Dave Asprey Takes The World By Storm One Cup Of Bulletproof Coffee At A Time

Dave Asprey is a coffee-making guru. After a life changing experience, while trekking the Himalayas, Bulletproof Coffee was born. He came across a concoction called yak-butter tea. It helped him feel almost superhuman. It helped him handle the altitude of the mountains, as well as boosting his physical and mental energies.

When Asprey got back from his trip, he tried to reproduce the tea, but could not get it to come out right. He switched to experimenting with coffee. In the process of research, he found out the difference between toxic coffee and healthy coffee. One he was able to find low-mold beans, he was able to perfect his special coffee drink. Personally, he lost at least 100 pounds and recharged his life.

Asprey calls himself a “biohacker.” This is someone who takes science and technology and makes it work to serve his bodily functions better. Of the 100,000 biohackers, worldwide, Asprey holds celebrity status.

Taking social media networks by storm, Asprey has reached thousands of followers who subscribe to his formula for Bulletproof Coffee. This includes many well-known stars from California and beyond. Taken as the entire breakfast, this coffee averages about 450 calories, depending on how the recipe is adjusted. Asprey shares the Bulletproof coffee recipe freely on his website.

Bulletproof Coffee is a large part of the food plan that Asprey subscribes to, to gain maximum good health. He practices a diet similar to the Paleo diet, the plan which prohibits foods that were not known to prehistoric man. with some modifications. He follows the theory that allowing more healthy fats in the diet allow for better brain health and overall system performance. He stated that hormones, the brain, and every cell of the body is made of fat. When following a low-fat type of diet, this limits the performance of many crucial systems, promoting fatigue and cravings.

Asprey has expanded to offer supplements, such as MCT oil, collagen protein, and Unfair Advantage’s pyrrolo-quinoline quinone, which promote mitochondrial health. He has published a book, “The Bulletproof Diet,” and has recently opened up his first Bulletproof Coffee shop.