Ben and Jerry’s Is At It Again!

This fall Ben and Jerry’s will be releasing a new product that is sure to have adults acquiring a new unique taste. The product being released is Salted Caramel Brown Ale. The alcohol volume of this new ale is 6.3 percent, giving the ale the ultimate kick. Not only do you get a delightful taste with this ale, but you will get the ultimate buzz of a lifetime. Dino says that the profits of Ben and Jerry’s ale will go to a non-profit organization called, “Protect Our Winters.” This organization helps mobilize winter sports with the climate changes that are happening around the world. The profits of the ale will help the organization pay for research and new gear for these winter sports. Not only has Ben and Jerry’s succeeded in producing a tasty new adult product, but they have decided to take from their profits to give to an organization that is truly in need of financial help.

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