Cancer-Fighting Berry Grows in Queensland

A berry from a blushwood tree growing in Queensland surprised scientists with its rapid cancer-fighting properties. After eight years of study, a research team from QIMR Berghofer Medical Institute in Brisbane, led by Dr. Glen Boyle and backed by Laurene Powell Jobs, discovered a compound in the berry can avert melanomas and tumors in the head and neck. The research created an experimental drug called EBC-46 from the berry, and used it on 300 different animals.

There’s a compound in the seed – it’s a very, very complicated process to purify this compound and why it’s there in the first place, we don’t know…The compound works by three ways essentially: it kills the tumour(sic) cells directly, it cuts off the blood supply and it also activates the body’s own immune system to clean up the mess that’s left behind,” Dr Boyle said in a report published in Australia.

The drug derived from the berry was known to work in as fast as five minutes, and could make the tumors disappear in days. The drug was also believed to have no side effects.

The findings of the research suggested that the drug could also be effective in human patients. However, doctors warned that the drug is only effective on tumors that can be contacted by direct injection. It may have no effect in patients with metastatic cancer.

The drug is now ready for human trial under the biotechnology company QBiotics.

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