What is ClassDojo Used For?

ClassDojoo is a mobile app which is used to allow parents, students, and teachers to communicate with each other. The aim of the app is to give all three the power to create an incredible classroom. In doing so, the firm’s founders believe that they are creating a classroom that is best for the individual parent/student/teacher. The founders feel that having a system which connects all 3 parties together would create a better educational environment for all 3. The net effect would be that each parent, teacher, and student has a better environment and classroom to spend their time in each day.

Teachers like that they are able to easily communicate with parents easily, and the app makes communication much smoother between parents/teachers. Parents are able to see what is going on in the classroom. Teachers are able to capture moments that they are able to share with parents, such as an assignment that the class is working on or a moment where a child is playing with a flower.

Teachers have introduced the app to other teachers whom they know, meaning that individual teachers are able to validate the success of the app for their classroom’s benefit. Thus, the app has transformed the way in which classrooms communicate and meant more personalized interaction.

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