OSI Industries Gives Restaurants a Customized Experience

Different restaurants around the world have different needs. OSI Industries helps their customers with these needs. They know what restaurants need so they can help people with the expenses and the opportunities they have in their own business. As long as OSI Industries is doing what they can to help companies, they know what it takes to be a successful business. They also try different things to give the companies what they are looking for. Unlike any other company in the industry, OSI Industries is providing customized experiences for every customer they work with.

In the food industry, it can be very hard for companies to remain sustainable. There are problems that come up all the time related to the sustainability of each company. OSI Industries knows this and wants to make things better for restaurants. By working as a sustainable company, OSI Industries is doing what they can to show people how things will get better for them when they take their own sustainability into account with their restaurants. OSI Industries works with industry-leading experts on new practices that will help them grow and be more sustainable with the practices they use to their advantage.

OSI Industries creates a custom plan for each restaurant they work with. Their larger restaurant brands get extremely detailed plans filled with different options depending on how they are franchised and what they are doing with the food industry businesses. Smaller restaurants receive the same treatment because of the opportunities OSI Industries sees with small restaurant growth. OSI Industries wants to show them they can make things better. They also want to show them the company will continue to grow if they use the sustainable food OSI Industries has to offer. As long as OSI Industries is doing this with the companies they have already started contracts with, they will be able to create even more contracts with new companies.

Location is important for OSI Industries. Since they provide perishable food to restaurants around the world, they want to remain close to all of these restaurants. If they set up shop in different areas, they will be more successful in the future. By having more factories and plants around the world, they reach more customers and provide them with more services they wouldn’t normally take advantage of. It helps them make the right choices and gives them the chance to try things on their own.

As OSI Industries sees more positive opportunities with new companies, they want to keep growing. They know their growth will depend on what they do in the future and how they treat the companies. Because they are sustainable and they have companies all around the world, OSI Industries believes the growth will make a lot of sense for them. They also believe they can keep growing. As long as they stay successful, OSI Industries will keep working with new businesses. They aren’t afraid to sign a lot of contracts and make commitments on sustainable food to all their customers. Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

Adam Milstein Advocate Of Semitic Rights

Adam Milstein recently reported on developments in the attempts by radical Muslims to delegitimize Israel, the historic homeland of the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism has been a constant presence of the extreme right over the years. Recently North America along with Europe has turned a blind eye to the efforts of radical Muslims and their ideology. Adam Milstein states that the ignorance of radical Muslims convictions superiority of Islamic around has created a failure in the distinguished rent between mainstream and radical Muslims.

Adam Milstein has stated that in this light, Israel is viewed as an oppressor of Muslim ideology and is blamed continuously as the source of most problems in the Middle East. This political alliance has been typified by the organizer of women’s Mark on Washington DC Linda Sarsour. This alliance is the political left is growing. To illustrate the recent trend rallies in Chicago that had been created to help celebrate the LGBT communities expelled three people for displaying their Jewish heritage by placing stars of David on their pride flags.

This is led to a strange alliance between Islamic radicals and radical leftists. This comes along with a history of extreme Islamic nationalists collaborating with oppressors of Judaism. For example the cooperation between the grand movie of Jerusalem during the reign of Adolf Hitler.

Perhaps what is most alarming about the recent rise of anti-Semitism is how this controversial ideology has begun to enter the mainstream culture’s vernacular. As radical Muslims are continuing to focus on the delegitimization of Israel the historic homeland of the Jewish people they continue to instigate racist ideologies. By strengthening their allegiance with the radical left, they hope to destroy Western values of freedom and democracy and tolerance. This growth of anti-Semitic sentiment particularly on college campuses not only threatens the ideology of those who reside in America but the future of people with Jewish heritage around the world.

Adam Milstein along with his wife Gila have cofounded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This organization hopes to sponsor the education of students and young professionals around the world and to help those identify with their Jewish heritage and encourage their Jewish pride along with advocation for the rights of the state of Israel and Jewish people as a whole.


Dr. Mark McKenna: Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Father.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor practicing surgery and medicine. He was certified by the Georgia & Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. Initially from New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from the city’s prestigious Tulane University Medical School.

Although Dr. Mark McKenna was extremely passionate about the business industry, he had to practice medicine with his father. However, his passion vitalized and he simultaneously started the organization, McKenna Venture Investments — a real estate firm. As the years passed, McKenna owned more companies, including Uptown Title, Inc and Universal Mortgage Lending. These companies would employ more than 50 people and were in the finance, design, and real estate industries.

