Betting the NBA Line – The Theory of ATS Records

A theory about ways to bet the line has usually been to bet against the spread. This is true in almost any sport. Bettors are always talking about how a certain team does against the spread. Websites are always touting the teams ATS statistic as well.

These are fairly good indicators for how well the team will perform against another team. Many professional sports bettors will take this theory to another level as well.

The job of the book maker is to split the monies bet on a particular game evenly. This means that no matter how much money is bet on a specific game, half will be on each team. That is the overall goal of the book maker. What much of the betting public doesn’t understand is that the line isn’t so much of an indication of how much stringer one team is than another, it is simply meant to divide the money even. If the book maker reaches his goal of dividing the money equally, he will win no matter the outcome of the game.

With that being said, you should begin to see a common trait emerge in the ATS records of many teams. They should, in fact, be close to even by the time the season ends. Since it is the goal and the intent of the odds maker to split the money, and you should assume that he his good at his job, he will have a record that is near perfect over the course of the season. When this is done correctly, most every team will have an even ATS record.

Knowing that the NBA odds maker is working diligently to have an even record is a tool that you can use to your advantage. Over the course of the season, an NBA team’s ATS record will rise and fall accordingly. The better rated “A” teams will have a better record ATS and the lower level “D” teams will have worse records. However, as a whole, the NBA ATS record will gravitate closer to even as the season goes along.

You can fine tune this theory and weed out the best teams to have an even record by concentrating on the “B” and “C” teams who will generally stay at about even for most of the season. When you consider that about 18-20 teams will fall into the “B” and “C” category the betting opportunities are immense.

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