White Shark Media Highly Credible and Well-Reviewed SEO Firm

Due to the increase in competition in just about every sector, companies these days are trying to find unique marketing mediums to reach out to the target audience. The traditional form of marketing is still practiced, but online marketing has become one of the most popular mediums that most of the companies are focusing on. It is primarily due to its cost-effectiveness and long-lasting results. Online marketing campaigns have proved to be more instrumental in helping enterprises achieve their financial and business goals. White Shark Media is a search engine marketing firm based in the United States that has helped many companies achieve their online marketing goals economically and effectively.

White Shark Media helps the companies to ensure that they can increase their revenue and online presence through strategic search engine optimization techniques. There are many SEO companies out there claiming to provide efficient services at low prices, but one should check their claims and track record. It is because a wrongly implemented SEO strategy can actually backfire as well, which would do more damage to the company than good. White Shark Media has built a solid reputation in the industry through years of service and keeps themselves updated with the latest trends in the online marketing world. The company has a pool of online marketing professionals with years of experience, which is crucial to achieving the online marketing objectives for the clients.

White Shark Media tries to understand the business of the clients and their business goals before devising an online marketing strategy that would work with the target audience. It is essential that the competition analysis is done in an in-depth manner before any online marketing campaign is devised, and it is what White Shark Media does efficiently and professionally while providing SEO solutions accordingly. White Shark Media ensures that the clients get the value for money services always.

What You Can Learn about Cyber Security from Game of Thrones

The Night’s Watch in Game of Thrones is responsible for keeping the 7 kingdoms safe from intruders including Wights, White Walkers and Wildings. It can be compared to cyber security teams, which are tasked with keeping organizations’ data safe from cyber threats. Jon Snow was very prudent in his decision to involve everyone in fortifying the wall. Organization leaders should do the same by ensuring that all members of the organization are well trained to play their part in keeping the organization safe from cyber-attacks.

One important lesson is drawn from season 1 of the series, where Jon Snow is attacked by a Wight, who had been brought to Castle Black as a dead body of one of the Night’s watchmen. This can be compared to zombie accounts, which many employers do not bother to get rid of once an employee leaves their organization. A lot of damage can be done through these accounts since company data can be accessed through them. To avoid this risk, employers need to have procedures in place to ensure that any accounts that were held by ex-employees are destroyed or the passwords changed.

In Game of Thrones, the Night Watch requests the leaders of the 7 kingdoms for more resources to keep the kingdoms safe but the leaders dismiss their pleas, claiming that White Walkers do not exist and if they do, the wall will keep them out. It turns out that the White Walkers do exist and they end up causing a lot of damage in the war. This can be compared to organizations today. Cyber security is an issue of growing concern yet very few CEOs and directors take cyber threats seriously. This means that not enough resources are invested in keeping company data safe and when cyber-attacks do happen, the losses are tremendous. Organization leaders, therefore, need to take these threats seriously and make sure they are well equipped to deal with them.

It is clear that organizations need to invest more effort and resources in cyber security. Companies such as OneLogin often provide useful tips that organizations can use to improve their cyber security. These important lessons from Game of Thrones can be of great help to organizations if they follow the recommendations given.

Helping Retirees Spend Money responsibly-David Giertz

David Giertz is a financial advisor and he believes that most retirees only like to save rather than spending their money. However, according to David, it is possible for the retired persons to spend their saved money wisely and responsibly. Mr. Giertz mentioned that the key to responsible spending among the seniors is to plan for the future with a certain amount of thoroughness. David also says that it is very odd how millionaires get afraid of spending the amount of money they saved during their working years. A perfect example given by the financial advisor; David Giertz is how millionaires would refuse to spend their hard earned dollars on vacation with friends and family. David Giertz advises the seniors to have discipline that will help them spend wisely as they enjoy their life and spend responsibly.

David Giertz is a prominent financial expert and advisor. He has an experience in the financial sector running for more than 30 years. Ever since he began his career; David has been responsible for building modernization, processes as well as leveraging plans in order to increase profit. David Giertz was the President of Nationwide Financial, and he was responsible for sales distribution in the organization. During his tenure at the firm, David made a remarkable progress where he assisted the company to expand their profit revenue from $11 billion to $17.8 billion.

David Giertz is a graduate of Millikin University where earned his BS, and an MBA from the University of Miami. Besides being a financial advisor; David is a certified business coach with WABC. His responsibility as a business coach is to encourage other business leaders to practice business coaching as and he goes ahead to certify over a hundred business managers. After his graduation, David began his career serving as a Financial Service Advisor at Citigroup. He was devoted to his responsibility and within a short period, he climbed the career ladder to being the area Director and later the Executive Vice President of sales. Mr. Giertz is a leader who has also been involved in a number of community organizations including being the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Millikin University.
Read more about David Giertz:https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=232405062&privcapId=359385

Talkspace: Innovative Therapy for a Text Based World

Society has been pushing more towards a text based world with the use of social media and similar platforms. However, there have been even more advancements in technology in order to give people the ability to communicate better with the use of video and audio capabilities. However, some people are still only comfortable with the texting aspect. With the internet and the mobile apps, one would wonder is there is any way to get some kind of online therapy, especially with all of the personality disorders being diagnosed. One thing that people know about therapy is that it can be very costly, and not many people can afford the costs that go into therapy.

