Equities First Holdings Relocates Its Melbourne Offices

The global giant in offering alternative lending options to businesses and individuals continues to nurture its expanding growth in the financial markets by maintaining its three Australian locations in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. In an effort to get services closer to its clients and business associates, Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) Australia moved to its new offices located in the heart of Melbourne on Nov 14, 2016.

According to the company’s managing director, Mitchell Hopwood, Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd needed a spacious room that is enough for its staff so as to enhance Equities First ability to serve its ever growing clientele. The company announced the official new address of the company’s new regional office as Level 2, 287-Collins Street, Melbourne, and telephone: +61 3 8688 7191.

The three offices of the company’s regional branches in Australia maintain the focus of helping Equities First existing and potential clients with stock-based lending to enable the businesses and individuals access capital for expansion and Equities strategic investments. The Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne regional offices provide non-recourse loans. Besides the company’s Indianapolis, Indiana USA headquarters, it has other regional offices include offices in the United Kingdom, Thailand, Hong Kong and Switzerland.

Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) been providing individuals businesses seeking non-purpose capital lending services since the year 2002. It has made it possible for its clients to achieve their professional and personal goals by supplying them with capital against traded stock. EFH is an international company that has offices in nine countries.

About Equities First Holdings: newsboost.com/newsroom/marketwired/equities-first-holdings-relocates-melbourne-offices

How discipline and a fun learning environment have helped Success Academy succeed

New York City-based Success Academy is known for the success of its students. Students in public schools run by Success Academy test in the 90th percentile for all core subjects, and proficiency rates in both English and math in all their schools is close to 100 percent.

Other public schools sharing the same space as Success Academy schools have a proficiency rate of less than 30 percent, and their students test low on state-wide tests.

So what is Success Academy doing differently than other New York City public schools, and how has it avoided the problems they have?

A fun learning environment — While most New York City public schools stick to the same teaching based on instruction that has been in force in the U.S. for many generations, Success Academy’s education is based on a hands-on, fun learning environment that engages students and makes them think.

Consequently, while students at other public schools fail or drop out, students at Success Academy schools are in the top 10 percent of the state, have excellent attendance records and arrive at school wanting to learn.

Critical thinking and inquiry — Success Academy schools’ education system is also based on the need for students to be taught critical thinking, and for inquisitiveness and inquiry to be a huge part of their daily life at school.

Thus, students only received just over an hour of instruction from teachers every day, and then the remainder of their school day is spent doing project-based activities with fellow students.

These projects are quite rigorous in nature — programming a robot, putting together a computer — and yet students love participating in them and, yes, they learn.

Strict discipline — The final component of a good Success Academy education is strict discipline. Something that does not exist in many New York City public schools.

Success Academy students are expected to be arrive on time and be appropriately dressed, be polite, behave well, follow instruction and work hard. There are consequences for any child that does not.

Hence, behavior among most students tends to be good, unlike in other public schools where bad behavior is damaging the teachers’ ability to teach and the students’ ability to learn.

Mission Possible

College Admissions: What Every High School Scholar — and Parent — Should Know

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Greg Finch Focuses on Precision and Techniques

When patients are determined to need orthopedic surgery, it’s typically for more common procedures. Those procedures can involve joint replacements. The most common joint replacements are of the knee and the hip.

The number one priority of the orthopedic surgeon is to safely and accurately reconstruct the patient’s damaged joint. The goal is to relieve the patient of long lasting pain and provide improved function. Typically, patients will undergo a joint replacement of the knee, or the hip, after several years of having excruciating pain. The material used in a joint replacement varies based on the part of the body. The more commonly ceramic materials used are alumina, zirconia, silica, hydroxyapatite, titanium nitrite, and silicon nitrate. These materials generally bond well together within the joint replacement and reduce the risk of loosening the components.

In a rare occurrence, the bond used to secure the bone can result in the involuntary movement of the joint and create inflammation. Experienced orthopedic surgeons are skillfully prepared for this potential by being precise with bonding the joint and using techniques that have been pioneered through proficiency and practice. Hip replacements are less vulnerable to any excess movement due to the usage of the membrane which helps to keep the joint in place.

