Agora Financial Empowering People with Financial Education and Awareness

Making financial predictions accurately on a regular basis is not possible in today’s volatile market, but one of the print and media publishing houses that have been active since 1979 and has gained the trust of its reader through accurate financial analysis is Agora Financial.Over the years, Agora Financial has provided financial forecasts, predictions, commentary, and investment tips and guides, which has proved to be highly useful for the readers. Agora Financial offers its reports, news, and information through its print and digital publications as well as through the conferences, videos, and seminars. The readers of Agora Financial have benefitted tremendously over the years through the tips and news provided by the company, and it continues to help the readers make smart investments.

Agora Financial understands that the people these days need some form of guidance to organize their finances and invest smartly. As there are endless investment options available in the market, it is necessary for the people to take their information from the right and credible source to make a financial decision. Without proper financial knowledge, making any business move can prove to be costly and may result in a loss. Agora Financial has proven its mettle in the commercial market by predicting many essential events in the past couple of decades, including fall in crude prices, the rise in gold prices, the dot-com bubble, the mortgage crisis, tech bubble, and so on. The market predictions made by Agora Financial has helped the readers save a right amount of money from the unbearable losses.

Agora Financial was founded by the leading financial journalist, Bill Bonner, who has written books like Empire of Debt and also the famous Financial Reckoning Day. The primary aim behind starting Agora Financial was to help educate people about finances and how to make smart investment decisions that could impact not only their financial future but that of the nation as well in a collective fashion.Educating people about finance is necessary, so that they are self-sufficient financially, and doesn’t have to rely on the state. Empowered people helps in building empowered nations, and it is with this aim, Agora Financial continues to deliver financial advice to date. The economic analysis and predictions provided by Agora Financial is not only trusted by its readers, but is also featured from time to time on many leading news outlets and publications, such as Fox New Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, The Economist, and more.

Professional Tour Manager Clayton Hutson

If you’re searching for a perfect solution when it comes to tour, event and stage management or a professional that can create music on the stage, take a look at tour manager and music engineer, Clayton Hutson. By profession, Clayton is a sound designer making artist’s live performances sound one-of-a-kind, and at the same time managing their total music production. When it comes to going on the road and getting your music heard from people with all different kind of backgrounds, but interested in hearing the style of music you make, it’s essential to keep making a good name for yourself, and with Clayton Hutson that will be done with his expertise from the hands on work ethic.


Whether you’re an beginner or expert, Hutson will have you at the top of your game getting the way you want to sound just right. Any situation that you are in, and any show you want to portray your authentic self, Clayton Hutson will have you covered in all aspects to give the audience that one in a lifetime experience innovating your original vision. One thing he is going to make sure of is, that you as an artist have that spectacular experience you will never forget. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned artist who has had their numerous tour managers, or a new independent artist looking to expand your horizons, Clayton Hutson is someone who can lead you in the right direction with your vision in place.


The last thing I will have to do is try to convince you as an artist or business owner, when Hutson has created a reputable resume on his own accord dealing with top-notch artist well-known all over the world. Jill Scott, Maxwell, Guns and Roses are just to name a few that Clayton has managed while going on tour and has made a name for himself being a person that is trustworthy, an attribute that is hard to find in the music industry today. In the arena of sound engineering and production, Clayton Hutson has created his own lane providing well-timed stage and sound management for some heavy hitters in the game right now! Learn more:


Paul Mampilly Loves to Invest in “Disruptification”

“Disruptification” is the word Jenna, a friend of Paul Mampilly, coined to describe the many changes many sectors of the business world is going through right now. It’s not in any dictionary, but it perfectly describes the last few decades, and it’s going to fit the future even more.

Technological advances have disrupted the music industry. Amazon’s Kindle and other ebook readers have disrupted mainstream publishing, along with Amazon’s CreateSpace and other publishing on demand companies. Online news sources have disrupted paper newspapers and magazines. Airbnb has disrupted the hospitality industry just as Lyft and Uber have disrupted taxis.

Paul Mampilly has often written about the megatrends he has spotted. Precision medicine is disrupting the mammoth healthcare industry, and soon will make everybody a lot healthier. Financial technologies will soon disrupt banks, brokerages and payment processors from MasterCard and Visa to Pay Pal. New sources of energy will disrupt old school utility companies, and the transportation industry.

The food industry is shifting to supply consumers with more natural, organic and locally grown foods. Retailers must cater to shoppers of the millennial generation. The construction industry will be transformed by building blocks, 3-D printing and modules.

