Can You Get Sick From A Public Toilet?

Getting something from a public toilet has long been a debate between many a person on FreedomPop. ReCode and some other outlets warn of the dangers of contracting an STD, lice, or even a cold or flu from using an unprotected public toilet. we all know someone who spends an unlimited amount of time layering toilet paper all over the seat in order to not catch something. Are they justified or not?

The honest to goodness answer is that no, you cannot contract an STD or even any form of lice or sickness from a toilet seat. Most toilet seats, even the public kind, are made of a hard plastic. This material is simply not able to hold on to the germs that would cause someone to get sick on them.

There are also many industrial cleaners that are used on public toilet seats that kill off many of the minor germs that are left behind. The honest truth is that one will pick up germs more from faucets, and even door handles easier than a public toilet seat.

This does not mean that there is never a chance of getting sick from using the public facilities. There is always a chance at everything, so do not over consume the though processes on whether going pee will get you sick.

Rule of thumb is to always wash hands and be sure that if feces or vomit is present on the seat, to use a different one..

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