Lawrence Bender and The Mexican

Lawrence Bender is an Academy Award-winning American producer famous for such popular movies as Inglourious Basterds, Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, An Inconvenient Truth, and The Mexican. He was born in the Bronx, New York. Lawrence Bender grew up in New Jersey and graduated from the University of Maine in 1979. With a degree in civil engineering, Bender entered the film business by working as a grip on the television series Tales from the Darkside. He then went on to produce his own films starting in the late 1980s.

His movies have been nominated for 29 Academy Awards. Three of these films, Good Will Hunting, Inglourious Basterds, and Pulp Fiction, were nominated for Best Picture.

My favorite movie by Lawrence Bender is The Mexican. While this movie is sometimes overlooked in relation to his other work, it is a funny and exciting crime comedy. Brad Pitt gives an entertaining comedic performance as Jerry Welbach, a hapless member of the mob whose girlfriend Samantha (Julia Roberts) wants him to get out of the business. His boss gives him an assignment to steal an antique pistol called “The Mexican.” When he decides to take the job, his girlfriend throws him out.

It isn’t that difficult to find the gun, but getting the gun back involves many near-misses, shootouts, and comic mishaps. One memorable scene involves Jerry on a donkey.

While Jerry is in Mexico, Samantha is kidnapped by hitman Leroy, played by James Gandolfini. The scenes with Samantha and Leroy are even funnier than those with Jerry.

The movie is uneven at times, but the weird mashup of romantic comedy and crime movie make for an entertaining experience. The movie is quite violent, though not on the same scale as a Quentin Tarantino film. Lawrence Bender has been Tarantino’s business partner and worked on many of his films. If you are looking for an underappreciated mob comedy and don’t mind a violent film, The Mexican might be for you. 


NewsWatch TV and the Total Package Review with Tim Rush VP of Saygus

Saygus, American Smartphone manufacturer, expands viewing experience with Newswatch TV.
Recently, NewsWatch TV devoted wide spread coverage for “Saygus: Indiegogo Campaign” launch beginning there efforts at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

In total the publisher “Newswatch Tv” was brilliant in there coverage. The result by NewsWatch TV drastically exceeded, by $300,000 from the original $1.3 million.

As reported by in an interview with , Vice President “Tim Rush“ of “Saygus” said:
“It’s really important to get the right message, delivered in the right way, at the right time, to the right medium, and NewsWatch was able to do that excellently…I would highly recommend NewsWatch..They connect us between what we want to say, to what our audience wants to hear, to drive sales.”

Additionally, In review of NewsWatch TV. The well timed and edgy responses are of the similar caliper for mainstream news. Many new business’s and regular viewers are beginning to enjoy and flock towards NewsWatch TV.
The well rounded reviews of the most current technologies makes for a rounded viewer choices.
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When searching for information, NewsWatch TV is a new source for up-to-date information to the newest technologies.

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Malcolm CasSelle and WAX Partners with Like-Minded Companies to Streamline the Blockchain

Malcolm CasSelle the President of World Asset Exchange (WAX) is working with like-minded companies to streamline the blockchain by smoothing out inefficiencies. Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Also, he graduated from Stanford University with a Masters Degree in Computer Science. Malcolm CasSelle has established a successful and profitable career in the digital industry with high-level positions through various levels of progressive advancement. Currently, he is leading World Asset Exchange as President into the research and development advancements in the gaming system technology arena and the cryptocurrencies platforms. Crypto assets have exploded on the scene around the world with various different crypto asset types like Bitcoin and have created opportunities for WAX to leverage the gaming platform and streamline the cryptocurrency blockchain. In fact, World Asset Exchange is establishing an easy user-friendly technologically sound environment to exchange cryptocurrency across geographical boundaries and countries without interference from central banking institutions and regulations. In his quest to revolutionize digital currencies and technologies Malcolm CasSelle has held leadership roles within some of the largest and most effective and efficient companies within the digital industry. Popular companies such as Facebook, Groupon, Zynga, and other social media networking sites have been influenced heavily by the leadership and impact of innovative leadership by Malcolm CasSelle. In fact, Malcolm CasSelle is a CIO of OPskins a platform established for buying and selling through the gaming system platforms and marketplace. Malcolm CasSelle as a pioneer in the establishment of consolidated platforms to distribute digital assets over the blockchain with safe and secure arrival. To accomplish the task of streamlining the cryptocurrency industry Malcolm CasSelle and World Asset Exchange has partnered with like-minded companies and individuals to create an opportunity for successful expansion of the blockchain into the future.