One of the most-leading orthopedic surgeons in Western Australia is Dr. Greg Finch. His specialties include spinal surgery, cervical and disc replacement, as well as having extensive experience in minimally invasive procedures. Dr. Greg Finch has been a member of the North American Spine Society since 2010, and he is affiliated with Sunshine Coast Private Hospital at Buderim.

Dr. Greg Finch has provided a wealth of knowledge to his peers while participating in programs throughout Germany, and the United Kingdom. Dr. Greg Finch is well-respected among his peers, and patients look to him as a person of expertise, precision and knowledge, when it comes to their orthopedic needs.

Meet Greg Secker the Founder of The Greg Secker Foundation

Greg Secker is a master trader, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and a well-known international speaker. By the time he was in his twenties, Greg was a multi-millionaire owning and running the most successful companies in England. Mr. Secker owns Capital Index, Learn to Trade, and SmartCharts Software. In addition, he is the founder of a non-profit called The Greg Secker Foundation that aims at improving the lives of the communities.

Greg Secker’s Career Background

Greg began his career at Thomas Cook Financial services. Afterward, he shifted towards the foreign exchange industry where he successfully managed a new business brand entitled the VTD( Virtual Trading Desk). VTD is a real-time and online Forex trading platform that allows customers to have large foreign exchange activities and transactions.

At the age of 25, his career had quickly soared, and he landed himself a VP position at Mellon Financial Corporation in the United States. During this period, he was exposed to some of the best worldwide traders, and as a result, he set up his own company, Learn to Trade within a span of three months. Over the past thirteen years, over 200,000 people have attended trading workshops and seminars that have been held by Greg Secker across the world. The public learn how to produce a replacement or second income by trading the currency and stock markets. Greg Secker has offices that are operational in London, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Sydney. In 2010, he was a finalist in London Excellence Awards and his company Learn to Trade was positioned at the 49th place in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards.

Greg Secker-International Speaker and Philanthropist

Greg regularly gets invitations from the media and market channels to give his expert opinion on the trading platform. He is recognized as an international speaker who speaks alongside personalities such as Anthony Robbins, Richard Branson, Dr. De Martini, and Robert Kiyosaki. Greg has a track record of supporting various initiatives for charity like the Royal Princes as well as Tusk and the Child Bereavement Trust.

In 2011, The Greg Secker Foundation was established to focus on life skill, education, and leadership initiatives that improve the people’s quality of life. Greg Secker’s Foundation works together with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite. The result is the construction of a new crèche in one of South Africa’s the rural villages.


Paul Mampilly Exchanges High End Investing For Advising The Average Trader

Paul Mampilly, a longtime investor whose keen eye for unexpected profits led him to a successful Wall Street career, has now settled down to become a writer for average Americans looking to get ahead through the stock market. He recently sat down for an interview and offered insight into his story.

He started his “retirement” start-up when he tired of seeing how Wall Street was cut off from the average person. He worried that people were being left behind, and wanted to use his knowledge and experience to help them. To write his articles and columns, he spends hours each day researching stocks and investment opportunities.

Two of the most world-shaping trends that he can foresee are the Internet of Things and the Millennials. The Internet of Things refers to the gadgets that link to us almost intelligently through our smart phones, letting us know when the dryer is done drying clothes or the lawn needs to be watered. And with Millennials number approximately 92 million people and understanding intuitively how the technology of the 21st century works, he foresees them influencing many things in the future.

Paul Mampilly credits much of his success to always wondering what he could have done wrong. He analyzes everything from multiple perspectives, not just his own, and wonders which things could possibly go wrong. Those investments and opportunities that show the best resiliency, he trusts. From there, he says the next most important things are a routine, and setting one’s priorities clearly and strongly.

Paul Mampilly shares a lot of his knowledge about investing and growth opportunities for Main Street Americans through his writing. He is the Senior Editor of The Sovereign Society, and the founder and editor of Profits Unlimited, a monthly newsletter on earning profit from cutting edge stocks that has 40,000 followers.

For decades, Paul Mampilly has made his fortune on the stock exchange. He is a former hedge fund manager and a long-time investing master when it comes to discovering small and emerging companies that will bring major returns. Paul Mampilly holds an MBA from Fordham University in New York.

