Cassio Audi’s Life in Rock n’ Roll

cassioaudiWhen metal music became prominent in the late 70s and 80s, it only had its fans in the US and UK. No one would have thought that rock metal would pick up in Brazil, and that a group by the name Viper would rise to international prominence. But they did, led by one of Brazil’s legendary heavy metal drummers, Cassio Audi.

Any diehard fan of metal music understands the importance of the lead drummer. Heavy metal is characterized by a rebellious emphatic tempo that is achieved by the drummer. So for any rock metal band to become a global sensation, they have to get the right drummer. Cassio Audi completed this equation for the Vipers, leading the group to international prominence.

Cassio and the Vipers put out their first album in 1987, Soldiers of Sunrise, which became an instant hit. Cassio borrowed the style of British metal music to create his own signature sounds in the album. Viper fans rocked to a couple of tracks on the album like Killera, Nightmares, and Soldiers of Sunrise. Watch this video on Youtube.

Viper went on to release a second album in 1989 dubbed Theatre of Fate. By this time, the band was more confident and had developed a different sound for their album. Cassio did not disappoint on the drum. His heavy drum sounds were felt on hits like Illusions, Theatre of Fate, and At Least a Chance.


Viper produced two more albums for their fans: Evolution in 1992 and To Live Again Live in Sau Paulo in 2014. Cassio Audi proved himself to be one of the iconic metal drummers in Brazil. Today he is celebrated alongside other metal drummers like Jean Dolabella and Ivan Busic. His massive fan base continues to jam to the metal sounds of Viper, more so Cassio Audi’s prowess on the drums. Read more reviews at Applesauce Blog about Cassio Audi.

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