FIG: Randal Nardone’s Biggest Achievement So Far

There is no doubt, Randal Nardone is a billionaire and that is why his name will always ring a bell. He became very popular when he founded Fortress Investment Group with two other business tycoons. Right now, he is number 557 on 2018 Forbes’ list of billionaires. In fact, it will take a dossier to give account of Mr. Nardone’s achievements but this article just highlights his career.It is clear that Randal Nardone rose to the top of business ladder with great leadership skills, passion, dedication, and being always ready to mentor people. This is why most of his employees love him. They said he believes in regular training and he is always ready to put employees through on any issue. Probably that is why Fortress Investment Group never jokes with employee training.

One fact that stands him out is the fact that, he started off as a lawyer. Earlier in his career, he worked for Tacher Proffitt and then he moved to BlackRock Financial and later, UBS. After gathering enough experience in the companies, he established Fortress Investment Group in 1998.Nardone is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the company. His major duty is to oversee legal matters and the structure of finance. With the efforts of some other business moguls like Robert Kauffman, Michael Novogratz, and Peter Briger, Randal Nardone was able to gain 53 million shares with the estimated total value of $1.6 billion.Another notable achievement of Nardone that is worthy of mention is being able to sell some interest to Nomura, a Japanese company for $890 million in December, 2017. In short, Mr. Randal Nardone has been able to accumulate about $100 million since 2005.

Right now he has an executive position in several notable organizations, he is a member of several boards, and he is affiliated to many organizations. But funny enough, nothing about his academic background really explains where he got his business acumen from. He got a degree in Law from Boston University School of Law and another degree in Biology from University of Connecticut.On July 2017, SoftBank Group Corp initiated plans to buy off major shares in Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion. All FIG shareholders were happy and satisfied with the decision. From all indications, the acquisition has paid off. Both parties are happy with decision.Even after sealing the deal, Nardone will still be at the helm of affairs and the company will still be based in New York. Mr. Nardone personally believes that it is a step in the right direction for FIG to be under acquisition. He said it will move the company towards globalization.

Get Your Aging Fix By Dr. Johanan Rand

For those who are suffering from disorders related to aging and symptoms related to aging, Dr. Johanan Rand is the specialist for you. Dr. Johanan Rand is the founder and president of Health Aging Medical Center. At the Health Aging Medical Center, Dr. Rand uses his experience and expertise he has gained in hormone therapy in order to help people with aging and other health issues. The Health Aging Medical Center services issues including menopause, traumatic brain injury, aging, and erectile dysfunction. The symptoms from these disorders often leave patients feeling like they simply can not beat the disorder. The treatments are approached with innovative treatments. Many patients do not realize that there is help out there that can fix their concerns with new treatment protocols. Not only will patients receive treatment for their individual problem, they will also receive supportive treatment as well including exercise and nutrition supplements. Dr. Johanan Rand understands that people may not be able to make the proper decisions as far as the health of their diet and exercise due to the emotional and psychological stumbles that may get in their way.

Dr. Johanan Rand offers several individualized anti-aging therapies. Dr. Rand approaches these anti-aging therapies with integrated medicine. Dr. Rands methods rest on the idea of the best results being achieved by working with the patient’s natural immune system. This fact is why it is so important for patients to be honest about their health history. The clinic provides thorough testing that is used to provide individual treatment. Patients will go under test for genetic markers, complete physical exams, blood work, and a patient diet and exercise preferences. Hormone therapy are used to effectively return patients essential hormones and natural hormone levels which can possibly reduce aging factors. It is strongly suggested that patients support their therapy with foods that are healthy and with nutritional supplements. Dr. Johanan Rand helps patients adjust their diets in order to reduce inflammation which can be a contributor to secondary symptoms.




Perry Mandera, A Man of Commendable Charity, Success and Character

In a world of millions of philanthropic and community oriented entrepreneurs, Perry Mandera is deserving of a cape and a special badge of honor to call his own.

The community driven business man owns and runs a full service transportation company named Customs cares founded in 1986. Perry Mandera is a guru the transportation field and has worked decently and savvy enough to be named the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” in 2000. Fast forward 18 years later till today and one will find Perry Mandera is still knocking the ball out the park in the transportation industry. Custom cares has exceeded over 2,000,000 in sales while serving small family business to billion dollar corporations in Chicago Illinois and the wider USA.