Jordan Lindsey and The Latest Trends in Forex Inventions and Innovations

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of JCL Capital, and the founder of several other businesses with in the financial services industry and the technology industry. Jordan Lindsey was growing up in New York, and he learned to play a lot of sports growing up, because of his desire to compete. He played tennis and ice hockey growing up, as these were his two favorite sports. He also had a natural entrepreneurial spirit growing up. He was someone who wanted to change the world, even from an early age as a child. In order to accomplish this goal, Jordan Lindsey knew that the best way to do this was to grow businesses.

When Jordan Lindsey was introduced to the area of San Francisco, California, he immediately found a passion and a desire to live there full time. Jordan Lindsey was always impressed by the way that the people in the San Francisco area would share ideas with each other. He also liked how there was a positive culture in San Francisco that was built around starting businesses, and pursuing creative domains, such as art wok and music. Jordan Lindsey decided that he would move back to the area several months after going back to New York.

Today, Jordan Lindsey is somebody who has taught himself to be a computer programmer and to be an experienced algo trader in the algo trading busing. Jordan Lindsey studied at St. Joseph’s College, and he studied at the Mount Angel Seminary. He has lived in Bosnia, Mexico, and Argentina. While in Bosnia, he met his wife, and the two fell in love together and had three daughters.

Jordan Lindsey has created a new algorithm that has allowed him to trade on the foreign exchange markets. This will allow the user to trade more efficiently and take advantage of market inefficiencies. Jordan Lindsey has also created his own cryptocurrency that has appreciated due to supply and demand economics.

Elysium Health and Its Supplement Basis

Elysium Health is a consumer health company that translates advances in science and technology into clinically-validated health products that work.

Co-founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente in 2014, Elysium Health is on a mission to help people live healthier, longer. The company works together with some of the world’s most prominent scientists and clinicians, coming from prestigious institutions such as Yale, Stanford, and Harvard. These scientists guide the direction of the company and its research.

Elysium Health has created a dietary supplement called Basis. Basis is designed to support cellular health. It increases and sustains levels of NAD+, a coenzyme that is essential for hundreds  of crucial biological processes, including circadian rhythms, energy creation, and DNA maintenance. The older we get, the less NAD+ we have in our bodies, and these functions begin to break down.

In order for Basis to increase NAD+ levels in support of overall cellular health, Basis utilizes two compounds—nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene.

Basis is vegetarian and vegan, as well as gluten- and nut-free, without artificial colors and flavors. It is also rigorously tested for purity by an independent third party. The supplement is recommended for healthy adults.

In November of 2017, Elysium Health published the results of its clinical trial on Basis in npj: Aging and Mechanisms of Disease—an online peer-reviewed science journal. The trial concluded that, after four weeks, the participants who took the recommended daily dose (two capsules) of Basis saw their NAD+ levels increase by an average of 40 percent. These levels were sustained throughout the duration of the trial.

Elysium Health sells Basis on its website. Basis is sold as monthly subscriptions as well as in individual jars. An individual jar of Basis costs $60. But monthly subscriptions to the supplement bring that cost down to between $40 and $50, depending on the length of the subscription.

Adam Milstein Advocate Of Semitic Rights

Adam Milstein recently reported on developments in the attempts by radical Muslims to delegitimize Israel, the historic homeland of the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism has been a constant presence of the extreme right over the years. Recently North America along with Europe has turned a blind eye to the efforts of radical Muslims and their ideology. Adam Milstein states that the ignorance of radical Muslims convictions superiority of Islamic around has created a failure in the distinguished rent between mainstream and radical Muslims.