Matthew Autterson: Your Best Bet When It Comes to Financial and Investment Advice

Investment management is a professional that involves the management of various assets and securities such as bonds, and shares. Investment management is of the essence since it helps in meeting a particular set of investment goals for the general benefit of the investor. In most cases, investors may include corporations, insurance companies, charities, private investor and educational establishments.

Investment management can be of different styles depending on the organization involved or the preferences of the investor. Normally, investment management styles include growth, market neutral, value, indexed, growth at a reasonable price (GARP), and small capitalization. Each investment management plan is distinctive from the other. For instance, growth investment management style has been attributed to the rapid growth of earnings which cannot be possible due to the scarcity of companies involved with generating the cash.

The people who benefit from investment management are the investors. As earlier mentioned, these investors can include insurance companies, corporations, pension funds and charities.

Some of the most successful investment management companies have attributed their success to a trustful relationship between the investor and the money manager, creating low-cost and diversifiable portfolios, as well as creating a variety of asset classes. The following are the top five investment management companies that have succeeded in the industry. Vanguard Group, Pacific Investment Management Co. LLC, Capital Research and Management Co, J.P Morgan Asset Management and the FMR Co. Inc.

Matthew Autterson is a wealth advisor for the WIN Wealth Management Company. With over 20 years of investment, financial, and accounting experience, Matthew Autterson is no doubt your best pick when you need financially-oriented advice. Matthew Autterson is also a registered representative a position he used to hold when working for the American Express and Royal Alliance.

Matthew Autterson graduated from the Buena Vista University with a minor in Finance. Before he co-founded WIN, Matthew Autterson was the acting vice-president of the Registered Investment Advisor, a company based in Minneapolis.


Lifeline screening wellness; saving lives through preventive screening

Life Line Screening is a top provider of precautionary medical screenings in America. The screenings are aimed at providing health knowledge, detecting the asymptomatic stage of chronic cardiovascular diseases so that early intervention can be given, thus improve the quality of life. Dr. Manganaro is a board certified cardiothoracic surgeon by the University of Rochester, with over 35 years of experience. He began his tenure in 2000 as a physician reviewer before taking up the CMO role in 2005. His day entails overseeing all aspects of clinical quality assurance and development of protocols in the clinic. Dr. Manganaro directs the company’s screening research collaboration that is shedding light on vascular disease and screening. Dr. Manganaro also chairs the Scientific Advisory Network, a panel of distinguished reviewing physicians. He is currently licenced to practice medicine across multiple states in the U.S.

Dr. Manganaro got his medical degree from the New York University School of Medicine. He finalized his placement in general and chief surgery at Bellevue Medical Center and later spent two years at UCLA medical school as a research fellow in cardiovascular physiology.

Life Line Screening was an idea born from the catastrophic cases he dealt with as a cardiovascular surgeon. The cases he notes, were completely preventable if early intervention was given. LLS screenings presents the opportunity for individuals with asymptomatic cardiovascular disease to become aware of their health problems, seek follow up care, and make life changes that prevent the progression of the disease. The tests recommended are depended on LLS risk algorithm that assess the patient’s suitability for screening. The patient’s medical history, family history as well as their screening preference are factored in the decision making process Dr. Manganaro is excited by the great reception the program has received from the scientific community evidenced by the large number of doctors and consultants who support the program.


LLC which is based in Austin, Texas, was founded in 1993 by Collin Scully and Timothy Phillip. Since its inception, 8 million people have been screened. The screening services are offered across USA, UK and Australia.Life Line Screening is collaborating with Oxford University, New York School of Medicine, and University of Carlifornia to further the understanding of the relationship between risk factors and development and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Its vast database is widely used by medical universities and organizations to generate findings that are published in peer reviewed journals. LLC partnerships with numerous hospitals, organizations, insurance companies, community groups and wellness program are aimed at providing customers with affordable, effective and meaningful health screenings.



Cassio Audi And The Magic Of His Music

Cassio Audi makes magical music in Brazil every day, and his career has been enhanced by the music he makes. There are quite a few people who wish to do business with Cassio because of his accomplishments, and there are many more who wish to hear his music. His music is an important part of himself and his career, and he knows that he may use his musical experience to help others. This article explains how Cassio does his best for all clients.