When it appeared everything was going good, Hurricane Katrina strikes New Orleans in 2005. Consequently, it destroyed New Orleans and many of McKenna’s firms. Albeit devasted by the catastrophic hurricane, McKenna helped rebuild the city, more specifically, the low-income districts. With a sheer work-ethic consisting of waking up early in the morning, medicating at least one time a day, and setting clear goals, it is no wonder he has numerous accomplishments under him. In addition, he practices Jiu-Jitsu for hours at a time.

Two years later, McKenna moved to Atlanta, GA, where he would launch ShapeMed — a medical firm. Then in 2014, the company was sold to Life Time Fitness and McKenna became the company’s National Medical Director.

More recently in July 2017, McKenna founded OVME (meaning “of me”) — a technological medicine company, hoping to innovate the industry. It was only after he sold his previous medical firm that he realized he wanted to disrupt the medical industry.

Today, Dr. Mark McKenna is a patient advocate and enjoys serving his community. He is married to Gianna McKenna and have two children, Milana and Ryder. McKenna is also an active reader and believes it is a habit that makes him more productive as an entrepreneur. Throughout life, he says he has never quite had a job; he enjoys all of life’s moments. Additionally, he has served in organizations such as the New Orleans Jazz Festival, Industrial Development Board, and the Entrepreneurs Organization.

Who is CEO Perry Mandera?

America’s top 100 Transportation Executives of the Millennial era, member of the Trucking Association’s board of Directors since 2007 – Perry Mandera a philanthropist and founder of then charity organization The Custom Cares Charities, Inc.

Custom Cares Charities supports over 100 youth sports teams through the Chicagoland and Illinois communities plus provides monetary educational support to young adults and children specifically those who’ve been abused and are unprivileged. Get details on Perry Mandera at releasefact.com.

Perry Mandera learned to drive a truck in 1975 when he was in the Marine Corps Reserves where his assignment was to be a motor pool. He received an honorable discharge from the U.S Marine Corps as he returned to civilian life.

In 1980, Mandera opened up his transportation business then in 1985 he sold it. A year after that closing however, Perry Mandera had a brilliant idea for his next big move. After years of experience in the transportation industry, Mr. Mandera founded The Custom Companies Inc. Learn more about Perry Mandera at gazetteday.com.

What is The Custom Companies Inc.?

Perry Mandera president of The Custom Companies Inc. for three years and running is expanding to lucrative freightage logistics companies while serving clients all across the globe. Mr. Mandera stays on top using cutting-edge technology like his proprietary dock management system (DMS) which is used to control the shipments. Perry’s DMS uses Wi-Fi connection where supervisors can send up to 5 assignments to driver’s at a time organized by priority which increases productivity and turnabout time.

The mission of The Custom Companies Inc. is to deliver excellent customer service the first time around, with 2,000 different machines, The Custom Companies Inc. keeps their promise in being the Go-To company for everyone’s trucking logistic needs. The companies’ culture doesn’t only assist large companies but small companies as well by customizing solutions for each clients goals and needs.

Even though Perry Mandera is the founder of his own company he stays very involved in his community through youth school programs, youth sports as well as the church.

Major Louis Chenevert’s Contributions at UTC

Among the key accomplishments made by Louis Chenevert while working at the UTC is towering of the 6’5” stature. This was during his reign as the president and CEO of the company since March 2006 to December 2014. During his position as a leader of the company, Louis is said to have been committed not only to utilizing advanced technology but also in people.

Since his first day at UTC, he made a pledge and a mission to make UTC a better company by taking it to heights against its competitors. It is true he lived to this pledge as he always made use of his knowledge and experience to make improvements in the company. Visit United Technologies website for more info.


He always believed in teamwork and emphasized on the fact that it is only through investment in the right technology and investing in the right people that a company can move forward. More to his stewardship in the company, Chenevert’s leadership was complete of Admirable qualities.

It is through his forward-thinking ability that Louis Chenevert managed to pick out projects with a potential to push the company’s vision. He was also a talented individual in inspiring his staff to work in making the projects a success.

He did not only apply these philosophies while at UTC but they are inborn characters to him that he perfects. Since he joined the world of career, he has always expressed admiration to companies that plan their future success through investing in equipment on the cutting edge of technological innovations.

View: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=191172&privcapId=159230

At one time through an interview, Louis was quoted saying modern-day success is entirely dependent on modern technology and this is all what he has been up to. In spite of having left UTC in 2014, the company always thanks him for the foundation he laid. Even after being succeeded by Gregory Hayes for the CEO position, UTC has remained to dominate the market.