Fortunately, Talkspace provides people the chance to get the therapy they need even though they don’t have the money or the time for it. For one thing, people have tons of different personality and mood disorders that have their own unique causes. The way Talkspace works is that each member can sign up for an account. Then someone will reach him and introduce him to a therapist that is well matched to his specific needs. One of the best aspects of Talkspace is that the therapy can cost about $20 per week which is a lot less than $250 a session that some therapists charge.

Even for people who can’t really afford any type of therapy, there are plenty of articles that talk about different experiences and gives advice to people that are going through similar experiences. These articles deal with topics such as depression, borderline personality disorder, dysfunctional relationships and plenty of other unique circumstances that can cause a lot of problems in an individual’s life long after it is over. Talkspace is the type of app that people need in order to move forward with rebuilding their lives.

What We Really Care About Are Your Finances

We often forget the reasons why we put money away and to where we can’t see it.

It’s best that we remind you of why managing money is so important. We’ll also give you a great look into the best practices for getting started and making the most of every penny. Money is used around the globe and as our means of buying.

There are also a lot of things to buy.

You can keep buying indefinitely and as long as you have money. But when cash or funds are depleted, what can you do? Your best bet is to avoid the same predicament. You can start with a new account and with protection on your money.

The Work You Begin Today

We all look at the most successful in society, and we come to the conclusion that they’re lucky somehow. The reality, however, is that these men and women worked hard for what they have. They, just like you, have to make a big decision, and you can start today. For every dollar you put away, you put money into your future.

When you put away that money and with NexBank, you have access to a better life, more security and better protection against the unexpected.

Making An Integration With The Right Tools

But you should also know that technology does play a role in all of this.

In fact, you’d be blind if you didn’t take technology into the equation. Not only does it pose a threat to your spending habits, but technology can also be used in your favor. So, if you don’t have access to it, then you don’t benefit.

NexBank is dedicated to getting you service specs which are most relevant to modern times. Doing so lets us live up to the standard we’ve set years ago.

Today, your money may need order. Tomorrow, we’ll have it taken care of.

Individual Care is the Lifeblood of Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America knows that cooperation is key when it comes to diagnosing and treating cancer. That is why Cancer Treatment Centers of America is working with the National Football League Alumni Association and LabCorp to raise awareness and promote prostate screenings. Not only are they opening up the channels to talk about prostate screenings but they are also providing 2,000 free Prostate Specific Antigen screenings. The screening can help provide a baseline for what the individual’s risks are for developing prostate cancer. After the 2,000 free tests they will offer the same screening at the discounted price of $25. In addition, talks will be held to discuss prostate cancer and the importance of early detection.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) focus on specialized care for the individual patient. Not everyone is the same and neither is every cancer the same. Everyone needs personalized treatment and care in order to effectively heal. This ideology is deeply ingrained in the mission of CTCA. Their doctors and healthcare professionals all work under one roof to collaborate on patient treatment and care. There is no miscommunication because they can easily talk with each other and discuss treatment.

At CTCA, they don’t just treat the cancer, they treat the patient. Proven and modern treatments treat the cancer while specialized doctors treat the side effects of those treatments. It’s important to remain happy, healthy, and strong while fighting cancer. Treatments can be tasking and by treating the effects that come with them, CTCA gives patients a better experience and care plan. Care Managers are available 24/7 for care and to manage appointments and scheduling so that patients can stress less and focus on healing. This combination of treatment and support make up CTCA’s mission in the healthcare world.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, LabCorp, and The National Football League Alumni Association Get Together to Fight Prostate Cancer

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the National Football League Alumni Association, and LabCorp are getting together to screen and educate men about prostate cancer. This type of cancer is the most common among men. These organizations want to increase awareness of this disease.

These organizations will be screening men at over 1,750 different locations in the United States. They will start free prostate screenings on Sept 1st and it will end on Oct 15. Men that are over the age of 40 and who meet other requirements for eligibility will be able to participate in these screenings. This is a very important move for all of these corporations, since there will be over 100,000 new cases this year. Prostate cancer is a very prevalent problem in the United States and in other countries as well.

One of the organizations that is taking part in this amazing screening is the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This organization has its headquarters in Boca, Raton Florida. It has five different hospitals that help adults fight cancer. These hospitals are in Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa.

There are many different treatments that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America provide. They do surgery, Immunotherapy, and Chemotherapy. They also provide radiation therapy and regular therapy to deal with the emotional side of having and fighting cancer. They are a dedication, caring organization that helps a ton of people each year that are battling cancer. They constantly have some of the highest patient satisfactory scores since they are such a caring organization. By participating in these prostate cancer screenings they will help thousands of men all across the United States. By catching these men’s cancer early they can better treat them, and possibly cure them of this horrible disease that claims many lives each year.

