Cancer Treatment Centers of America launches diagnostic platform

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the country’s foremost centers for the treatment of cancer. Using cutting-edge treatments and some of the America’s most talented physicians and oncologists, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has helped thousands of Americans beat cancer and return to fulfilling lives.

Recently, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has implemented a new software program designed to streamline the process of fighting cancer and selecting the appropriate treatment. Its physicians now have at their disposal one of the most advanced and accurate diagnostic systems available today in the cancer treatment field.

The system, named Clinical Pathways, draws from an immense database of evidence-based treatments and clinical information. The system can help oncologists in selecting the most appropriate course for the patient-specific disease characteristics that presents before them. Clinical Pathways has a database of over 2,700 detailed and extensive clinical summaries of treatment programs, drug information and holistic considerations that help the patient get through their specific course of treatment in the highest level of comfort possible.

It is anticipated that clinical diagnostic systems like Clinical Pathways will revolutionize the treatment of cancer, freeing up both patients and physicians to concentrate on more important tasks than worrying about medical minutiae.

According to Wikipedia, the system also eliminates the possibility of making clerical errors that can often times lead to the wrong drugs being prescribed and overdose or deadly adverse drug reactions in some patients. The system will also be used as a way to show patients, and simple to understand terms, the likely clinical course of their disease and the possible spectrum of outcomes that they can expect from their treatment.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the country’s largest network of private cancer treatment facilities. More information suggestions are at With five branches throughout the United States, it has helped thousands of people overcome the potentially deadly disease and return to a normal and fulfilling life, remaining cancer free.

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