The incredible thing is, Paul Mampilly points out in a recent blog post, all these changes are coming at once. The world no longer changes a little bit at a time, giving you a chance to get used to cable TV before VCRs come out.

If you snooze, you lose. That goes especially for investors. If you cling to the old companies and old technologies, you will lose. Paul Mampilly sees his job as keeping you awake so you make a fortune on the megatrends. That’s why he writes his newsletter, Profits Unlimited, for Banyan Hill. He spent several decades on Wall Street managing billions of dollars to make wealthy people even wealthier. He walked away from that to help ordinary people turn thousands of dollars into tens of thousands of dollars.

He uses his own Nest thermostat as a good example of the Internet of Things, one of the most powerful megatrends. It knows how warm to keep his house when he’s there. It knows how warm to keep his house when nobody is home. And it knows that automatically. He doesn’t have to keep resetting the thermostat. It’s automatic. This saves him money on his heating and cooling bills by making his use of energy more efficient. And it’s just one small product.

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The RealReal Continues its Highly Successful Popup Sales Outlets in 2018

Declaring 2018 the year of the popup, luxury consignor The RealReal is building upon its retail outlet success in New York City by increasing its number of popups nationwide.

Allison Sommer, the firm’s marketing director explains that having a street level presence legitimizes the brand.

The company’s 2016 popup in New York City drew in $2 million in sales, Somers additionally noted that the order size of in store purchases is 6 fold that of the average online purchase.

Popups increase the brand’s awareness among consumers. A fact that is supported by the 500 percent increase in sales to bay area customers following their 2 month popup in San Francisco last November.

It’s a proven process comments Somers that once someone walks into the retail outlet they get absorbed by the atmosphere and become luxury loyalists.

CEO Julie Wainwright who has earned an iconic reputation within startup circles. Wainwright put The RealReal on its success path with boasting gross revenues upwards of $500 million. That’s not bad given the business was launched just 6 years ago. Today the company is positioned as one of the most rapidly expanding startups within the consignment space.

The RealReal was originally founded specializing in apparel sales. However, in 2016 the company generated $100 million in revenues from their expansion into fine jewelry and designer watches.

For their next popup, The RealReal is looking at Las Vegas with the idea of expanding geographically throughout the U.S. over 2018. Their rationale being to get a foothold in those markets where the customer base has not yet been exposed to the “popup frenzy” seen in metropolitan cities like Los Angeles and New York.

Having grown to 7 million members internationally, the firm places a premium on a customer first philosophy. This idea is expanded in their hiring practices which focus on acquiring talented sales staff that is less focused on commissions and more on customer satisfaction, bringing in high end experience from brands such as Gucci.

In answering the question as to what can be expected from the next phase of popups, Allison Sommer states that while they may not all have a flower shop and cafe, customers can expect The RealReal’s brand defining premium placed on expertise with gemologists and brand authentication experts on staff at the popups.

How Paul Mampilly Became An Investment Author.

Paul Mampilly is a businessman who is originally from India. He came to America after graduating from high school and earned his first college degree at Montclair State University in 1991. He studied at a few different universities before earning his MBA in 1997 at the Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

From 1993, Paul Mampilly has been in the financial sector, starting at Bankers Trust Company. He was a Wall Street analyst for a few different companies and his last position was running one of the world’s most successful hedge funds for Kinetics Asset Management. He had an interest in writing about investing and finance in general. While he was still on Wall Street he founded a business, Capuchinomics. He was a publisher of investment information with a focus on behavioral finance. A number of other Wall Street people read his publication particularly other hedge fund and investment managers. His writing illustrated that the biggest factor when it comes to making investment decisions is emotions.

Continuing his writing career after he decided to leave Wall Street, Paul Mampilly joined Agora Financial as an author in 2014. His focus while working for this company was on life sciences and biotechnology firms. His writing could be found in FDA Trader which he published each month.

Today, Paul Mampilly runs an investment consulting firm, Capuchin Consulting, located in Durham, North Carolina. He now writes Profits Unlimited which is published by a company focused on financial publications, Banyan Hill Publishing. He has been with Banyan Hill Publishing for five years and has been producing Profits Unlimited for two years.

Each issue of Profits Unlimited focuses on an under-the-radar investment opportunity. He advertises before each issue comes out and one around a year ago had hype before it came out about how he found a great opportunity in the technology sector. The company he was talking about had a stock value of $7 and he saw it going much higher. He dropped clues and when the issue came out it was revealed he was talking about STMicroelectronics. It turns out he was right about this company because it is now has a stock value of over $22 a share.

