MarkMofid: Doing whats Right

Surgery is and can be a very delicate process. It takes years of practice and a steady hand to perform the complex procedures that surgery requires. If a doctor isn’t careful or aware the results can be somewhat worse than before surgery was applied. That is why some individuals are doing their best to make sure that surgery is safer than ever before. People like Mark Mofid are who I am describing.

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon who is taking the surgical procedure world by storm with his commitment to safer and ethical work. Working out of San Diego he is especially interested in the area of plastic surgery involving gluteal augmentation. Gluteal augmentation is surgery that involves enlargement or sculpting of the buttocks. This type of surgery is usually looked at in a negative light but Dr. Mofid is combating this head first. He is well equipped to this do as he has an educational background from both Harvard University and the John Hopkins University. Because of his deep comprehension of muscle fat and skin systems he views the surgeries in his own unique way. He has an extensive resume and reputation for sticking strictly to medial guidelines and practices cleared by the rules of law. For example, in most cases people that receive the gluteal augmentation surgery want to come in for additional work. This is not always safe or responsible but due to the monetary gain most doctors will perform anyway. Mark Mofid is not one of these doctors as he values safety and the health of his patients over anything. He actually created his own superior gluteal implant that better meshes with human flesh. His design has better intramuscular positioning improves ratios and general looks better than the older designs.

Because of Mark Mofid patients are more comfortable with getting surgery because it is safer and has improved in quality quickly in a small amount of time. Recently he has shifted his attention to the gluteal augmentation center of the world Brazil for new experiences and ideas which will help him to continue making things better. All the while he will continue to uphold hid belief in doing things right.

Jeunesse Brings Customers into Focus with Groundbreaking Product

The most important asset of the body is the human brain. That is one of the primary reasons that Jeunesse chose to add M1ND to its product line. M1ND is not just about feeling good and alert; it is also about being able to function at higher peak levels with better memory. The source of a good memory is having a brain that functions at its highest capacity and reduces distractions that interfere with that process.

Due to the natural aging process, the brain loses its mental sharpness. The decline of an ability to remember certain things happens naturally. M1ND was formulated with overpowering ingredients that can halt that process and create a brand new “lane” for memory and sharpness to significantly improve.

The groundbreaking science behind M1ND is unique because it uses standardized ingredients and combines them with natural elements that enable the brain to function at a higher capacity. One of those elements is CERA-Q which was inspired by eastern medicine to greatly support the memory system within the brain. CERA-Q is a clinically proven protein that provides a natural boost from silkworm cocoons which activate the other essential ingredients within M1ND to support your overall memory.

The health benefits of silkworm cocoons have been used for centuries. However, CERA-Q and all of the ingredients within M1ND have gone through extensive double-blind studies that have been reliable and trusted. CERA-Q is exclusively used in M1ND, by Jeunesse.

The exclusive product is available in convenient 30 single-serving packets per purchase which are perfect for an active lifestyle. Each packet burst with the delicious flavor of lemon meringue.

Jeunesse was founded by business partners Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray in September 2009 after they both ended their retirement. The company was founded to bring awareness to people to live an abundant life and to thrive with a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. The mission of the company is to “change people’s lives” with cutting-edge products that enhance the quality of life for all of its customers. Jeunesse has sold more than one billion dollars in products within online retail markets worldwide.

Choices Galore and Colors Sublime with Company Lime Crime

Lime Crime’s success as a social-media and web originated company has brought them to the front of accessibility to their brand. Their newest, beautifully rich in purple hues is Scandal, one of their matte colors in their beauty line.

Belonging to the line of Velvetines, their liquid to matte lipsticks, Scandal is family among some very unique, bright colors all the way to matte gray and black. Each of these are a long-lasting mix that can be taken off at the end of the day easily and quickly with oil-based makeup remover wipes or liquid.

LimeCrime says that the best way to having an on-point kisser is to use lip balm at least 15 minutes before using their Velvetines; apply the balm and then pat or gently wiping off any excess oil, and finally apply whichever quirky, fun or sexy color you choose. To make your lips really pop, you can add in a lip-liner.

Other amazing colors in the Velvetines line include Raven; a matte black, Zenon; a beautiful matte-metallic gold, Wicked; a cherry red-burgundy mix matte, and much more.

Lime Crime does not use animal testing and is a vegan company, allowing even more to enjoy their product lines that include hair coloring kits, face and eye makeup, nail polish, beauty accessories and more. Their website can be found here.

Lime Crime is based in the Los Angeles, California area of the US, and they offer worldwide shipping as well as a currency display on their website. Stores that carry their products in the US include Bloomingdales, Dermstore, and Urban Outfitters.