Dov Rand Provides a Comprehensive Solution for the Aging Process

Some think that Dr. Dov Rand may have the secret to the fountain of youth. He offers patients a solution for aging. He founded the Health Aging Center, and addresses a patient’s unique needs during the treatment process. Dr. Dov Rand understands the symptoms that accompany the aging process. He also stresses the role of a healthy diet along with proper exercise for maintaining longevity. His approach to aging combines hormone therapy, dietary supplements, and components of physical therapy.

Dr. Dov Rand utilizes an approach that builds muscle tissue as well, and it does not involve any buildup of adipose within the body. A typical symptom of aging is muscle loss. He targets hormone therapies to help boost the body’s natural healing process. He replaces missing hormones until the body reaches youthful hormone levels. Clients experience an improvement in flexibility, strength, and energy. However, he designs individual treatments as no two bodies will ever react the same. His medical team also monitors each patient’s progress at every step.



With respect to aging, a lot has to do with the body’s loss of hormones. Those hormone levels drop significantly as a person grows older. Dr. Dov Rand suggests that early detection of the aging process can affect the outcomes for anti-aging treatments. He also stresses that diet and exercise have to accompany the process. For the patient, it becomes an educational process whereby they grow to understand the relevance of his wellness program.

As the program progresses, patients begin to feel less fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. The change may stay with patients for the remainder of their life. As people age, wellness is crucial for enjoying life. Dr. Dov Rand has an effective program because it targets a complete approach to aging and health. His program addresses the fact that many diseases related to age result from poor circulation and a lack of exercise. As a result, heavy metals build up within the body.