Glen Wakeman – Helping Move Start-ups from Concept to Business Plan

Glen Wakeman has a four-step strategy to help others learn how to build and better manage their businesses. These four steps are growth, execution, controls, and leadership. Glen teaches companies proven strategies to help their company grow and increase revenue. The second step is to educate business executives how to improve their business performance. The third step is providing oversight to ensure the business is thriving as it should so intervention strategies can be implemented when problems surface. Finally, Glen focuses on executive leadership ensuring business leaders have the requisite skill set to be innovative in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Glen knows what he is talking about because he has a proven record of accomplishment and success and he has the requisite education, training, and experience.


Glen has an undergraduate degree in finance and economics from the University of Scranton and an MBA from the University of Chicago. His education helped him to develop a vision, and a passion for business start-ups and that passion has fueled his 30-year career. As an executive, mentor, and writer of a business blog, Glen received feedback from fledgling entrepreneurs who had great ideas that did not develop into a viable business. That feedback sparked the development of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Glen is the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad, an incubator for emerging entrepreneurs.

LaunchPad Holdings, LLC is a SAAS Company that delivers online business services to business start-ups utilizing software applications. LaunchPad assists business start-ups in moving from a concept or idea to a business plan that can launch a successful business by helping businesses to structure and organize their ideas. Glen once stated, “I bring ideas to life by forcing myself to explain them to others. This requires that I make an outline, think through the steps to make them real, and most importantly defend them.”

Glen is in the vanguard of maximizing the potential of businesspersons and businesses. His curiosity and persistence have aided his success as a problem solver and innovative thinker. Glen stays laser-focused on satisfying the needs of his clients and revels in their success.