Lime Crime Has Some Exciting Products on the Horizon

Lime Crime is an up and coming makeup and hair care company. The founder and owner of the company are Doe Deere. She is the self-proclaimed unicorn queen and she launched Lime Crime in 2008. This makeup is unique in the fact that it is completely vegan and also it is cruelty-free. The inspiration for her hair and makeup line came from her trying to match colors with her clothing and finding limit options in the market. Her original make-up line did so well that she introduced a new line called Unicorn Lipsticks in 2009. In 2012 the company decided to dive into liquid lipstick and opened a new line called Velvetines. Doe Deere is hands-on with the product development and follows customer feedback closely.

The newest line to come from Lime Crime is the Venus Palettes which can be described as a Renaissance mix of bronzes, pinks, and reds. It was inspired by the beautiful goddess Venus. The kit has four finishes of Metallic, Matte Sparkle, Glow and Matte. The options to match your makeup with your clothing is seemingly endless with a variety of 18 shades. You can use some of the neutral palettes to create a more natural look. You can also use more daring colors for a great night out. The Venus XL Line goes on very light and smooth, so you can create layers and, mix and match to create your own custom shades.

Lime Crime also came out with a line of unicorn hair dye. The colors range from loud and colorful to a softer sultrier color. One of the popular colors is the cool blue Dilute. It can be used with any semi-permanent hair color and you will create your own shade of dilute. It comes ready to use and does not need to be mixed. If you’re not sure what the color will look like there are try me packets that you can order the unicorn hair dye. Once you test it on a small part of your hair you can then go back and order the color which turns out best. Doe Deere has you covered when it comes it expressing yourself through your makeup and hair.

Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy And Its Barriers To Entry

There’s usually three common vehicles that financial experts talk about investing in to accumulate wealth or to have a retirement fund to live on, and those vehicles are usually the stock market or savings investments, precious metal investments, and real estate. Out of all of those vehicles, real estate usually is thought of as the one with the highest barriers to hurdle, but entrepreneur Nick Vertucci would disagree with that. Vertucci founded the NV Real Estate Academy which provides tools for anyone interested in going into real estate. If you go to the academy’s website, you can learn how to get started in real estate without needing a formal university degree, cash reserves or previous experience. The biggest key to real estate Nick Vertucci emphasizes is knowing how to network and managing a portfolio.

Nick Vertucci himself got started in real estate investing with no cash down. His financial situation was very dire, and it was something he had to deal with for most of his childhood and early adult life. As a child he had lost his father, and his late teens and early 20s were spent living out of a vehicle. He caught a break at one point when he started a computer hardware sales business, and for a time his life became better. He got married and raised a family in those good years, but hard times came upon him again when his business got affected by the stock market and forced him to close down.

On the verge of losing everything, Nick Vertucci frantically searched for a new business opportunity for over a year. It was during a weekend seminar that he got his first real exposure to real estate investing, and though he knew little about it he decided to explore it further. He figured out how to network and work with others on investing in properties, and soon he was accumulating his own property assets. Nick Vertucci sold and leased out enough properties over the next 10 years that he accumulated enough wealth to become a millionaire, but he didn’t want to stop there. He started the NV Real Estate Academy so that everyone else could learn the steps to start investing without having the capital on-hand.

Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. Walden

There is nothing that impacts the way we deal with others like our physical appearance. Many people have confessed that they are unable to put across a point in a meeting because they feel less about themselves. Dr. Jennifer Walden, an expert in cosmetic surgery advice such individuals to go ahead and have the surgery. Dr. Jennifer has experience in the field for almost a decade. He began his career in New York, which he describes as the mecca of cosmetic surgery. When Walden decided to move his office to Austin, she was quite unsure of the market there. She says she doubted being a conservative state, there would be individuals embracing the art and more

Contrary, to her expectations, by the time she landed in Austin, two patients had already booked an appointment. One of them was her long-term friend. The friend is a stay at home mum, and she always had small breasts. When her breasts were enlarged and lifted, she was so excited to see the new self that she went encouraging other women to drop the fear and have the experience of a lifetime.

Dr. Jennifer says that her motivation in her daily job is empowering fellow women. In fact, if she woke up one day and realized she has deviated from her purpose, she would quit her job. Dr. Walden says there are very few women in the field. She further explains that the reason they are few is that the career takes a lot of years. Many women are not ready to get married at a late age and delay childbearing.

It is not easy being in a male-dominated field. Many times people will doubt your credibility. One, therefore, has to keep proving service themselves. For Dr. Jennifer, proving her authenticity in the field is nothing she can’t deal with on a daily basis.

Desiree Perez: In Front, Making Boss Moves!

Desiree Perez is highlighted in Billboard’s Women in Music 2017 listing. The high-powered executive is Chief Operations Officer for Roc Nation, an industry leader in music and entertainment. The well-known music and entertainment label is lead by superstar, rapper, and mogul Shawn Carter, also known by Jay-Z.

The two are associates that go back 20 plus years. Ms. Perez has advised the rapper from time to time before she joined Roc Nation’s family in 2009. With Desiree Perez’s help, Roc Nation has led music charts and corporate profit margins over the past years. She is at the forefront of Roc Nations marketing and promotions for its artists. Roc Nation tour successes hinge upon the business woman’s calculated negotiation strategies and shrewd deal-making.

