Bulletproof: A New Cult of Coffee Diet

In October on the “Tonight Show”, the actress Shailene Woodley did not hesitate to accept the mug of coffee mixed with butter from Jimmy Fallon. She also raved about the mug of saturated fat to the audience, saying that it can change a life. Moreover, Mr. Fallon said that it is good for the brain.

This talked-about coffee is the creation of biohacker and technology entrepreneur Dave Asprey. It is called Bulletproof coffee. He found its restorative effects while he was hiking in Tibet. The recipe includes low-mold coffee beans, unsalted butter (grass-fed), and MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil. He claims that the coffee is more than 450 calorie, which Terry Richardson says can be a good substitute for breakfast. It helps suppress hunger, increases mental clarity, and promotes weight loss, according to Mr. Asprey.

In 2009, he first posted this coffee recipe on his website. He got the name “Bulletproof” from an acquaintance he met on his flight from London to the United States. Today, his company “Bulletproof Executive” has 20 staff. His podcast has been downloaded by over seven million people and his first café will open in early 2015 in Los Angeles. His book “The Bulletproof Diet” will start publishing next week. The book has a similarity to the Paleolithic Diet but includes more – fat, which is more beneficial, according to Mr. Asprey. Bulletproof is very popular in Seattle, New York, San Francisco Bay Area, Milwaukee (popular for Martial Arts), Silicon Valley, and Hollywood.

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