Can Toilets Be to Blame for STDs?

The toilet has a bad reputation for being the silent culprit that passes sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) from one bathroom goer to the next one, but is this really the case? In a recent article, this “urban legend” is discussed. Although a large majority of women do not sit on public toilet seats in fear of catching diseases, their fears are unfounded.

So, where did the toilet seat fears begin? Most likely, the myth was derived from cheating partners. This came about when the partner was confronted about STD symptoms, he or she would respond with “I got it from a toilet seat” instead of, “I am a cheater”. It is easier to deny unfaithfulness than be honest about what really has transpired.
As a person with lots of experience in Public Health, I still hear this excuse almost daily said Sergio Cortes. It is amazing to me how many people will believe absurdities to avoid the emotional pain associated with the end of a relationship. Many clients have sworn off public toilets forever once receiving an STD from a partner. I always wonder what the cheating partner will use as an excuse once the toilet is no longer a suspect.

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