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The Man Drew Madden: Healthcare IT Entrepreneur and Consultant

Today, there are few accomplished entrepreneurs in the healthcare information technology (HCIT) sectors. Drew Madden took to the HCIT stage at a young age. He has been focused on providing the best HCIT service and product. He joined Evergreen Healthcare as Managing Partner in July 2017 and for the few months that he has been there, the company has achieved important milestones. Evergreen is the world’s leading HCIT brand and has experts spread throughout America. The brand focuses on the implementation of healthcare technology and advisory services.

About Drew Madden

Drew possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in industrial engineering from Lowa University. He is a seasoned healthcare business executive who is dedicated to building quality and performing workforce, trusted work relations, and dynamic work culture. Mr. Madden is an experienced seasoned healthcare information technologist and entrepreneur. He has over 15 years of administrative experience in HCIT. Currently, he is a founding partner at Evergreen Healthcare.

Professional Journey

After college, Drew Madden started his career at Cerner Corporation as an Integration Consultant in 2002. He spent 4 years in the corporation dealing with inpatients applications and other health consulting work. In 2006, Drew joined Healthia Consulting as a Senior Consultant in the medical corporation. He worked at Healthia for a few years before moving to Ingenix Consulting as a Sales Director. He was able to gather sales experience for a year.

Late 2010, Nordic Consulting came knocking and Mr. Madden was offered an Executive Vice President role which he handled diligently for less than a year before he was promoted to President. As the President, Drew brought massive growth to Nordic Consulting. He led the firm for 4 years before moving to Evergreen in July 2017 where he currently works as a Managing Partner. Evergreen Healthcare is an effective HCIT corporation in advisory services and serves a number of healthcare platforms and those specializing in HCIT.


Overall, Drew Madden is a dedicated and self-driven HCIT business leader. His many years of health consultancy make him a sought-after corporate figure throughout the globe. He portrays what many consider quality professional working standards effective in the running of Evergreen Healthcare.

How IDLife Helps People Attain Their Health Goals

The rapid growth of IDLife has continued over time. The company announced that it would form a partnership with Garmin. Garmin is known to be a producer of high-quality GPS devices. In addition to this, Garmin is also known to be a leading producer of the wearable devices for fitness. In June of 2017, IDLife rolled out a new option on its site. This option allowed the client to buy the Vivo activity trackers from Garmin on their website. Those who use the IDLife app can also sync information from those devices with the app. IDLife claims that this will help their clients reach fitness goals easier and faster.

The two firms decided to form the partnership because they have the same beliefs. They both believe that health comprises of more than just eating a balanced diet, or having a certain number on a scale. The key to having optimal health is maintaining and building an overall healthy lifestyle. The two firms have come up with some strategies to support this idea. IDLife also chose Garmin because the company has an excellent record of coming up with health-focused technology. The firm has been making the wearable fitness devices for more than ten years.

IDLife sells a broad range of vitamins and supplements that are of high quality. The firm uses a membership platform for them to get information on each person. With the information they get, a specialized nutritionist will offer a personalized list of the products each needs to use. The lifestyle, health, and level of activity of each are not the same. Therefore, the firm tries not to offer a one-size-fits-all approach to the health of their clients.

IDLife will require each of their customers to complete a quick assessment online for them to get their personalized suggestions. The assessment will also address the personal health goals that these people have. The products that IDLife offers are made from the best ingredients. When they send the products to their clients, they also add in an actionable plan for these customers to get to their goals. IDLife believes that people will reach their health goals when they have the right knowledge to make these changes happen.

Read More: idlife.com/

The Role of Sentient AI in the E-commerce Industry

The e-commerce business is increasingly becoming more competitive every day. Gone are those days where only one store had the monopoly on the various items to sell in the local town. In fact, there are now tons of businesses that have risen, and all are competing for the same customer base. Marketing of these stores has also become very comfortable. Each person who is computer literate can set up and run a store on his or her own. The following are some of the crucial steps you can use according to Sentient AI to make your venture successful.


However, do not be cheated that only the level of competition has gone up, No! Even the customers’ expectation of these stores has also shot up. The new crop of buyers is even more demanding than ever before. The digital savvy clients want to find whatever they are looking for fast and with very less hassle. And the variety of stores have made this scenario even better for them. If they do not like what is offered in one online store, they will gladly move to the next store and check it out within some few seconds.


Delivering superior quality services and high-quality service should be your highest quality as the businessperson. Ensure that your entire sales process is tamper proof and verifiable. Clients will want to know that the pre-sale route, the product checking system, shipment and actual after sales services are provided for clarity. And since the first contact that the buyer will come across is your website, ensure that it is user-friendly and also attractive. The ease of purchasing, making payment and even returning the defects will be a plus for your venture.


The Sentient AI advice is to ensure that your clients get the very best first impression. A bad customer experience tends to ruin your entire sales. It will make sure that such people do not buy from you or even come back to check what you have in store. Work hard on ensuring that every client who passes by has contended with your level of services. Remember, a happy customer is always an asset to your firm. They will be able to come back and also pass referrals to their friends and relatives on how good a particular site is. To grow any successful venture requires the trader to try the level best to ensure that he turns almost all his first-time buyers to regular customers. And the beauty of it, once they patronize your services, it will be hard for them to walk out.