It is no surprise his passion for serving people as he has also served his country as a former Marine Corps. His generosity never stopped since after he was honorably discharged around 1980. Since then he has contributed to society and many charitable organizations in meaningful ways. His efforts have touched youth organizations, veterans and cancer patients.

Perry Mandera has been mentioned to “transport hope and ships goodwill’ by sources as Customs Care Charity has provided for tornado victims relief in Washington, Illinois and hurricane victims in Louisiana, Mississippi after massive hurricane Katrina wiped out families and their homes. Perry Mandera has caused the 501(c) (3) charity to be a candle of hope for thousands of citizens in the state of Illinois. Customs Cares charity has provided approaching ten thousand coats during the winter season and donated tens of thousands of dollars to give hope to individuals.

Customs Cares Charity was founded as an extension of Perry Mandera character. The transport guru has many honorable mentions to his name. in 1984 he obtained Republican Ward Committeeman . More recent in 2011 to 2013, he was recognized as ISCC Citizen of the Year and received the President’s Award from the Chicago Illinois Crime Commission. He has a commendable history of accomplishments. Likewise, Customs Care Charity’s passionate objective to give back to society and its endeavors are equally notable.

Neurologist Jorge Moll Reveals Findings That Suggest Group Activities Are Essential To Mental Health

A recent study, led by neurologist Jorge Moll, has found that there’s a real psychological need being met in how we interact with groups. For instance, sports fans become intensely invested in how their favorite teams perform, but Moll’s research suggests that’s more than just fanaticism. Our mental health depends on the connections we make to groups, suggests the study.

The research was conducted at D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), where Dr. Moll acts as the head of the organization and the lead researcher in the study. Jorge says the groups we form in our culture, regardless of what those groups are intended to celebrate, are essential to human survival. That’s why the study of how this phenomenon affects the mind is so important.

The study looked at how the camaraderie among soccer fans affected the neurological functioning of the brain. To examine this, the researchers looked at how acts of altruism affected brain patterns. The study showed that, when gifting money to their own fans, the soccer players extended greater effort to make the donations as opposed to making less of an effort in gifting money to non-fans. Similarly, the greatest effort was exhibited in obtaining the money to keep for themselves.

In examining how these reactions affected various parts of the brain, researchers concluded that the relationship between athletes and fans is similar to the way we interact with family members. That same connection is established through a sense of belonging, showing that being included in a group stimulates positive emotions (LinkedIn). Those conducting the study have hopes that these findings can lead to better treatments for antisocial behavioral problems and those with aggressive tendencies.

In 1994, Jorge Moll graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and remained at the institution to do his residency in neurology. After completing his residency in 1998, Dr. Moll attended São Paulo University, where he earned his PhD in experimental pathophysiology. Jorge later founded both the D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR), which is located in Rio de Janeiro, and the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU).

From 2004 through 2007, Jorge Moll served as a research fellow with the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and was also a visiting research scholar at Stanford University for two months, starting in December 2016. In March of last year, Dr. Jorge Moll joined VHM Ventures as a partner and still remains involved with that organization. He continues to lead D’Or Institute of Research and Education as that organization’s president.

The Addition of Peter Briger to Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger joined the Fortress Investment Group Team in 2002. He is a Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer at Fortress Investment Group, a highly diverse investment group based in New York City. Briger has also served on the board of directors since 2006. His current responsibility consists of a part of Fortress that he created himself, the Fortress Credit Business, as well as the real estate portion of the company. Briger effectively manages a team that consists of over 300 individuals. He, along with his team, concentrates on undervalued assets and distressed and illiquid credit investments. Briger is also credited with making Fortress one of the first alternative investment companies in the United States to go public.

Additionally, Peter Briger serves on the board of a non-profit organization called Tipping Point; an organization who is focused on helping the 1.3 million people in the Bay Area who do not have the financial means to support their basic needs. He also serves on the board of Caliber Schools, a group of charter schools with the goal of preparing their students for success at four-year college.Outside of his work, Briger is involved in a number of philanthropic endeavors. He is on the Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the Global Fund for Children, a worthy organization who works to ensure all children in the world are safe, strong, and valued. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations; this organization promotes a greater understanding of foreign policy.