More to this, the company, has continued enjoying vast of competitive advantages that were laid and implemented during his tenure. Surely, Chenevert left a legacy that continues to blossom and drive UTC particularly in fostering a competitive business environment for the company today. Read more about Louis Chenevert at wingsjournal.com.

MB2 Dental’s Latest Office Has Been Designed to Create Opportunity

MB2 Dental is all about helping their patients and making sure that they can give them every opportunity possible. Because of the way that the company works and because of the options that they have to make a difference in the lives of their patients, MB2 Dental is able to open new offices. The latest that they have opened, Picasso, is a place where people can come to get what they need out of the different dental solutions the company has. It is a premier dental location and one that is made just for people who want the best experience possible and who want a great dental experience.

At Picasso, people can enjoy more than just basic dental procedures. The newest office is able to offer orthodontic services, too. This is a new approach that the company is going to offer in hopes that they will be able to cater to more patients. It is going to allow them to give their patients the most exclusive service and will also allow them the chance to make sure that they are going to get exactly what they need from the dental industry.

MB2 Dental has come a long way in the dental industry. They started out as a small office and they have been able to grow in that time to include many different options for their patients. The company continues to see a lot of success and that is due, mostly, to the fact that their patients are able to have a more enjoyable experience there than they are able to have at any other location nearby. MB2 Dental caters specifically to their patients and they want to make sure that all of their patients are getting exactly what they need from the dental approach that the company takes for making things better.

Read more: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-MB2-Dental-Solutions-EI_IE710847.11,31.html

Since MB2 Dental first started, they have been able to help all of their patients. They want to give them the chance that they need to truly have a good dental experience and to get exactly what they need from the dental procedures that they get from the dentist. MB2 Dental works as the premier dental agency in the area and they are able to give all of their patients exactly what they are looking for. The dentist has many years of experience and that has helped things work better for the people who are there. Visit the company profile on LinkedIn to know more about MB2 Dental.

From children to adults and even different cases of mouth issues, MB2 Dental is confident that they are able to help people get exactly what they need. This is something that has set the business apart and has made MB2 Dental a great option for people who are looking for more in their dental experience. MB2 Dental has made it a point to make sure that they are able to help people and that they are able to give their services to everyone who comes there regardless of their age, what they do with their mouths or what they need done to their teeth. Visit the company profile on Facebook.

Adam Goldenberg is LA’s Most Successful Young CEO

Adam Goldenberg is one of the most important young CEOs in the Los Angeles area. Some may be surprised to hear him referred to as young. But, he is still in his 30’s. The reason some may view him as older than that is the fact that he had success with his first business so early. He has been in the game since he was 16 and has had 3 companies that experienced a lot of success under his astute leadership.

His Greatest Asset is Employees

Adam Goldenberg attributes his success to a couple different things. The most important thing is his hiring practices. Goldenberg has always had a knack for hiring a quality staff of employees regardless of what kind of company he was running at the time. This is because he focuses less on experience and more on the passion that the person puts into their day to day work. Goldenberg thinks that these are great employees because those are things that you cannot teach.


The young CEO is also a fan of metrics. Some business leaders shy away from stats regarding their ideas or products because they let their ego get in the way of good decision making on Bloomberg. This is a huge mistake and Goldenberg recognizes that. He takes any statistic or number that he gets very seriously. He is not afraid to discontinue a marketing plan or take a product off of his website just because he liked the idea a lot in the first place.

Early Start

Adam Goldenberg got a lot of quality experience at a very young age. This is because his first company, a gaming network called Gamer’s Alliance, was a huge success. He sold the company in 1999 to Intermix Media. He ran Intermix after they purchased his original company.

Adam Goldenberg ran Intermix until 2004 when he headed up the internet brand incubator Intelligent Beauty. This company raised over $500 million in just its first year in existence. He ran the company until starting JustFab, his latest business venture, in 2012.

JustFab is the parent company of Fabletics. It is a subscription fashion and clothing business. Goldenberg recognized this business model as something that had seen success in other industries. He thought that he could transfer this success to clothing and he did that partnered with Fabletics celebrity owner, Kate Hudson. The company at http://www.crosscut.vc/adam-goldenberg started as an e-commerce site but is looking to open over 100 storefronts in the next 3 to 5 years. This looks to be just another great leadership job by Goldenberg.

