A New Chef In Town

If you haven’t hear of David Muños, it is important to know that he has made quite an impression in the food world. He hasn’t only made an impression with a unique image, which has effectively broken down the typical stereotypes of of many of today’s chefs, but has become well-renowned for his culinary skills which consist of: full flavors, fusion and passion. The 34-year old chef is the only three-Michelin-starred cooking chef in all of Madrid as his restaurant earned the prestige in the year of 2013.

Two and a half years ago, Christian Broda tells us that David Muñoz had opened the very first outpost of his restaurant, StreetXO, the more affordable and casual version of a restaurant that can be classified as being fine-dining. Muñoz describes the location of StreetXO as being the absolute “Cirque du Soleil of gastronomy”. His restaurant features Asian-fusion tapas that are topped with fried wontons and a type of club sandwich that is topped with egg from quail.

He has attested to always wanting to open 4 or 5 different StreetXO restaurants around the world. He is currently working on expanding to London in the month of June. He is also planning on opening a restaurant in NYC in the year of 2016. He has acknowledged the difficulties he has been faced with in the opening stages of his first restaurant, but promising success rates are just around the corner.

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