Why Use Shea Butter?

Shea butter has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of skin issues. It has been praised by many and is still a popular skin treatment today. Shea butter story from the night of the shea tree. The fat is extracted and is purified and emulsified to create a thick cream that is applied topically to the skin. Shea butter is sherry butter is useful because it is a triglyceride made from natural sources. Shay butter is commonly used in many lotions and moisturizer and even in cosmetics. The chocolate industry also uses Shea butter to mix as a substitute for cocoa butter. Shea trees grow most commonly in Africa where the vast majority of shea butter is harvested and distributed. Shea butter was used as early as Cleopatra’s Egypt it was used as a skin and hair protected in the hot, dry desert climate of Egypt. Shea butter is made by cracking the outer cover of the fruit or nut. The nuts are then roasted. Huge pots are used to roast over an open fire. Once the nuts are roasted they are then further grounded into a paste and water is added and then removed to collect the oil which solidifies into a paste. The paste is then melted and filtered and solidified again to ensure purity.

A great brand of shea butter that is super Shore and derived directly from Africa is Eugenia shea butter. Eugenia shea butter is pure Guardian shea butter. It is a time-honored tradition from owner Eugenia Accutane grandmother who was a midwife and used the raw, unrefined Donnie and Shea Butter extensively on her patients.

Eugenia shea butter is made from shea butter that is harvested from sustainable Farms. Eugenia actress has become an expert in the field of shea butter and has become president of the Global Shea Alliance. When you purchase EuGenia Shea Butter, you are buying the very best quality product from an environmentally responsible source.

Purina Cares About Pets And Their Health

Purina is a dog food company that doesn’t just care about the money that they can make from selling the food to pet owners, but that also cares about the pets, themselves. They try to make their products with the best ingredients so that the dogs that eat them can be healthy, and they try to show their love for animals in every way possible. The Purina newscenter has featured an Olympic style event for dogs, which will be held in Boston.

The event that Purina has made happen will allow dogs of all kinds to show off the special talents that they have. Purina is showing just how much they love the animals that they make food for by doing this for them. They are showing that they are a company that cares about pets. They are showing that people can trust them in the dog food that they make, because they are a company that will always try their hardest to make sure that dogs stay as healthy as possible.

There are many dog food companies out there, but not all of them care about pets the same as Purina does. There are too many companies who are just in it for the money and nothing else. But, thankfully, Purina is not like that. Purina cares about the pets that they are making their dog food for, and they have proven that many times through the various activities, ads, and other things that they have done. They are a brand that is worthy of any pet owner’s trust. They are one that cares about the quality of the food that they make, and one that wants pets to be healthy and well taken care of. And, they want them to be able to have some fun, as well, as evidenced by the event that they are putting on in Boston.

Nuts for the Butter

Peanut butter is one of the most popular spreads around the world. Some places like England don’t sell the popular food. Peanut butter was invented in the United States and has since then remained a staple in the standard American diet. Researchers conducting studies on peanut butter and the benefits it attributes have concluded that peanut butter is more beneficial than most people think. Peanut butter has recently been noted to lower the risk of cancer and diabetes. Of course the benefits of this occur over time with regular consumption of the food. Peanut butter also has vital nutrients in ingredients like vitamin A, magnesium, folate and even copper. Peanut butter is high in fat but is also high in protein. Adding peanut butter to protein shakes gives it a boost in taste and in nutrition. Peanut butter has been demonized in the media as being unhealthy and should be a food to avoid. Nutritionist counter those claims and say that peanut butter can be quite healthy. A diet with moderated peanut butter use is great in taste and beneficial when it comes to the intake of nutrients. When peanut butter is mixed with dark chocolate, it is one of the most nutritious sweet snacks that one could enjoy. The vital nutrients in the peanut butter mixed with the anti-oxidants in dark chocolate make this sweet treat a powerhouse. Researchers are going to continue their study on peanut butter and how beneficial it can be to other parts of the body like hair skin and nails. Consumption of peanut butter will also continue to be tested. The group behind Boraie Development LLC joked that when it comes to volunteers for these studies, there is no shortage of willing participants.