George Soros Makes A Trading Return In Gold

George Soros has been on something of a hiatus from investing after devoting much of his recent time and effort to the Democratic cause during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle. However, under the Soros Fund Management banner the hedge fund legend has recently made a return to investing with a surprising decision to sell stocks and purchase gold and gold mining shares. CNBC reports this decision followed a series of announcements by the Hungarian born financial expert about the gloomy future the global economy could be facing.

Among the concerns George Soros has been highlighting over the global economy are the continued problems facing the European Union, which the Holocaust survivor believes could be the catalyst for a global financial collapse. Soros has warned continued Russian aggression in Syria is driving increasing numbers of refugees into Europe to add to the problems the continent wide political group has recently seen with the Greek debt problem.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

George Soros was a refugee himself who was liberated from a Nazi concentration camp at the end of World War II before embarking on a journey across Europe to London, and later to New York where he began his financial career. The career of George Soros has been built on the continued impressive predictions the financial expert has made about economic problems and success, which include his gamble on the 1992 devaluation of the British pound that is reported to have made the financial legend more than $1 billion. Read his profile at Forbes.

The Soros Fund Management group manages around $30 billion of the Soros family fortune that is now being realigned to take in the concerns George Soros has over the future of the global economy. Gold mining stocks have recently been producing higher gains than those offered by the metal itself in 2016 and have caught the eye of Soros who feels problems in the Chinese economy are adding to global financial concerns. Soros has been using each and every opportunity to express his fears over the future of the markets, but his moves in the markets could provide the most important warning he has yet to provide for investors following the moves of one of the best known financial experts in the world.

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All About BMG’s Big Player Ricardo Guimarães

Ricardo Guimarães has worked with BMG for many years and is one of the best that the company has seen. He is able to continue working with the company because he has given them the opportunities that they need to be able to get better at what they are doing. He has worked with them to allow them the information that they need to continue and has given them the opportunities that BMG needs to be able to be successful in any environment. He started out very small but was able to grow the business exponentially to ensure that it continues to grow to a larger-than-life banking opportunity.

According to the release from Wikipedia, Ricardo Guimarães plans to continue working with BMG and building the business that he has created there. He wants to be able to grow the business and wants it to continue to be successful despite the shortcomings that are going to be seen and have been seen in the economy in Brazil. He has worked very hard to bring the bank to where it is and continues to grow it for the people who are the customers of the bank in Brazil.

There was a recently released press conference on what Ricardo Guimarães plans to do to make the bank better. He has talked about more sponsorship opportunities with the bank and has given his plans away to make it a bigger business model in the world. He has wanted to make sure that the bank remains secure despite the direction that the Brazilian market is going. This release talks about how he plans to cut back on some of the payday loans of the bank while still giving people the opportunity to borrow the money that they need, it will just be done in different formats.

Because of the way that Ricardo Guimarães has been running BMG, the bank has been able to be more successful than its competitors. He has made sure that he not only created a big name for the bank in his own country of Brazil but that he has also worked to make the name of the bank known internationally. He wants to make sure that people around the world know about BMG and that it is something that becomes a household name throughout the world. This has given him the opportunity to grow the bank and make it better.

Brad Reifler: The Common Man’s Investment Champion

Forefront Capital is an investment firm and Brad Reifler is its founder CEO. This man has been in the investment business for many years. He first began investing his money during his young adult years and has since gained valuable experience that he wants to share with the public. On Twitter it’s clear Reifler knows what kind of challenges that the common man faces. So he offers some basic advice that would be beneficial to this group of people.

All investors should consider risks, charges and expenses that are related to their investments. He challenges people to assess their assets and to create goals instead of blindly throwing money to the market.

You should be very concerned with the type of investment that you making so you can protect your money.

Limit the amount of money that you plan on putting into the stock market.

Make sure that you know the person that will be investing your money and develop a trusting relationship with them.

Consider your investment strategy and objective. Why are you investing in a particular vehicle? Also, if you see something is working then stick with it while adding to it.

Many years ago Wikipedia indicates Reifler was left with an inheritance by his father-in-law. He had a decent amount of money since his father-in-law had his own business. However, when Reifler went to invest this cash he was limited with what he could do with it. Back then Reifler realized that there were many opportunities for his money to grow. However, he quickly discovered that only high end investors could take advantage of those opportunities.

Reifler’s company Forefront Group does cater to high end clients. He does this for a reason. However, his own personal experience is what motivates him to champion the cause of the lower income investor. He wants them to know that their money and time worthwhile and that they do matter in the world of investing. If you want to find out more about Reifler’s investment advice and his company you can take a look at Brad Reifler’s 5 Tips for Investing to get more information.