Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil Innovations from Google in 2016

California played host to yet another Google I/O edition on May 18, 2016. There had been several releases promising to revolutionize and make users’ lives easier in various ways. During the event, the world was shown, among other products, innovative messaging mechanisms, applications and other products printed in high-quality prints that Google does every time. This was according to a report compiled by Jose Borghi from Mullen Lowe Brasil, a well known Brazilian ad agency. Borghi stated that the event had been long awaited by technology lovers.

Whatsapp Competitor

Whatsapp messaging service is facing competition from a new system called Allo. Allo presents a mechanism that allows Google searches, image sharing and offering suggestions to users when replying to messages. Duo was another new application that got a lot of attention. The application focuses majorly on video conversations in an environment that is easily navigated. Despite a busy day at Mullen Lowe, Jose Borghi holds the belief that these innovations will bring about an agility and practicality to various kinds of social interactions.

Google Home

Jose noted the Google Home application that is capable of performing a number of functions and is known as the butler for its versatility. Google Home is capable of interacting with other home equipment and is activated by a human voice it recognizes. The Assistant can recognize what is said and can also be triggered using devices running on an android system. Jose Borghi views all these inventions as meant to interfere in a positive way how people conceive the world and their environment.

Firebase Analytics

Application development professionals are in luck since Firebase Analytics has come to make their work routine easier. This new platform allows users to run their AdWords campaigns as well as download other useful features. This platform will help in measuring the prospective customer traffic. Jose ranks this application highly especially in the advertising industry where he has a long experience.

Android N. New System

Google opted to let the public select the name of a new system, which they referred to as Android N. then. According to Google, users will be able to use two applications in a simultaneous manner and get unpublished applications. In virtual reality, the people present in the event were introduced to Daydream. This platform will feature interactions of companies like HTC and Samsung with promises to better the virtual reality experience. Borghi concluded that all that was showcased in the event was a perfect display of what the human intelligence can accomplish.