Brian Torchin – Keeping Staffers Coming and Medical Offices Humming

Health care practices need highly qualified personnel, and when you go to a medical office, you want to see a friendly, competent pro. Both are Brian Torchin’s specialty. His company, Health Care Recruitment Counselors, provides job opportunities to medical professionals and high-quality staffers to patients.

Torchin has been CEO of HCRC since 2007, and the company now has 200 clients, in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia as well as the United States. HCRC focuses on helping their clients’ practices run smoothly when there’s an inevitable change of staff. The company is available nights and weekends, and does background checks and staff training as well as recruiting; replacement professionals can generally be found within 72 hours. Torchin recalls a time when a chiropractor quit a 400-patient practice without notice. HCRC was able to find a replacement within 2 days, and the practice remained open, losing no business.

As well as chiropractors, HCRC is able to replace medical doctors, podiatrists, dentists, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists. They can also provide staff for urgent care facilities, and place medical office managers and public relations representatives. makes it pretty clear Torchin is well qualified to run an international medical recruitment company. Before his experience with HCRC, he was Director of Medical Marketing at Practice Management, Inc. from 2000 to 2007, and managed offices in Delaware, Florida, and Philadelphia. He’s also a practicing chiropractor who graduated from New York Chiropractic College. Torchin attributes his success to his past experience, which taught him to build long-term relationships with clients and always respect what the client wants. This is especially important as medical practices try to lowers their costs while increasing patient satisfaction at the same time. He’s also skilled at finding medical professionals a position that’s a good fit for them.

Though he’s a busy CEO, Torchin Tweets on the HCRC website about issues of medical recruiting. He doesn’t forget that his clients are there to serve their patients. His article “Warning Signs That Your Practice Isn’t Patient Friendly” stresses that everyone in the office should make patients feel welcome. He writes, “Make sure you and your office staff make it crystal clear to each one of your patients that you realize if it weren’t for them (the patients) you wouldn’t be there.”

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