Oncologist Mikhail Blagosklonny devotes career to developing affordable cancer treatments

While many in phamaceutical research focus on the next money maker, oncologist Mikhail Blagosklonny uses the opposite approach. He has devoted his career to developing an affordable treatment for cancer with less side effects than current treatments.

One drug he studies shows promise in numerous uses, including cancer treatment. Rapamycin, also known as Sirolimus and Rapamune, received FDA approval as an organ transplant rejection drug, among other uses. The drug’s basis come from a bacterium found on Easter Island that researchers first isolated in 1972. Originally used as an anti-fungal agent, the pharmeceutical community abandoned this use when Rapamycin’s immunosuppressive and antiproliferative properties were uncovered. Read more on templeofthecave.com.

Blagosklonny, a professor of oncology at Rosewell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, and Editor-in-Chief of Oncotarget, focuses his research on Rapamycin as a cancer and anti-aging drug. By anti-aging Blagosklonny refers to health longevity and disease fighting, not anti-wrinkling. The oncologist noticed that some cancers had a tendency to develop more often in older patients.

Rapamycin Current Uses

Rapamycin assists the body’s immune response to tumors and promotes tumor regression. Researchers have already discovered many other uses for Rapamycin, as well. Visit classroomvoices.org to read more about Mikhail.

Blagosklonny’s Further Research

  • As an immunosuppressant, it helps transplant patients’ bodies not reject an organ transplant. Rapamycin exhibits less toxicity on the kidneys over long-term use than other anti-rejection drugs.
  • It helps those with hemolytic-uremic syndrome, post kidney transplant in two ways. The disease combines anemia, kidney failure and low platelet count, leading to renal failure. Two treatment options exist: lifetime dialysis or a kidney transplant. Rapamycin helps the patient not reject the new kidney. It also helps the new kidney not develop the same disorder.
  • It blocks the mTOR signaling gateway in the lungs. This is key in treating a rare lung disease, lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), that affects women of childbearing age. LAM causes mutations of the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex gene (TSC2) which activates the mTOR signaling gateway.
  • As a coronary stent coating, it helps prevent re-stenosis of the arteries after a balloon angioplasty.
  • As a suppressant for tumor development of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), it helps reduce existing tumors. Research studies show that discontinuation of the drug results in tumor growth or re-devlopment. The congenital disorder causes benign tumors in organs such as the brain, heart and kidneys.
  • In cream, gel or ointment form, it treats facial angiofibromas, a disorder more than 80 percent of TSC patients also exhibit. While dermabrasion or laser facial treatments treat it cosmetically, Rapamycin, treats the development of the rash comprised of blood vessels and fibrous tissues.

Mikhail Blagosklonny recognizes that Rapamycin already has a multitude of uses beyond cancer. Despite a specialization as an oncologist, the doctor and researcher wants to uncover as many helpful uses for the drug as possible. To that end, he currently conducts studies of Rapamycin in relation to its potential to treat:

  • longevity due to enhanced disease fighting capabilities. Examples include its ability to help elderly mice fight tuberculosis and improve immunological performance in elderly humans when a dose of Rapamycin preceeded their influenza vaccination.
  • Alzheimer’s disease by preventing cognitive defects and reducing brain lesions in mice.
  • muscular dystrophy. In mice given nanoparticles coated with Rapamycin, the mice exhibited a 30 percent increase in grip strength and increased cardiac functions.
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). In mice, it blocks and/or reverses the activation of mTORC1. That results in suppression of mTORC2.

Blagosklonny devotes his teaching, research and medical practice to finding an affordable treatment for cancer. He remains committed to discovering further use of Rapamycin for cancer treatment and treatment of other diseases.

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Barbara Stoke’s Construction Insights

Barbara Stokes is the current CEO of Green Structure Homes. Barbara and Scott Stoke founded the company in 2008 in Huntsville Alabama. Green Structure Homes is a disaster relief company which provides its solutions to both the government and the private sector. The company delivers its services by use of state of the art design and manufacturing styles.

Barbara Stokes together with GSH team has overtime proved to be reputable in the disaster rescue construction. She graduated From Mercer University where she pursued a bachelor of Physics and Biomedical Engineering in 2001. Also, she had the chance to continue with manufacturing management. At Mercer, she studied Technical Communications, Structures and properties of Materials and finally Thermodynamics. Read this article at businessinsider.com.

She ventured in GSH of Alabama after a thorough experience at Pisces Corporation. Barbara is also experienced in government contracting and is glad to have championed GSH in supporting FEMA’s mission in the United States of America. Barbara also gives back to the community and is a mother of three.

Green Structure Homes offers wood frames and steel homes. sGSH stands out from the unique art it employs including technology, homes that are energy efficient providing low budget and minimized time to build. Also, GSH delivers lower maintenance costs and primary insurance.

GSH of Alabama capitalizes on its unique art design and manufacturing styles when constructing its manufactured homes and multi-storeystructures. GSH team has combined the experience of more than a hundred years, and that contributes to accuracy and quality in production.

