The best and brightest showcase for the Academy of Art University

There is a fine line up and coming fashion designers must walk for there to be any semblance of success in their passion. The Academy of Art University recently came off its 21st runway showcase during New York Fashion Week, which composed of some of the best and brightest of their prestigious university. Showcasing numerous womenswear and menswear lines, there is nothing more special to the University than seeing their students being able to have their lines and pieces of art go on display in front of some the biggest fashion icons in the business today.

Each piece in the runway show has a story to tell. One student was inspired by personal events that took place recently in their life and allowed for the clothes to be their expression. Another student speaks of their inspiration coming from the ideology of having sustainability in the materials used in their piece. The attention to detail in their garment bodes well for the passion of their work.

One can tell the Academy of Art University has a deep commitment to the students and their mission statement of preparing their student to enter and excel in the field they wish to pursue. Whether is design, communication, or the arts, the University wants to make sure no one is excluded from pursuing their dreams. Having a wide range of students that come from all walks in life go hand in hand with the Academy of Art University’s vast array of alumni employed in cutting edge companies that require the talents of passionate and devoted artists.

The Academy of Art University has humble beginnings in its 89 years of existence. Starting from a meager loft manned by Richard S. Stephens and his wife, the Academy quickly moved its way up the teaching ranks to now boasting well over 14,000 students and growing. Having both an online and in-class curriculum structure, prospective students can find the accessibility of their education to be a non-issue.

Whether it is a growing passion, or flame to be relit, the Academy of Art University is certainly a place one should consider if art of any walk of life is your true calling in life.