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USHEALTH Advisors Is Leading The Way For Others With A Message of Hope

Not everyone has the desire or ambition to be successful in business, but those who do, they are successful because they believed you have to work hard in order to be successful. You have to be willing to put the work in and to continue moving forward even after you have failed. What gives you an even bigger success is to know that you are a miracle above anything else.

If you want to be bigger and better, you have to put one foot in front of the other and keep on moving. One man who knows this all too well is Randy Hildebrandt. When you come from a large state such as Texas, you set the expectation of being big to a whole new meaning.

Randy spent most of his life looking up to the great Nolan Ryan. If you do not know who that is, he was a pitcher for a big baseball team who managed to have led to over 5,700 strikeouts throughout the 13 years that he was in the major leagues. He went on to retire from baseball in 1993. Read more on about US Health Advisors Salaries.

Randy worked hard to ensure that he was working hard, just like his idol did. When Randy knew he was meant to participate in bigger things, he went on to submit his resume to a select number of websites that were just starting to take off. It was shortly after the resume was uploaded that he received a call from a woman. It was this woman who showed him how to be successful in business.

After attending meeting after meeting and still not really understanding what he was doing or what he was trying to sell, he landed the advice he needed. After meeting with what he would call his mentor, he learned everything that he needed in order to be successful.

Randy is now a leader in the satellite division of USHEALTH advisors. After feeling as if he was only doing fine, Randy moved ahead and put faith in his decision to make the most out of his passion. After meeting with a man named Troy, Randy feel inspired to do great things.



Dr. Mark McKenna: Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Father.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor practicing surgery and medicine. He was certified by the Georgia & Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. Initially from New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from the city’s prestigious Tulane University Medical School.

Although Dr. Mark McKenna was extremely passionate about the business industry, he had to practice medicine with his father. However, his passion vitalized and he simultaneously started the organization, McKenna Venture Investments — a real estate firm. As the years passed, McKenna owned more companies, including Uptown Title, Inc and Universal Mortgage Lending. These companies would employ more than 50 people and were in the finance, design, and real estate industries.

When it appeared everything was going good, Hurricane Katrina strikes New Orleans in 2005. Consequently, it destroyed New Orleans and many of McKenna’s firms. Albeit devasted by the catastrophic hurricane, McKenna helped rebuild the city, more specifically, the low-income districts. With a sheer work-ethic consisting of waking up early in the morning, medicating at least one time a day, and setting clear goals, it is no wonder he has numerous accomplishments under him. In addition, he practices Jiu-Jitsu for hours at a time.

Two years later, McKenna moved to Atlanta, GA, where he would launch ShapeMed — a medical firm. Then in 2014, the company was sold to Life Time Fitness and McKenna became the company’s National Medical Director.

More recently in July 2017, McKenna founded OVME (meaning “of me”) — a technological medicine company, hoping to innovate the industry. It was only after he sold his previous medical firm that he realized he wanted to disrupt the medical industry.

Today, Dr. Mark McKenna is a patient advocate and enjoys serving his community. He is married to Gianna McKenna and have two children, Milana and Ryder. McKenna is also an active reader and believes it is a habit that makes him more productive as an entrepreneur. Throughout life, he says he has never quite had a job; he enjoys all of life’s moments. Additionally, he has served in organizations such as the New Orleans Jazz Festival, Industrial Development Board, and the Entrepreneurs Organization.

Eli Gershkovitch, Steamworks Craft Breweries CEO, and craft beers

There is nothing like an ice-cold Canadian craft beer to accompany and enhance any experience in life, whether it be dinner at the bar with the boys every Friday, or celebrating a wedding, or simply watching CSI or this week’s football game. Regardless of the event or timing, a craft beer is always a welcomed guest.

But what exactly is a Canadian craft beer? Quite simply, any beer is a craft beer if its origins are a small, independently-owned and operated traditional brewery.

If you’re new to the craft beer industry, start with Eli Gershkovitch’s craft beers. Gershkovitch has a degree in law and is a practicing attorney. Gershkovitch’s start in the craft brew industry can be traced back to 1987, when as a University of Toronto graduate Eli Gershkovitch started taste-testing beers and using his experiences to craft his own Canadian craft beer, read more.

While using his law skills to help clients with liquor licenses and other liquor-crafting and selling requirements, Gershkovitch got busy launching his own dream: he began with purchasing a 100 year old landmark building with a rarity for a heat source: steam. Gershkovitch’s plans included a steam-powered system for energy and heating, and with the purchase of the building complete, he launched his business: Steamworks Craft Breweries, see this.

