Ready, Willing and Yanni Hufnagel!

In basketball, only a small percentage of coaches become as successful as Yanni Hufnagel. What makes Hufnagel different from other college basketball coaches includes his ability to produce top talent. Moreover, Yanni Hufnagel remains someone who dedicated their entire life to basketball. As a result of his efforts, colleges from around the country seek the services of Hufnagel. Furthermore, Hufnagel remains a role model to numerous basketball players. Whether on or off the court, Yanni Hufnagel provided his players with a level of wisdom that transcended basketball. Moreover, he gave them skills that they can use outside of basketball. As a result, he remains a prominent figure in the college basketball community.


Furthermore, Yanni’s interest in basketball stems back to his childhood. As a native of New York, Hufnagel remained naturally gifted in sports. To name a few, Yanni excelled in basketball and lacrosse. While in high school, Yanni played for his school’s basketball team. Unfortunately, he did not make the team in his junior year of high school. However, his resilience opened the door for future opportunities. Moreover, Yanni Hufnagel became a commentator for his school’s basketball team. Furthermore, his position remained televised for everyone to see. Upon graduating high school, Hufnagel made his way into college. Moreover, he attended Pennsylvania State University.


While there, Yanni assumed the position of the lead defenseman for the school’s lacrosse team. After one year at Pennsylvania State University, Yanni transferred to Cornell University. Upon attending Cornell University, Yanni received his bachelor’s degree. Therefore, his educational attainment remains uncontested. After completing an internship with the New Jersey Nets, Yanni attended the University of Oklahoma. While there, he served as an assistant coach and obtained a master’s degree. Moreover, he coached Blake Griffin. In closing, Yanni Hufnagel remains an inspiration for years to come.

Capitol anesthesia is a company with high standards

Reaching Out to Capitol Anesthesiology


If you are interested in getting in touch with an anesthesiology clinic that can help you out with your procedures, you will want to get in touch with us today. There are plenty of reasons that doing so will be beneficial. To learn a little bit more about us, read below to see a few of our strong suits.


#1: We specialize in every major type of anesthesiology


If you get in touch with our business, you will be under the guidance of physicians who have experience with every type of anesthesia available. Some types that we specialize and include regional anesthesia, general anesthesia and monitored anesthesia care. We also deal with obstetrics and are very skilled at providing anesthesia to children.


#2: We have a large, experienced staff


Anytime that you do business with us, you will have access to the best physicians around. We have a large staff of nearly 100 physicians, making us the largest independent anesthesia practice in the nation.


#3: We are involved in the community


Finally, our biggest contribution is to our local community. We adhere to a number of initiatives that allow us to give back to the community that supports us so much. We get the big picture and it is why people have trusted us for many years.


You can tell by these three tips that our anesthesiology company is the best around. We have set the standard in the nation when it comes to this area of medical practice. Reach out to us to learn more.

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Jose AuriemoNeto: The J.H.S.F. Brazilian Real Estate Tycoon

Do you know about the amazing and extraordinary Jose AuriemoNeto from Brazil? Well he is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of J.H.S.F, a top-notch leader in real estate in the middle class and above areas in Brazil. Founded in 1972, the company deals with operations in commercial and residential market acquisitions, as well as management and development of hotels, luxurious restaurants, office buildings, high-rise warehouse structures and shopping centers. JHSF is known for having the ability to find and deal with new business opportunities in the areas in which they operate their business. The company can effectively demonstrate and give sustainable solutions in the projects they work on from the drawing board, all the way to constructing and finishing the project.

Now on to Jose AuriemoNeto, he was born and raised in wonderful Sao Paulo, Brazil. He acquired his Bachelor’s from F.A.A.P. (Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado) University in Sao Paulo. Neto was a very studious and intelligent student when it came to finishing college. He would always ask questions in class if he did not understand something or if he just simply was confused about a class topic. His distinguishable features would later help him get a job in the real estate industry. He then began working for J.H.S.F. in 1993. He began going up the corporate ladder and he started the company’s services department by creating the parking lot management company Parkbem. Click here to know more.

Having the success of the services department using Parkbem, in 1998, Neto obtained the rights to develop the company’s first shopping center destination known as the Santa Cruz Shopping Center. In 2009, he supervised the company’s first venture into retail, signing exclusive partnership agreements with Hermes, Jimmy Choo and Pucci. These partnerships really catapulted Neto’s reputation in the real estate industry which would give great credibility when making deals in all aspects of real estate. Then in 2012, Neto pushed the company to successfully acquire another partnership with Valentino and launching their extraordinary stores all over Brazil. Neto had the correct skills and the best connections to propel J.H.S.F. like never before in the company’s history.

