Beetroot Juice is Growing in Popularity

After the rise of kale, and kale smoothies as a superfood option, everybody is looking for the latest craze when it comes to healthy eating. Well, we may have found just that in the form of beetroot juice.

There are a buttload of great benefits to drinking beetroot juice. Not least of which betalain pigment, which is perfect for removing free radicals from the body, and preventing damage to the cells of your body. But what’s more, it’s also a natural anti-inflammatory.

Beetroot juice also contains lutein and zeaxantine, both of which are perfect for eye health. But because of the fiber content, the juice also works to prevent heart disease, and increase your ability to recover after exercise.

What’s more, the magnesium content means that beetroot juice is also a natural stress reliever. So while it not be the greatest tasting of all health smoothies you’ve ever chosen to drink, it is going to make you feel great.

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