Steamworks Craft Breweries is a locally and independently owned Canadian brewery that has claimed awards at 2017’s U.S. Open Beer Championship. Nestled in Gaston, Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks Canadian Craft Beer Breweries features original brews that Eli created himself. In Canada you’ll find Eli Gershkovitch’s Canadian craft beers, which will provide you with a full experience of hand-crafted Canadian craft beers.

Eli Gershkovitch is slow, methodical, and thorough with the crafting of his line of Canadian craft beers, view here. He takes the time to tweak, tweak, and tweak again, then perfecting the final product before eventually and ultimately revealing his new brew to the public.

Today you’ll find Eli Gershkovitch continuing his work on perfecting his craft beers. He also uses his position and influence to host many events in Gaston, the historic downtown neighborhood of Vancouver. And when it comes to play, Eli Gershkovitch lets his passions drive and fly – literally, as he owns two planes and a substantial classic car collection.

Eli Gershkovitch’s immense talent and drive for perfection result in exquisite Canadian craft beers.

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Full Steam Ahead: Eli Gershkovitch and Steamworks Co. Power up!

Canada is country well-known for its beer consumption. In the past, your options for a cold beer were limited to beers manufactured by mega-breweries like Labatt or Molson, or one of their cousins in the United States. Well those days are over according to Eli Gershkovitch, CEO of Steamworks Brewery and Companies in Vancouver. Micro-breweries like Steamworks are brewing and serving craft beers that offer a more diverse beer drinking experience.

So, what is a craft beer you might ask? It’s a type of beer that emerged from the micro-brewery movement in Europe and the United Kingdom. Micro-breweries began to appear in Canada and the United States during the 1980’s. Craft beers come in wide variety of styles, such as ales, pilsners, lagers, porters and stouts, but they all have a few things in common. They employ traditional brewing methods and emphasize quality and taste.

In the past few years, the sales and consumption of craft beers have enjoyed double digit increases, according to industry experts. Eli Gershkovitch of Steamworks started out in Vancouver as a practicing attorney, who often represented clients hoping to acquire their liquor license. As Gershkovitch worked with these clients he became more and more interested in the brewing industry, refer also to

These experiences along with several trips abroad to microbreweries in Belgium and Germany, convinced Gershkovitch that there was a potential market for beers that broke the traditional mega-brewery mold, view more here.

In 1995 Mr. Gershkovitch took the plunge and opened Steamworks, a small microbrewery and brewpub in the historic Gastown section of Vancouver. Over the years, Steamworks has expanded to a much larger facility in nearby Burnaby that brews over 40,000 hectoliters per year.

So, if you’re getting tired of drinking the same old thing night after night. Take the advice of Eli Gershkovitch, CEO at Steamworks Brewery in Vancouver. Give craft beers like their exceptional India Pale Ale a chance. This is the new millennium, and the times are changing when it comes to the many exceptional beverages that the micro-brewery industry has to offer.



Success Within USHealth

Randy Hildebrandt is a Satellite Division Leader for USHealth Advisors, and has been since 2012. Although to many this would be considered a career some would strive for, in his early years Randy had other dreams. With a 92 mph fastball, Randy was on the fast track to a college scholarship as a player. Sadly he blew out his shoulder in his last year playing for Anderson Shiro High in Anderson, Texas.

Randy looked up to “The King of The Hill” Nolan Ryan for motivation, as he made it through his shoulder injury. Looking up to someone with so many accolades only made Randy want to work harder to heal and be the best ball player he could possibly be. After making the team at Blinn College, Randy was struck by tragedy again as his shoulder went out on him. After much thought and consideration, he figured he would try another route and go back to school for business and economics. Visit  USHealth Advisor Agent for more info.

He saved up $2000 dollars around the time he graduated and also had his truck. Eventually he would find himself as the only person left in a presentation for a job, when his life would be changed forever. Sometimes good does come to those who wait as he was introduced to a mentor who would take him under his wing for the next 12 months selling insurance.

Randy learned the ins and outs of the business and continued even though he was on the brink of quitting and giving up. If he would have, he would have missed out on his current opportunity as well as the opportunity to be a part of HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday).

HOPE is run by agents of USHealth Advisors and it does a large amount of charity work and fundraising assistance for those in need. They don’t take it lightly as those involved go above and beyond to make every project a success and try to meet and exceed said goals. With a story like Randy’s and HOPE, it’s clear to see that USHealth is a company by the people and for the people.

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