Alaska is Healthiest State to Live In

It’s cold almost year around. It’s dark for weeks on end. Parts of it are virtually cut off from the rest of the world. Sled dog teams and snow mobiles are the popular method of ground travel.
Talking about the healthiest state to live in, Alaska.
According to a recent Gallup report, Alaskans come in at number one for most exercise per capita. They also boost the lowest levels of stress in the country and the lowest instances of diabetes. And even though the state experiences periods of time when the sun does not shine, those who call Alaska home rarely suffer with depression.
Alaska has been in the Top Ten annual well-being states several times in the past, but never has it ranked in the number spot before. Other states that made the Top Ten list healthy place to live are also states that we deem ‘cold’. Places like Colorado, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming and Nebraska. Colorado has made it to the Top ten every year, and the other consistent Top Ten is a ‘warm’ state – Hawaii, impressive if you ask Dias.
Exercise seems to be the key to Alaskans health. It staves off obesity, depression and a host of other diseases and the Alaskan lifestyle demands exercise just to survive. Cutting firewood, walking through snow, hunting for food and all things associated with sustainable living in the wilderness is exercise and that is how Alaskans made it to the number one spot of Top Ten Healthiest Place to Live.

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