Bone Broth Reigns Supreme

There are a lot of food trends that have taken place in the past and these trends seem to have a sort of viral aspect to them. In past years we have seen such food trends as the Nutella craze, cronut hysteria, and the cold pressed juice overload. 2015 has now premiered its first trend of the year and it is bone broth. Similar enough to often be confused with bone stock, bone broth is a cold-weather specialty that can keep foodies warm until the winter resides.

New York City-based chef Marco Canora has pioneered the bone broth craze with his take-out window called Brodo. The key to this specialty of Canora’s is that he roasts the bones and then boils them for 24 hours or longer which is past what most home recipes endure. It seems to work as it has kept New York connoisseurs returning to his window time and time again. There are perceived health benefits from boiling bone marrow in order to extract the dense fat-soluble vitamins into a readily consumed cold-weather beverage. However, nutritionists are still at arms as to whether this really has the extraordinary health benefits that so many claim. While it does seem to be the ideal health potion, the claims are likely exaggerated at best. Ricardo Tosto was saying on LatinLawyer that does not mean that the food craze of bone broth is set to go anywhere soon. For the perceivable future, bone broth will continue to fill thirsty travelers cups.

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