Behind the Lens: Next Level Lacrosse Camp Owner Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana is an individual with many different talents. He is the type of individual who is able to excel in nearly every endeavor he puts his mind to. Not only has he been able to succeed with his physical talents, but he has also been able to excel with many of his creative talents as well. This is something that has allowed him to push forward with many of his different passions in life.

Urbana is most well known for his skills in lacrosse. In college, Jon Urbana received many awards for the amazing way in which he played lacrosse. This led him to also create a summer camp that has helped many rookie lacrosse players develop their skills.

Urbana has taken quite a liking to videography. He has focused mainly on animal and landscape videography. As he progresses in the field of video, it is easy to see the quality of his videos only improving more with each production.

Urbana has great skills in music as well. He has been able to create amazing recordings with just his laptop and an acoustic guitar. His fusion between electronic music and acoustic music has been something that has really branded him as an artist.

Urbana loves to fundraise as well. He has been very successful for raising money from the Jon Urbana base to help many different organizations. He has helped with relief efforts, community action projects, and more. Urbana continues to change the lives of many with the funds that he helps to raise.

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