Adam Milstein has stated that in this light, Israel is viewed as an oppressor of Muslim ideology and is blamed continuously as the source of most problems in the Middle East. This political alliance has been typified by the organizer of women’s Mark on Washington DC Linda Sarsour. This alliance is the political left is growing. To illustrate the recent trend rallies in Chicago that had been created to help celebrate the LGBT communities expelled three people for displaying their Jewish heritage by placing stars of David on their pride flags.

This is led to a strange alliance between Islamic radicals and radical leftists. This comes along with a history of extreme Islamic nationalists collaborating with oppressors of Judaism. For example the cooperation between the grand movie of Jerusalem during the reign of Adolf Hitler.

Perhaps what is most alarming about the recent rise of anti-Semitism is how this controversial ideology has begun to enter the mainstream culture’s vernacular. As radical Muslims are continuing to focus on the delegitimization of Israel the historic homeland of the Jewish people they continue to instigate racist ideologies. By strengthening their allegiance with the radical left, they hope to destroy Western values of freedom and democracy and tolerance. This growth of anti-Semitic sentiment particularly on college campuses not only threatens the ideology of those who reside in America but the future of people with Jewish heritage around the world.

Adam Milstein along with his wife Gila have cofounded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This organization hopes to sponsor the education of students and young professionals around the world and to help those identify with their Jewish heritage and encourage their Jewish pride along with advocation for the rights of the state of Israel and Jewish people as a whole.

Jordan Lindsey Current Forex Trends

Investing in the Forex Market is a challenge for season investors, so as you can imagine it can be really difficult for people who are new to Forex investing. I believe there are a couple of things that will help all Forex newbies. First, it is important to pay attention to all the trends taking place in the Forex Market. Also, I believe it is important to seek knowledge from seasoned investors. Experience Forex investors like Jordan Lindsey.

Jordan Lindsey is a New York native and the Founder of Bitcoin Growth Bot, along with being the founder of JPL Capital which is based in San Francisco, California. Jordan speaks about having the correct mindset when it comes to eventually becoming a millionaire using Forex. Lindsey feels it is important for investors to focus on the bigger picture when comes to investing instead trying to get rich quick. The bigger picture as Lindsey sees it deals with compounding interest. Lindsey believes one of the problems newbies have when Forex trading is many are trying to hit a home run with every trade. In reality, it is not possible for most traders to get rich immediately with Forex. Lindsey believes the smartest way to trade is to follow the formula of steady financial growth for the long haul.

Being a trader for the long haul is especially important for new traders in the Forex marketplace. This means following the current trends taking place with Forex. Understanding the current trends will make a person a better, educated Forex investor. For example, going into 2018 one trend is a trend away from high-frequency Forex trading strategies that look for fast movements and short-term arbitrage. Current trends show a move away from aggressive consumed strategies to a more static based strategy.

Being a new Forex trader can be an exciting and scary financial world to enter. There is nothing more exciting than being smart and understanding how an individual can make smart trades. In the same realm, nothing can be scarier than seeing an individual first one thousand dollars used to open a Forex account go up in trading smoke from trying to get rich quick.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Saves the Environment

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is better for the environment than other bottled waters. Plastic containers, namely bottles of water have become a major environmental challenge. Over one trillion pounds of plastic is dumped annually into our oceans and 38 billion bottles are dumped into landfills around the world. Considering it takes more than one thousand years for plastic bottles to biodegrade, we will be dealing with this trash for several lifetimes. But, Waiakea has made a breakthrough. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water now uses a plastic bottle that biodegrades in 15 years.

Unlike ordinary plastic bottles that litter the earth for lifetimes, Waiakea Water can be drank and the bottle discarded without any guilt. The environment will not be negatively affected. Now, the consumer can enjoy the quality water that comes from snowmelt and rain flowing down the Mauna Loa Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is filtered as it travels through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. Along the way is leaches silica, calcium and magnesium from the lava rock and ends up very alkaline with a pH of 7.6 to 8.2, which is ideal for the human body.