Desiree Perez collaborated with Samsung, establishing a $25 million deal for artist Rihanna’s Anti Tour. She recently engineered Jay-Z’s 4:44 Album Tour deal, propelling his album to platinum stature. The 4:44 Album was also Grammy nominated for song and album of the year.

Jay-Z’s latest 4:44 Album tour garnered 21% more revenue than his previous Magna Carter Tour in 2013. Desiree Perez also led the company into a $200 million lucrative, long-term touring venture with Roc Nation’s equity partner, Live Nation.

The lady with executive moves has incorporated vast life and professional experiences into her Roc Nation career. She is a proponent that common sense can take you a long way. It goes without saying that she holds her own in the best of boardrooms. Desiree Perez loves what she does and brings a certain passion to her work. She continues to look ahead to cultivating other lucrative partnerships with industry leaders. Desiree Perez makes moves that are carefully orchestrated and effective in the music industry. Her company has benefited tremendously with her at the helm of operations.

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MarkMofid: Doing whats Right

Surgery is and can be a very delicate process. It takes years of practice and a steady hand to perform the complex procedures that surgery requires. If a doctor isn’t careful or aware the results can be somewhat worse than before surgery was applied. That is why some individuals are doing their best to make sure that surgery is safer than ever before. People like Mark Mofid are who I am describing.

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon who is taking the surgical procedure world by storm with his commitment to safer and ethical work. Working out of San Diego he is especially interested in the area of plastic surgery involving gluteal augmentation. Gluteal augmentation is surgery that involves enlargement or sculpting of the buttocks. This type of surgery is usually looked at in a negative light but Dr. Mofid is combating this head first. He is well equipped to this do as he has an educational background from both Harvard University and the John Hopkins University. Because of his deep comprehension of muscle fat and skin systems he views the surgeries in his own unique way. He has an extensive resume and reputation for sticking strictly to medial guidelines and practices cleared by the rules of law. For example, in most cases people that receive the gluteal augmentation surgery want to come in for additional work. This is not always safe or responsible but due to the monetary gain most doctors will perform anyway. Mark Mofid is not one of these doctors as he values safety and the health of his patients over anything. He actually created his own superior gluteal implant that better meshes with human flesh. His design has better intramuscular positioning improves ratios and general looks better than the older designs.

Because of Mark Mofid patients are more comfortable with getting surgery because it is safer and has improved in quality quickly in a small amount of time. Recently he has shifted his attention to the gluteal augmentation center of the world Brazil for new experiences and ideas which will help him to continue making things better. All the while he will continue to uphold hid belief in doing things right.

Are artificial sweeteners making you artificially more fit?

Easter is one of the biggest holidays for Americans to spend money on candy. In fact, Americans last year spent about 2.6 billion dollars on Easter candy. This puts it right alongside Halloween, which spent about 2.7 billion last year. The problem with this phenomenon, is that Americans are eating way too much sugar, and a large amount of it is fake (Thedailyrecord). Splenda, the leading fake sweetener, is used in brands such as Peeps and Russell Stover, and is made with artificial sucralose. This large transition from using traditional sugars to now artificial ones, can have many consequences. In a study from George Washington University, it was found that the more sucralose the cells received, the more fat they wanted to create. This meant that the sucralose would make the cells fatter. Many other studies also show that sucralose, along with other artificial sweeteners, can cause many other health issues such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and abdominal obesity. This article in Stansberry, acknowledges that there could be some overkill here; if you have some chocolate, go for a walk. Some intake of artificial sweeteners is not destined to make you fat, but generally speaking, because these sweeteners are low calorie, they may trigger the body to want more food intake to make up for the deficit. This paradox is interesting, and could be an issue for consumers, because low calorie sweeteners are marketed as a way for foods to maintain their flavor, while having less calories.

This article was written by “The Stansberry Institute.” The Stansberry Research Institute is a private American publishing group that specializes in investment research, it has monthly and bi-monthly newsletters. Along with investment research, they also produce a number of different subjects that specialize in data based research and information. The Newspaper has followers in over one hundred countries. It was founded in 1999 as an independent firm, and from there has grown into more of an advisory research center.


Clayton Hutson Makes The Most of His Career as a Sound Engineer

In the music production business your reptutation is a big deal. Clayton Hutson is someone that knows a lot about this, and he has always made a great effort to make sure that his clients were happy with the work that he was doing.

Hutson is a music producer, but he also works sometimes as a stage manager. This is a big part of what he does with his team. This is a very big job that involves some early morning hours at times. He knows that he has to get a lot done so he makes attempts to be proficient, but he cannot do it alone. This is why he started a production company. He has a production crew with him and he runs a tight ship. He knows how much time it takes to get a show going. He also knows the amount of time that is needed to break down the equipment after the show is over. These are the things that production managers must pay attention to for shows.


The production manager has to be alert. They have to know how to delegate responsibility based on needs. There are times when an artist makes a decision to change a show. They may want a stand for the microphone or a chair to sit in while they are on stage. The stage manager has to have the backup equipment in place to make these changes as requested.