The OSI Group Latest Acquisitions

OSI group is a U.S based multi-billion dollar company dealing with food production. The company has been operating for a long time and has established more than 60 firms in over 17 countries. The firms are spread across Europe, America, and Asia. OSI China is which deals with poultry products is the highest producer of all the firms in OSI group.

OSI has purchased Tyson Foods in Chicago; Kevin Scott the vice president of OSI North America confirmed the acquisition and said that the move was to ensure that they meet the increasing demands from clients. Tyson’s Chicago plant which has been sold to OSI is among its other two plants which are still operating in Wisconsin and Jefferson. Tyson Foods Chicago plant prepares items like meatballs, creeps, tempura chicken, and omelets among others. The executives at Tyson Foods said that they sold it because they were unable to meet their customer’s demands.

OSI has also bought Flagship Europe; the acquisition was received positively by the two parties. Russell Maddock, a chief executive officer at Flagship Europe, said that working together with OSI group would open doors for them to get new customers and also better their services. Flagship Europe is part of the big Flagship Food Group which its main products are Oliver James pies; sous vide equipment and frozen poultry among others. Click here to know more.

The OSI Europe got a boost when it acquired yet another firm in Europe; Baho Food, a Dutch-based Food Company. Baho Foods has five plants in Netherlands and Germany serving customers in 18 countries spread across Europe. The whole Baho’s managing team will remain in office and work together with OSI management team. The financial details were not revealed in this business deal between the two companies. Mr. David G. McDonald, the president of OSI group, said that Baho’s portfolio and products complement OSI’s ability to serve their customers better.

Why Lifeline Screening Stands Out from other Preventive Health Screening Companies in the World

In the wake of technological advances in the medical industry, several institutions have been established to provide people with screening services. Most of these services apply to patients with vascular and vascular-related illnesses. Lifeline Screening is one of the institutions that have been on the verge to avail quality medical technology to people. According to the company’s senior MO, Andrew Manganaro, Lifeline Screening has provided screening services to over eight million people.

Dr. Manganaro is responsible for Lifeline Screening’s research and quality assurance efforts. He also works with other members of the company’s leadership team to review marketing endeavors for clinical accuracy. Dr. Manganaro also chairs the firm’s Scientific Advisory network. The network comprises of renowned academicians and clinical experts from different parts of the world.

Lifeline Screening’s Organizational Structure

Lifeline Screening is on the verge of offering clients new ways and new tests for exploring the preventive healthcare industry. The firm relies on state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate the screenings. Lifeline Screening also relies on its secure and vast database to avail scientific research information. Before a patient is screened, the company uses a risk algorithm that determines the need for a patient to undergo the test. Click here to know more.


Lifeline Screening is the leading direct-to-consumer and community-based preventive health screenings in the world. Patients with medical conditions, such as carotid artery disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and stroke, require exceptional screening services. Lifeline Screening assures patients, suffering from these disorders, of painless, quick and non-invasive services.

With a professional team that comprises of highly trained technicians, the firm ensures that clients are satisfied by the preventive health solutions provided. Licensed physicians usually read results for each test. After being screened, you are required to share the test results with your medical doctor. This is because the doctor can determine the treatment and lifestyle changes that can be adopted for your recovery.

Samuel Strauch Is Interviewed On Ideamensch

One of the first questions that Ideamensch asked Samuel Strauch during his interview was how he brings his ideas to life. Samuel Strauch says that thinking ahead and being creative is in the DNA of his company. He elaborates by saying that he goes through every idea that is proposed and has an open mind when looking at them. Strauch says that if he believes an idea has viability, then he will take the time and resources to look further into it.

Samuel Strauch stresses that implementation is absolutely vital in his business. There is where a lot his competitors lag behind he says. A person may have an excellent idea, but if he is unable to implement it then he will not see any results or benefits from it. Execution is a big part of the real estate development business and Strauch believes he excels in it. That is what really helps him bring his ideas to life.

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The next question that Samuel Strauch was asked was what is a trend that he find interesting. Strauch says that he goes beyond just one single trend. He says he finds the overall way of thinking and living in the younger and up and coming generations to be interesting. Mr. Strauch believes that we are currently going through a highly transformative period in our society right now. This change is what Samuel Strauch finds very interesting. Such dramatic changes in the way people live, work, think, take care of themselves and socialize should impact almost every kind of business.

