Blue Bell Ice Cream Being Recalled

On Monday, Blue Bell Creameries made an announcement that they are recalling all their products due to a contamination of listeria.

Blue Bell Creameries are doing their best to take products off the shelves that may potentially be dangerous or deadly by voluntarily recalling their products in the 23 states that they are sold in. The outbreak of listeria has been linked to their plant in Oklahoma. Last month, three people in Kansas died and five more were sick this month from the same strain of listeria.

From here on out, Lambranho reports that Blue Bell creameries CEO, Paul Kruse, is assuring his customers that their products will be tested for safety before they are sold to the public. Kruse has also issued an apology to consumers and those that have been affected by the contamination.

Listeria is dangerous, especially for the vulnerable such as children, the elderly, or pregnant women. Check your ice cream supply and get rid of any Blue Bell products for your own safety. If you bring back any Blue Bell product to the place you purchased it, you will be issued a full refund for the product.

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