Anthony Bourdain’s Long Awaited New York City Restaurant

Anthony Bourdain, the host of Parts Unknown and No Reservations, will open Bourdain Market, a food hall, with Stephen Werther, an entrepreneur and friend. The scheduled grand opening will be later this year, as both the location of the restaurant and the specific opening date are shrouded in mystery as of now.

According to Ivan Ong He’s looking. “…for good Singapore hawkers to whip up chicken rice and laksa at his street hall in New York City.” The inspiration for his new venture will be the Singapore restaurants he visited in his many travels around the world.

The restaurant will take the basic design from, among other things, the movie Blade runner, and the back alleys featured in Tokyo. Therefore it will have an eclectic mix of both indoor and outdoor environments. In addition the restaurant will showcase food from a variety of countries by various vendors.

It will also have a Farmers’ Market section, with an oyster bar, an old fashioned butcher store, a fruit and vegetable stand, a tapas bar, and a pastry shop. Bourdain promises the food sites will be featuring original food, an experience that diners will have never experienced before.

In addition, the food will be of the highest quality, as Bourdain will hire vendors from across the world that will meet his high standards. The originality of the free-standing food stalls, a farmers’ market, and food that’s second to none has New Yorkers excited over this new upcoming eating establishment.

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