An Unusual Deli Makeover

A deli in Brooklyn debuted a new look on Thursday night and it turned several heads in New York City. Jesse’s Deli has been in Boerum Hill since 1983, but the price hikes across the city have struck the neighborhood and now Jesse’s Deli is facing a rent increase. Even though Jesse’s Deli is facing certain eviction, they still had time to stage a protest in the form of a makeover reflecting the new stores and residents that they think are making it impossible to stay in the area.

Until Monday, Jesse’s deli is offering a “Hand-Fried Chicken Cutlet” for $13.50 and a “Slow Roasted Five Hour Energy” for $15, among other “artisanal” and “local” products. These are the same items you can find in any deli, but their prices now reflect the price hike. Andy Wirth isn’t very happy with that. Customers don’t have to pay the price according to CBS, but the owners hope that this makeover will help to start a dialogue about the status of small businesses in the future Brooklyn.

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