are willing to make sure that the airport enhances travel in the region.

Wirth has a lot of experience in matters related to managing resorts and has previously worked in conjunction with different airlines in a bid to bring on much regular and better flights for the resorts in Canada, Colorado, and Utah. When he was a board member, he played a very integral role in acting as a link between the Reno region and Lake Tahoe. Wirth said that he was humbled to represent the authority and also to serve in an area that is critical to the regional economy’s growth. He also said that improving air service is important to the overall tourism industry, to the business community and gaming and said that he was looking forward to attracting more flight activity to the region.

On his regular skydiving escapades a few months back, Andy was involved in a nearly fatal accident that made him come close to bleeding to death after making a rough landing in a vineyard. He considers himself lucky to have survived the accident and attributes windy conditions as the cause of the landing error. When his parachute opened, he became disoriented and missed his intended approach and found himself landing in a vineyard that had steel posts and wires that did a lot of damage to his right arm.

In Summer of 2010, he left Steamboat where he was working for more than 24 years and went ahead to accept a position as Chief Executive Officer and President of Squaw Valley USA. He had to endure more than 21 surgeries on his right arm by spending not less than 50 days in hospital. At the time he resumed work, the arm was recovering well and he had successfully resumed doing many of his normal activities including playing the guitar. During the accident, he had to look for very many ways to distract himself from the pain including singing one of his favorite songs.

Frank Guerra Selected As Co-Lead Counsel In The Ongoing Corn Litigation Against Syngenta

The latest development in the mass action suits across the country against Syngenta is the appointment of Frank Guerra as the Co-Lead Counsel. He is also to serve in the Plaintiffs Executive Committee as a member.

This development arose out of a signed order by a Minnesota Judge, the Honorable Thomas M. Sipkins. This is meant to coordinate the Minnesota action with MDL No. 2591, an existing multi-district litigation. The litigation is pending in the U.S. District Court of Kansas before the Honorable John W. Lungstrum as originally posted in PR Newswire.

Frank Guerra and other Watt Guerra lawyers have come together with the MDL leadership team to execute a formal Joint Prosecution Agreement. The appointment of Frank Guerra as Co-Lead Counsel has charged him, with the task of coordinating litigation connected to Syngenta genetically modified corn as well as related drop in market prices for American corn.

Syngenta is being sued across the country in different states by various stakeholders who were adversely affected by the drop in American market prices. This was the result of Syngenta selling genetically modified corn seeds to American farmers in the year 2013 and 2014. LinkedIn says that this was despite the seeds not having being approved by all the major markets for America’s corn exports.

Once the corn had been planted and harvested, there was no way to keep it from other corn whether from Syngenta seeds or not. Thus when China refused to import America’s corn exports, it adversely impacted even those who didn’t specifically grow Syngenta corn. Among those affected and represent in various Syngenta suits are exporters, distributors, grain elevators, transported and farmers, whether they grew Syngenta GMP corn or not.

After being appointed the Co-Lead Counsel, Frank Guerra said he understood just how serious of an adverse impact the price drop of corn had on stakeholders having grown up working on family land. He further reiterated that he was honored to be representing American workers, farmers and businesses.

In their effort and zeal to protect the rights of American consumers and workers, Watts Guerra LLP trial lawyers have accumulated vast experience and great successes in coordinated liability litigations.

Mikal Watts, a partner in the firm Watt Guerra, will be one of the battle-hardened lawyers that will be involved in the litigation. He has successfully handled many tort claims and agricultural suits.

The lawyer, who has been recognized as on of the best lawyers regardless of age by 40 Under 40 has had great success in his career. He has negotiated two global settlements worth $750 million for rice farmers with Bayer Crop Sciences due to s drop in rice prices following contamination by unapproved GMO rice.

The Healthy Philosophies of Joseph Bismark

As reported by Yahoo News
Joseph Bismark in an incredibly talented, dynamic and personable human being, he lives by the adage “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things” to its fullest capacity. Bismark is a founding Director of the QI Group, which is a massive multinational conglomerate that has diversified itself into a wide array of businesses. The company has range of subsidiaries that have established themselves in nearly 30 countries, involved in telecommunications, lifestyle & leisure, luxury & collectibles, training and conference management, property development and retail and direct sales channeled through e-commerce. Most notable the company recently began to create a foothold in education with the creation of a university in Malaysia. This group has invested heavily in different parts of Asia with Bismark helping create a solid foundation for growth.

Bismark took over the role of Managing Director in December 2008 and is largely responsible for the company’s diversification into wellness and organic food. His upbringing has an incredible impact on his views towards health and well being and this is displayed in his management philosophies and style. He is a firm believer in the benefits of growing spiritually, which can be achieved through service to humankind. Bismark plays a very active role in the RYTHM foundation, which is the Corporate Social Responsibility section of the QI group.

Outside of the QI group his beliefs in health do not stop, Bismark both practices and teaches Yoga, lives a completely vegetarian diet and has a vigorous exercise regime. He often practices yoga which is an incredibly helpful practice which can promote flexibility, breathing and decrease stress. The original article, written in Business Wire, goes on to explain that Bismark attributes a lot of his strength and flexibility to the incorporation of “rip:60” and kettle bells into his weekly workouts. He is a huge advocate for health apps that keep track or your exercise programs and uses an App called SoundCloud where you can upload Mantras and chants. Along with this useful App Bismark utilizes MapMyRide while cycling, this program will record such things as ride duration, distance, pace, speed, and calories burned.

Bismark is a strong believer that a health body and mind will help in providing a healthy life both socially and in business. He is a fantastic person that believes in helping humankind for the betterment of the self. This is evident through his work in the RYTHM foundation and his promotional activities in the health and wellness industry.

OrganoGold Continues To Expand Under Bernardo Chua

The OrganoGold brand of gourmet coffee and lifestyle products has continued its impressive march towards global recognition by entering the coffee market of Turkey. Founder and CEO Bernardo Chua announced the move to the new territory for OrganoGold in a story first reported by PR Newswire that explains the thinking behind the move. Turkey is seen by the executives at OrganoGold as a fast growing market, but also as a strategically important area that opens up a wide range of markets for the multi level marketing company.

OrganoGold has been a rapidly growing company that has been the brainchild of multi level marketing expert Bernardo Chua since its inception in 2008. Chua has a long history of success in direct selling techniques that he developed in the Philippines and would later take to Canada as he moved his base of operation to British Columbia. The use of the Ganoderma extract that has become such a phenomenon for the OrganoGold brand has been close to the heart of Chua for many years and has recently seen him rewarded with a number of awards in his home country.

One of the major reasons Facebook said was for the importance placed upon the move into Turkey is the changing lifestyles of the people of the country, which the executives at OrganoGold believe has become more active and health conscious. The inclusion of the healthy Ganoderma extract could prove a major factor in driving more people from the community to drink the range of gourmet coffee’s. Turkey also represents an area of the world that is important as a gateway to other areas that can be explored by OrganoGold for the future. The country is important for those companies looking to expand as it lies in an important location in the area between Africa, Asia and Europe. Bernardo Chua and his executives stated in the PR Newswire article they believe the success of the brand in Turkey could lead to greater successes in other area of the world in close proximity to this important country.