Brad Reifler: The Common Man’s Investment Champion

Forefront Capital is an investment firm and Brad Reifler is its founder CEO. This man has been in the investment business for many years. He first began investing his money during his young adult years and has since gained valuable experience that he wants to share with the public. On Twitter it’s clear Reifler knows what kind of challenges that the common man faces. So he offers some basic advice that would be beneficial to this group of people.

All investors should consider risks, charges and expenses that are related to their investments. He challenges people to assess their assets and to create goals instead of blindly throwing money to the market.

You should be very concerned with the type of investment that you making so you can protect your money.

Limit the amount of money that you plan on putting into the stock market.

Make sure that you know the person that will be investing your money and develop a trusting relationship with them.

Consider your investment strategy and objective. Why are you investing in a particular vehicle? Also, if you see something is working then stick with it while adding to it.

Many years ago Wikipedia indicates Reifler was left with an inheritance by his father-in-law. He had a decent amount of money since his father-in-law had his own business. However, when Reifler went to invest this cash he was limited with what he could do with it. Back then Reifler realized that there were many opportunities for his money to grow. However, he quickly discovered that only high end investors could take advantage of those opportunities.

Reifler’s company Forefront Group does cater to high end clients. He does this for a reason. However, his own personal experience is what motivates him to champion the cause of the lower income investor. He wants them to know that their money and time worthwhile and that they do matter in the world of investing. If you want to find out more about Reifler’s investment advice and his company you can take a look at Brad Reifler’s 5 Tips for Investing to get more information.

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