There Is An Ice Cream Black Market- Who Knew?

Blue Bell Ice cream products had been completely pulled from the U.S. market due to listeria strains being found in several of their factories. Production has been shut down nationwide and the famous creamy dessert company has had their public image smeared, especially after consumers learned that Blue Bell became aware of the listeria problem way back in 2013 and yet continued to sell tainted ice cream. There are some serious Blue Bell fans out there that cannot wait until production resumes to get their ice cream fix and thus, there has become a black market for Blue Bell products. Individuals on Craigslist are selling cartons of ice cream for exorbitant prices and, apparently, people are buying them. The New York Post assumes the late Stephen Murray CCMP Capital would have known better than to take part in these dealings. The highest price so far is an astonishing $10k for a half gallon of ice cream. Wow. Blue Bell has responded to news of these illicit sales by telling consumers to return uneaten ice cream to the store they bought it from for a refund.