In addition to these great causes, Briger has invested more than $600 million to aid in maintaining and conserving the Central Park.Peter Briger earned a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and continued on to earn a Master of Business at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Before joining the Fortress team, Briger worked for Goldman, Sachs & Co, where he served in a number of operational, management, and leadership roles. He became a partner with the company in 1996. Briger’s various roles at Goldman, Sachs & Co gave him vast knowledge in foreign investments, distressed debt, real estate, loans, and trading.

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Louis Chenevert as a prominent advocate in entrepreneurship

The present business market has become so competitive that any entrepreneur who wants to succeed has not only have to be well equipped with formal education but also some other important entrepreneurial factors for him or her to be able to survive in the market. Some creative and determined entrepreneurs have been able to cope up with the crazy and competitive market by showing the world that they have confidence in their skills to push through no matter how hard it becomes.

Well, one of these entrepreneurs is Louis Chenevert who is the former CEO and the founder of the United Technologies Corporation. He has been able to live a successful life as an entrepreneur, and as a result, he goes to on to help others realize their goals in entrepreneurship through various guidance and advice using his life as an example. Louis Chenevert did not become the CEO of the United Technologies; he had gone through a lot of ups and downs before his present position. The first company he worked after his education was an assembly plant where he worked as the supervisor. He had a lot of hard tasks taking into consideration that he was among the employees that were lowly paid at that time.

During this time, he learned how to turn event the negative events into something positive. He observed the way employees were being treated and also learned how they need to be treated to increase their efficiency at work. He had in mind that one of his goals was to one day be a manager of his company or any other company. This is where he learned how the employees should be influenced positively for them to be fully willing to work together towards the achievement of a common goal of the organization.

Louis Chenevert also believes that for any entrepreneur to be successful, you have to be wise in choosing the kind of people you associate with. This will determine the kind of influence they will have in you. Successful people always give you a challenge and hence they influence you to be focused towards being successful too.

Wes Edens of Fortress Investment Management

Wes Edens is an American entrepreneur, sports team owner, and an investor. Wes Edens is among the co-founders of Fortress Investment Management. He owns several organizations including Milwaukee Bucks and the League of Legends team FlyQuest. Wes Edens studied at Oregon state university where he graduated with a degree in Finance and Business Administration in the year 1984.Mr. Wes Edens started his career at Lehman Brothers in the year 1987. He served Lehman Brothers as a managing director and a partner. He left the firm in 1993 and joined BlackRock Asset Investors that is private equity division of BlackRock. He worked with the BlackRock as a managing director and a partner until 1997.

After leaving BlackRock, Edens and other four gentlemen came together and founded Fortress Investment Management in 1998. He served Fortress as a co-chairman of the Board of Directors and later as the Chairman of Transport and Infrastructure Investors LLC.He is currently the Chairman of Nationstar Mortgage that was called Centex Equity company LLC. This firm is a Mortgage Lender. It was purchased by Fortress Investment Management. Wes Edens was born and raised in Helena, Montana. He has always been committed to delivering in all the positions he holds. His performance reflects his efforts and dedication.

Wes Edens has been in the forefront of ensuring that Fortress Investment Management and other firms that he heads achieve and maintain world-class standards. He is a resource to those companies. He recently staked his fortune of $150 million for Fortress Equity Partner. His colleague also added some more $50 million for the same investment plan. The program is set to target investing in healthcare, financial-services payouts, and infrastructure.He has also been focusing on his downtown arena site to see its completion. At the same time, his investment firm in New York City has been generating large incomes. His $150 million investment has been all over the press lately. His name has grown into a brand in the recent days.

The Fagali’i Airport

The Fagali’i Airport is an airport located Fagali’i, Samoa. Samoa is very beautiful place. It is a beautiful island and it is in Polynesia. There are small islands there and the populations is not very big. The Fagali’i Airport is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is surrounded by the beautiful islands and the scenic ocean. The airport used to be owned by the Samoan government. Fagali’i is only about 10 minutes from Apia, and in Apia you’ll find plenty of options for money exchange. This is important to know if you are a traveler. There is also a small office in the airport where you will be able to exchange your money, however, their hours are not always the most flexible for travelers.

