Beautiful Beneful® Lady

Brushing the burrs and dried mud from her fur, I couldn’t help slipping Lady an extra Beneful® Baked Delights® treat as she patiently stood still for grooming. Most people she meets will know Lady as simply a gentle and friendly dog, but to the family reunited with their lost child today, Lady will always be a four-legged hero.

Lady is a search-and-rescue dog. She is an Alaskan malamute with a magnificent silvery-gray coat, shining dark eyes, and attentive, erect ears. Lady is a loyal and devoted companion. She can be as playful as a puppy, but when her work harness slips over her head, she is all business.

The day started with the usual routine, feeding Lady her morning portion of Beneful® Healthy Radiance® dry dog food, followed by our run in the park.

Loping along beside me, Lady’s ears perked up when my phone rang and I stopped to answer it. She sat and watched expectantly, while I completed the conversation. As I returned the phone to my pocket, Lady came to heel, sensing it was time to go to work.

A five-year old girl had become separated from her family and was lost in the woods. We arrived at the state forest campground, with a steady stream of emergency responders and concerned volunteers. Lady, in her distinctive work harness, was already focused and alert. The missing youngster’s tearful mother offered the child’s jacket for Lady to get the scent. It would be dark soon, and cold in the woods.

Tracking without hesitation, Lady quickly moved ahead as the child’s scent led off the marked paths, around boulders and under low-hanging branches, deep into the forest. I knew the trail was hot when I heard Lady’s excited bark as she quickened the pace.

Plunging through the thick brush, I heard a concerned whimper before I parted the branches to see Lady and her new little friend. There she was, a safe but scared little girl, with her arms twined around Lady’s neck, clinging to the warm comfort of her rescuer.

After much praise and petting from the happy, reunited family, we headed back to the truck for fresh water and a well-deserved dinner for Lady. She was looking forward to the container of Beneful® Prepared Meals™ that was always included in our work supplies. Purina has really nailed it with this option.

It had been a full day for my beautiful Beneful® Lady.

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