Clayton Hutson has a degree in fine arts in theatre design and technical production. This is what he would encourage others to do if this is the business that they would like to endeavor into this area. It may seem like a job that doesn’t require a high level of skill, but the reality is that no one can go into a job like this without some type of training. It is true that his crew gets a lot of hands-on training, but the reality is that the people that are in positions of leadership – like Clay Hutson – must have some formal training.


Clayton Hutson is someone that knows a lot about music, and he takes pride in helping the superstars bring their music to life on stage. He has been able to help artists create some great shows. This is why he has been called upon for an array of different shows that involve high profile music superstars. Learn more:

The History of Marketing as Depicted by Market America

One of the most important lessons to learn for marketers is the history of marketing. After all, there has been a rich history when it comes to marketing. For one thing, Market America reveals that back in the early 1900s local businesses had to rely on word being spread in order for it to succeed and grow. This is when people had to do a lot of work in making sure that they had the products that they were selling. They also had to make sure that their relationships were strong. The world was very different in those times. The only types of businesses that were available were local. 

Market America also reveals a time in the 1950s which marked the beginning of commercials and other forms of advertising. This is when people had to look at 30 second spots while they were watching their favorite shows. Different people had different opinions about commercials. However, this was one of the only ways that people could gain customers. Fortunately, there were also phone books and magazines as well as newspapers that people used. In recent years, the internet has brought forth changes in the market which brought forth digital marketing and online reviews. Now, people are looking for recommendations based on what they personally like.

One of the reasons that it is important to know the history of marketing is so that one can be ready for the changes that are to come. This can help people adapt. This is one trait that is very successful for people who work with Market America. As of right now, marketers are seeing the value of multiple methods of marketing. For instance, people can succeed as Market America unfranchise owners by building relationships and advertising to people according to what they prefer. One of the most important things for business is being relevant to the customer.

Shafik Sachedina: A Qualified And Renowned Dental Surgeon

Shafik Sachedina serves in a noble capacity at Jamati Institution as head of the department. His role in this capacity is to coordinate the programs and events in the Ismaili Community Institution in 16 different major areas where the institution operates. At the same time, he is responsible for bringing together the programs of Aga Khan Development Network and the Ismaili Community Institution.

Shafik was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in 1750 and was raised there. He acquired British citizenship when he went for his undergraduate studies. Shafik graduated with a degree in 1975 to become a dental surgeon from University of London, Guy’s Hospital Medical & Dental School. His office is based at Secretariat of Aga Khan, Aiglemont, France.

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The Institute of Ismaili Studies is situated in London. It does research work and facilitates the understanding and study of historical and current cultures in societies within Muslims. The core principle is to institute a good understanding of the relationships between Muslims and other people in different faiths and societies. The other principle is serving the Ismaili community in bringing them to a sober understanding of the history, concepts, and the knowledge of the areas in the community. The Ismaili community serves many students with resources because of their large collection of research and study materials especially for the students whose study focuses on the Muslim culture. In addition to the research facility provision. The institution is committed to rendering two graduate opportunities for Islamic and humanities graduate program and Secondary Teacher Education programs.

Besides the core roles and responsibilities at Ismaili Institution being the department of head, Shafik Sachedina travels over the counties in search for better objectives for the Ismaili Institute. These include his visit to Mikhail Bogdanov, which was a personal trip with the Russian deputy foreign minister. In this meeting, Shafik Sachedina discussed some major topics like the development-taking place in Syria and Afghanistan. He cheered the Russian government for its commitment and effort in sorting the issues peacefully within the regions.

Shafik Sachedina’s service has been felt for over time in different capacities. He was a participant in the Institute board of governors, chairs the committee for humanitarian assistance international, and he is a member of the committee in the international forum of Ismaili leaders in Aiglemont. Moreover, Shafik has served as president in the Ismaili Council of the United Kingdom for two consecutive terms. He has great experience in the field for over 30 years, and through his service, he has made great impact in medicine particularly surgery.

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Securus Technologies Excited About the Future of Drone Detection

2018 is shaping up to be a great year for leading prison technology company, Securus Technologies of Dallas, Texas. They recently completed an 18-month long testing program with their innovative drone detection technology. The technology is designed to locate and triangulate drones operating near corrections facilities. These drones are increasingly being used to deliver illegal contraband to inmates inside of prisons across North America. Securus Technologies is dedicated to making those prisons safer places through this drone detection technology.


The company is also coming off one of its best years to date. They were recently recognized for their customer service at the 11th Annual Stevie Awards held in February 2018. They won 3 separate Stevie Awards including the top Gold Stevie Award for their Customer Service Training Department. The company prides itself on providing U.S.-based customer service to over 1.2 million inmates and 3,500 government agencies.


Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 by a former law enforcement officer and has a goal of making the world a safer place to live and work. The company has over 1,000 employees in the United States and operates 4 offices in Texas and Georgia. They provide a wide range of technology-based services including biometric analysis, parolee and inmate tracking, electronic payment processing, phone and email self-service, and inmate education.