Waiakea water is not only alkaline, it is rich in electrolytes and its delicious when it arrives at its final destination, the Kea’au aquifer where it is collected. This location is 2400 miles from any industrial facilities. It’s also surrounded by millions of square miles of ocean. This makes Waiakea Water one of the last remaining sources of naturally pure water.

Now, that Waiakea uses biodegradable bottles, it is 100% carbon neutral. The consumer of Waiakea Water will know that they are not leaving behind a carbon footprint. It’s not only biodegradable, it’s also 100% recyclable. The consumer can make a choice to recycle or to discard the bottle. Either way they will know that it will only take a little over a decade for the bottle to totally disappear or the bottle will continue to be reused. Waiakea has found the answer to creating a non-carbon foot printed product that is healthy, safe and tasty to consume.

Jeunesse Brings Customers into Focus with Groundbreaking Product

The most important asset of the body is the human brain. That is one of the primary reasons that Jeunesse chose to add M1ND to its product line. M1ND is not just about feeling good and alert; it is also about being able to function at higher peak levels with better memory. The source of a good memory is having a brain that functions at its highest capacity and reduces distractions that interfere with that process.

Due to the natural aging process, the brain loses its mental sharpness. The decline of an ability to remember certain things happens naturally. M1ND was formulated with overpowering ingredients that can halt that process and create a brand new “lane” for memory and sharpness to significantly improve.

The groundbreaking science behind M1ND is unique because it uses standardized ingredients and combines them with natural elements that enable the brain to function at a higher capacity. One of those elements is CERA-Q which was inspired by eastern medicine to greatly support the memory system within the brain. CERA-Q is a clinically proven protein that provides a natural boost from silkworm cocoons which activate the other essential ingredients within M1ND to support your overall memory.

The health benefits of silkworm cocoons have been used for centuries. However, CERA-Q and all of the ingredients within M1ND have gone through extensive double-blind studies that have been reliable and trusted. CERA-Q is exclusively used in M1ND, by Jeunesse.

The exclusive product is available in convenient 30 single-serving packets per purchase which are perfect for an active lifestyle. Each packet burst with the delicious flavor of lemon meringue.

Jeunesse was founded by business partners Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray in September 2009 after they both ended their retirement. The company was founded to bring awareness to people to live an abundant life and to thrive with a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. The mission of the company is to “change people’s lives” with cutting-edge products that enhance the quality of life for all of its customers. Jeunesse has sold more than one billion dollars in products within online retail markets worldwide.

The best and brightest showcase for the Academy of Art University

There is a fine line up and coming fashion designers must walk for there to be any semblance of success in their passion. The Academy of Art University recently came off its 21st runway showcase during New York Fashion Week, which composed of some of the best and brightest of their prestigious university. Showcasing numerous womenswear and menswear lines, there is nothing more special to the University than seeing their students being able to have their lines and pieces of art go on display in front of some the biggest fashion icons in the business today.

Each piece in the runway show has a story to tell. One student was inspired by personal events that took place recently in their life and allowed for the clothes to be their expression. Another student speaks of their inspiration coming from the ideology of having sustainability in the materials used in their piece. The attention to detail in their garment bodes well for the passion of their work.

One can tell the Academy of Art University has a deep commitment to the students and their mission statement of preparing their student to enter and excel in the field they wish to pursue. Whether is design, communication, or the arts, the University wants to make sure no one is excluded from pursuing their dreams. Having a wide range of students that come from all walks in life go hand in hand with the Academy of Art University’s vast array of alumni employed in cutting edge companies that require the talents of passionate and devoted artists.

The Academy of Art University has humble beginnings in its 89 years of existence. Starting from a meager loft manned by Richard S. Stephens and his wife, the Academy quickly moved its way up the teaching ranks to now boasting well over 14,000 students and growing. Having both an online and in-class curriculum structure, prospective students can find the accessibility of their education to be a non-issue.

Whether it is a growing passion, or flame to be relit, the Academy of Art University is certainly a place one should consider if art of any walk of life is your true calling in life.