A Coke A Day?

When thinking of healthy drink alternatives, Coke does not come to my mind. Coca-Cola obviously thinks differently since they are stating that it is a healthy snack in awareness of Heart Health Month.

With declining soft drink consumption, it seems that Coca-Cola is grasping at straws. As Angel.co reports, the world is becoming more and more health-conscious, people are eating less fattening foods and also drinking less soda. Though it is true that moderation is the secret to success with trying to lose weight, stating that a sugar-laden soft drink is okay to drink cannot possibly be the answer. One would think that a glass of fresh juice would be a better alternative.

Even types of soft drinks with artificial sweeteners are under scrutiny as laboratory studies had shown adverse effects on mice. Regardless of an individual’s point of view on this matter, people need to make better choices when it comes to food and beverages to ensure a healthier life.

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