Cardio vs Weightlifting

To exercise or not to? While it is obvious that exercise is beneficial to the body, it can be difficult to right kind of exercises for your kind of lifestyle.

That keeps you in good physical shape and even contributes to your physical well-being, knowing the fact that you hold on to your principles and that you are more or less fit mean a lot.

But then, a lot of other questions emerge. Lifting weights vs doing cardio is a dilemma that you can often hear. According to some experiments, separating or doing both types of sport does not have much influence.

Let us start with the fact that cardio is for developing resistance and losing weight, whereas weight-lifting is good for acquiring a muscular look. Besides, some people are not advised to practice aerobics due to health conditions, or, quite the contrary, one can be asked to mind how heavy the things they lift are.

Thus, drawing the line and telling one that a particular combination is good for all would be incorrect as Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez endeavors to point out.

Starting with what you can handle is the advice I can give. Listening to your body and adapting the training cycles to your resistance level is another recommendation.

If your main purpose is to gain weight and muscles, weight-lifting is what you want to focus on. If your target is to lose weight first of all, cardio is your solution.

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