Read: http://www.cullmantimes.com/archives/green-structure-homes-alabama-to-be-cullman-s-newest-industry/article_5fc0baef-94dc-5d12-b35f-64a6caa41081.html

Administration logistics has an array of services which includes excellent facilities management, review of the maintenance documentation, maintenance of records which is electronic and visible on a secure portal, control of fleet which is electronically controlled and coordinating of scheduled services. GSH also provides its unique designs customized to meet the need for creativity in construction. The models include Bollards, Jackstands, Shelving and structures. The structures are one, two, three bedroomed units made of wood or steel construction products with the exterior of executive homes, and the interior can be customized to meet each of the customer’s needs and specifications. These apartments are very friendly to nature and pose little or no consequences to the site.

Less importation workforce works efficiently with GSH since products are manufactured locally. Upon arrival at the destination, the materials are erected within a few days leading to the final product possessing quality in construction. Read more about Barbara Stokes at WDRB.com.

Major Louis Chenevert’s Contributions at UTC

Among the key accomplishments made by Louis Chenevert while working at the UTC is towering of the 6’5” stature. This was during his reign as the president and CEO of the company since March 2006 to December 2014. During his position as a leader of the company, Louis is said to have been committed not only to utilizing advanced technology but also in people.

Since his first day at UTC, he made a pledge and a mission to make UTC a better company by taking it to heights against its competitors. It is true he lived to this pledge as he always made use of his knowledge and experience to make improvements in the company. Visit United Technologies website for more info.


He always believed in teamwork and emphasized on the fact that it is only through investment in the right technology and investing in the right people that a company can move forward. More to his stewardship in the company, Chenevert’s leadership was complete of Admirable qualities.

It is through his forward-thinking ability that Louis Chenevert managed to pick out projects with a potential to push the company’s vision. He was also a talented individual in inspiring his staff to work in making the projects a success.

He did not only apply these philosophies while at UTC but they are inborn characters to him that he perfects. Since he joined the world of career, he has always expressed admiration to companies that plan their future success through investing in equipment on the cutting edge of technological innovations.

View: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=191172&privcapId=159230

At one time through an interview, Louis was quoted saying modern-day success is entirely dependent on modern technology and this is all what he has been up to. In spite of having left UTC in 2014, the company always thanks him for the foundation he laid. Even after being succeeded by Gregory Hayes for the CEO position, UTC has remained to dominate the market.

More to this, the company, has continued enjoying vast of competitive advantages that were laid and implemented during his tenure. Surely, Chenevert left a legacy that continues to blossom and drive UTC particularly in fostering a competitive business environment for the company today. Read more about Louis Chenevert at wingsjournal.com.


That there is a silver lining in every dark cloud is an adage well embodied in the life of Tony Petrello. Well concealed in the haze of hopelessness and frustration is a ray of light that with persistence serves to give hope and encouragement. Tony has defied the common portrayal of the rich as greedy, to rise as one of the celebrated philanthropists. He is famed for his giving towards medical research geared to developing a cure for neurological disorders common to new-borns.

Tony, as he is commonly referred to in his inner circle, is the President and CEO of Nabors Industries Limited. He joined Nabors in 1991 after resigning from a managerial position in Baker & McKenzie law firm. He has worked his way to the upper echelons of the World’s largest drilling company.

With a demanding career, Tony derives his strength from his disabled daughter. In 1997, Carena was prematurely born with Periventricular Leukomalacia. A disorder common among premature babies. The disorder’s characteristic of cutting oxygen supply to the baby’s brain led to Cerebral Palsy which inhibited Carena’s development. Consequently, Carena has had to put in extraordinary effort to perform tasks normal to other children such as eating, walking and speaking. Tony and his wife, Cynthia describe their daughter’s condition as a constant inspiration to them.

In the course of seeking medication for Carena, Tony realised a gap existed in medical research on such neurological disorders. This prompted him to explore the possibility of having a medical centre dedicated to research of childhood neurological disorders. The search led Tony to a neurological research facility in Texas, Texas Children’s Hospital. Tony has over the years made donations to the research facility that has seen the medical team make significant progress in managing the conditions.

Tony holds two degrees in Mathematics from Yale University and a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard school of law. In further philanthropism, Tony has been key in developing an annual prize at Yale University in remembrance of his late lecturer and friend, Professor Serge Lane. With his $ 150,000 initial gift and promising more, he envisions to set up an endowment fund to serve as a memorial to the Professor of Mathematics.

Tony is evidently a firm believer in getting elusive opportunities from challenges. His stint at Nabors Industries Limited has seen the drilling firm the grow to run over 500 oil rigs in 25 countries.

Learn More: people.equilar.com/bio/anthony-petrello-nbr/salary/503049#.WKHy57YrKRs

Beneful Brands at Walmart

Beneful is a company that millions of dog owners have become loyal to. This company provides dog food that is sold in a wide variety of choices at your local Walmart. This is one of the main reasons that so many people purchase this dog food for their pets. They know that they can find this when they go out to get other things from Walmart.

Some pet owners like to switch things up and give their dogs variety. Walmart has a lot of Beneful commercial choices for people that want to do this. There are Beneful Originals with real salmon that are sold at Walmart. There are also other choices like the Beneful Prepared meals. People have the chance to get bags of the Beneful 15 and a half pound bags for around $23. Many consumers consider this to be a very reasonable price for a bag of this size and more