Ban on Fast Food Restaurants in L.A. Increases Obesity Numbers

It has been over seven years since a new fast food restaurant has been allowed to open in South Los Angeles. All new burger-and-fries type joint have been banned from setting up shop since 2008. eMobile said that decision was made by the city council in an attempt to quietly persuade the citizens of South L.A. to make healthier meal choices.
The decision has backfired. Seven years later and the number of obese citizen living in the South Los Angeles area has risen. As matter of fact, the obesity rate has significantly risen in areas where new fast food restaurants have been forbidden to open.

The ban on fast food restaurants has also caused other potential employers from establishing non-food related businesses in the South Los Angeles area too. The ban hurt the citizens instead of helping them. The obesity rate increased from 65 percent to 73 percent over the last few years and no new jobs were created in the area.

It’s understandable that an area would want to limit the number of a certain fast food restaurant chain with its borders, but to ban them all has not accomplished the goal it was intended too. Councilman Bernard C. Parks states that banning new fast food restaurants was only part of the strategy to help South L.A’s citizens eat healthier. Another part of the plan, which has yet to materialize, was to bring supermarkets and farmer’s markets to the area to sell healthier food.

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