#1: The Music He Writes

The music that has been written by Cassio Audi is a major addition to the repertoire of Brazil, and he has been writing for years in this style. He works on music that he believes in, and he wants to share a message with the people that they cannot hear anywhere else. Someone who wishes to enjoy his music may partake at any time.

#2: His Business Career

Cassio has quite a lot of business career, and he knows that there are a number of people who will benefit from his creative mind. Cassio makes changes to the solutions he creates for clients based on his creativity, and he will continue to make changes as his customers receive services.

#3: The Connection Between Business And Music

The connection between business and music is quite important because it is something that helps someone find new solutions. Cassio wants his customers to be soothed after hard days, and they often listen to his music because they love the way he writes. The business decisions that are made are impacted by what Cassio has written.

Cassio Audi has been one of the best and most-innovative people in all of Brazilian business. He is a multi-talented man who is changing lives with the business decisions and music he supports.

Realize Enlightenment and Improve Your Quality of Life through the Kabbalah Centre

The teachings of Kabbalah have been passed down for generations. The Kabbalah Centre continues this tradition. It endeavors to enlighten humankind enabling you to achieve fulfillment. The knowledge encourages a deeper connection with the universe and those around you. It allows practitioners to live a better quality of life by empowering them with actionable steps that improve lifestyles on a daily basis.

For example, wear clothes that transform your day with positive energy, which promotes better relations with people. The spiritual wisdom encourages indulgence in worldly desires to discover deeper connections with people. However, overindulgence is discouraged. The Kabbalah Centre teaches you how to rectify self-destructive habits to achieve positive change. It explains mysteries about life and the universe, and guides you to eliminate harmful elements such as chaos and suffering.

The Kabbalistic teachings seamlessly fit into contemporary lifestyles and cut across religion lines enabling you to achieve enlightenment and inner peace regardless of your background. Strive to be a medium for light and unite with others so that the light is strong enough to transform the world.

The Kabbalah Centre was launched in 1984 in Los Angeles by Philip Berg and his wife, Karen. The non-profit promotes awareness about the teachings by offering onsite lessons in its regional centers besides online education portals and global study groups. It also features an extensive print and digital library of the study materials.The organization enjoys a worldwide following with a presence in the US, South America, Europe, and Asia and the Middle East. Famous celebrities such as Madonna and Mick Jagger have put the spotlight on the institution helping mobilize interest.

The Kabbalah Centre is also dedicated to caring for the needy through the Charitable Causes program. It supports victims of disasters, poverty, and social injustice. It helped survivors of Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami and the earthquake in Haiti. The Kabbalah Centre also supports charities such as Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross.

To know more visit :Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube channel

Investment management and its benefits

What is Investment management?

Investment management is the process of managing various securities and assets on behalf of investors. The securities are usually in the form of shares and bonds while other assets maybe in the form of real estate. The process of investment management is usually geared towards meeting financial targets set by the particular investor. The investor can be an individual, an organization such as an insurance company, pension fund managers and other companies.

Private investors usually have investment management through collective investment schemes such as mutual funds and other funds. Investment managers manage these investments for private investors. They usually refer themselves to portfolio managers. They usually do financial statement analysis, select the stock and continuous supervisions and monitoring of the existing investments.

Investment manager Matthew Autterson

One known investment manager is Matthew Autterson who is based in Denver, Colorado. As an investment manager, Matthew helps clients in identifying the best investments for their portfolios. He also does consultations with clients to ensure that they maintain investment discipline during market turbulence when the market is not very stable. He is also involved in advising clients on tax issues and estate planning.

Matthew Autterson has a wide range of experience in investment and the financial services industry. He is also a licensed Life Insurance agent and advises clients about life insurance and other insurance matters. Autterson is in charge of advising his firm’s largest client’s portfolios and also acts as the firm’s compliance officer. He is also part of the firm’s investment policy committees.

Benefits of investment management

One of the major benefits of having an investment manager is allowing one’s money to make more money. Also, with a good investment manager, one is sure of high returns which also lead to saving during the investment. As an investor one can also benefit from unbiased and independent investment advice in order to diversify the investment risks for maximum benefits.