If you are planning on visiting Samoa, you will have to arrive at the Fagali’i Airport and they do have some variety when it comes to flights and the prices of those flights. With Expedia or TripAdvisor, it will be easier to find a flight that best fits the needs of your travel plan and budget. This place has many travelers year round and many travelers seem to recommend this place to get away from the day to day life stress. Traveling and getting to know other cultures and places can be a great adventure and relaxing activity.

Traveling to Samoa would be a great way to get to know the airport and enjoy the beautiful scenery and other factors that this place has to offer and more

Milan Kordestani: From Farmer to Equestrian

Milan Kordestani might only be eighteen years old, but he already has quite the resume. Kordestani is the CEO and founder of Milan Farms. As if the farm doesn’t keep him busy enough, he is also a college student, a writer for the Huffington Post and is a competing equestrian.


Kordestani began riding horses when he was ten years old and it didn’t take him long to catch on to the sport. He started out taking riding lessons in Atherton, but only did this for a short number of years before he moved on to competing at high levels. His skill level was proved in 2015 when he won the first leg of the triple crown. Following that big win, he won fourth place at the Worlds Championship Horse Show. A short year later, in 2016, Mian Kordestani became number two in the Five Gaited Show Pleasure Division of the Worlds Championship Horse show.


Beyond his success as an equestrian, in 2015, as a sophomore in high school, Milan Kordestani founded Mlian Farms. Milan Farms prides itself on being open, honest, and transparent when it comes to how they raise their animals and plants. The company produces high quality, organic, eggs, mint, and saffron at a number of farms across the West Coast. Their eggs are distributed across the West Coast and the saffron is distributed worldwide.


The eggs produced at Milan Farms are from grass fed, free range chickens. Additionally, the chickens are fed organic, no soy, and no corn feed, as well as fresh, organic vegetables. Not only are their eggs organic, but so are the cartons the eggs are sold in are also organic. When it comes to saffron, only the brightest portion of the plant is used, this ensures a high-quality product. When cultivating the plant, the stems are dried for 10 days, this not only ensures quality, but also prevents the loss of flavor. When a person orders saffron, it is shipped directly to their home in zip-lock bags. If one thing is sure, Milan Farms produces quality products that are sure to be enjoyed.

Glen Wakeman – Helping Move Start-ups from Concept to Business Plan

Glen Wakeman has a four-step strategy to help others learn how to build and better manage their businesses. These four steps are growth, execution, controls, and leadership. Glen teaches companies proven strategies to help their company grow and increase revenue. The second step is to educate business executives how to improve their business performance. The third step is providing oversight to ensure the business is thriving as it should so intervention strategies can be implemented when problems surface. Finally, Glen focuses on executive leadership ensuring business leaders have the requisite skill set to be innovative in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Glen knows what he is talking about because he has a proven record of accomplishment and success and he has the requisite education, training, and experience.


Glen has an undergraduate degree in finance and economics from the University of Scranton and an MBA from the University of Chicago. His education helped him to develop a vision, and a passion for business start-ups and that passion has fueled his 30-year career. As an executive, mentor, and writer of a business blog, Glen received feedback from fledgling entrepreneurs who had great ideas that did not develop into a viable business. That feedback sparked the development of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Glen is the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad, an incubator for emerging entrepreneurs.

LaunchPad Holdings, LLC is a SAAS Company that delivers online business services to business start-ups utilizing software applications. LaunchPad assists business start-ups in moving from a concept or idea to a business plan that can launch a successful business by helping businesses to structure and organize their ideas. Glen once stated, “I bring ideas to life by forcing myself to explain them to others. This requires that I make an outline, think through the steps to make them real, and most importantly defend them.”

Glen is in the vanguard of maximizing the potential of businesspersons and businesses. His curiosity and persistence have aided his success as a problem solver and innovative thinker. Glen stays laser-focused on satisfying the needs of his clients and revels in their success.