One of the final questions that Strauch was asked was what is the best $100 he has recently spent. His answer was on a dinner with family and friends. Strauch says he believes that money should be spent on experiences and not on material objects which in the long run do not bring much joy.


Patty Rocklage -the True Epitome of Hope for the Society

When talking about Patty Rocklage, there are certain things that you will not fail to capture about her. First, her profession, personality, and lastly, her typical example to her community. The following article seeks to capture all these three sides of Patty Rocklage.

Patty Rocklage is a seasoned psychotherapist with a strong dedication to the family unit. Married to a loving husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage, Patty is one dedicated woman on a mission of ensuring all families grow and thrive amidst challenges. Patty’s psychotherapist expertise lies within the areas of marriage and family therapy. Throughout her more than twenty years of practice, Patty Rocklage has been offering counseling to both marriage partners and singles to help them overcome their challenges. Patty uses her warm and motherly communication style to make her clients at ease and focus on the solution rather than the problems. Despite Mrs. Rocklage being experienced in her profession, she got the basics of the job from the University of Southern California where she graduated in 1981 with a degree in psychology.

Having practiced counseling for quite a while, Patty Rocklage has also been able to develop valuable skills that are useful in the community. Coupled with her psychology degree, Patty has been able to impact team building, teaching, coaching, and public speaking skills both to organization and individuals. Click here to know more.

Thirdly and arguably what most people remember Patty Rocklage for is her love for the community. Like any other philanthropist, Patty not only believes in the importance of giving back to her community but she is successful in her charitable works. Sometime in 2016, Patty and her husband Scott were involved in the commissioning of the MIT’s chemistry department labs. The couple was honored for the rare act hanks to their initial input in the project. Additionally, Mrs. Rocklage is also involved with the Sudanese Education Fund. Here she works as a volunteer helping the immigrants from Southern Sudan get sustainable jobs, education, and financial aid to kick-start their lives in Massachusetts.

Patty Rocklage is a beacon of hope not only for the residents of Massachusetts but also to the world at large.

Greg Secker And His Amazing Mastery Of Forex Trading

When it comes to self-drive and the thirst for financial freedom, Greg Secker is one name that stands out. The 42-year-old capitalist, philanthropist, and renowned Forex trading guru who has a story to share. In his youthful days, at around 20 years of age, Secker was already a millionaire thanks to his sharp wit that saw him leave formal employment to start his trading endeavors and online trading applications.


Greg Secker worked for the trading firm, Thomas Cook Financial Services as an IT expert in the mid-1990s. His eye for detail helped him realize effective means of making money on the floor, and he decided to claim part of the pie. He started looking for ways to help individuals keep track of floor prices in real time. As a result, he created the Virtual Trading Desk, which won him the 1998 British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce. His ingenuity enabled him to refine strategies and tactics used by Thomas Cook to make it easy for a lay person to make money from trading.


Secker is also a renowned motivational speaker within the personal financial freedom realm. He started speaking in forums and media houses when he realized the need to educate people on creative trading tactics that could in return lead to financial freedom. He has been a notable speaker and an accomplished author on the leading Forex trading platform.


Greg Secker is the ultimate example of entrepreneurial success at a tender age. He became the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, a position he relinquished in 2003. From here, Secker went solo and committed his efforts to establishing a top-rated company, Learn to Trade. In addition to this, Secker has published books touching on financial success through the floor and the best strategies that lead to exemplary trading prowess.


Greg Secker has earned numerous awards and mentions as a pioneering light in the trading realm. Also, he is a dedicated philanthropist. In 2010, for instance, he helped start the Greg Secker Foundation that helps improve the lives of ordinary people across the globe in regard to life skills, entrepreneurial success and leadership skills.


How Securus Technologies Is Bringing Communities Together and Solving Crimes

If you, a friend, a relative, or a significant other is currently in confinement at a correctional facility and need to find a way to communicate without being required to visit the location physically, then please do not hesitate to visit the Securus Technologies website to see whether the communications platform is available for use there or not. Unfortunately, there are many correctional facilities that have not had it installed into their communications systems yet; however, that does not mean that we cannot do what is within our means of encouraging officials and courts to have the Securus Technologies program installed into their systems. It is a great program that is connecting inmates and their visitors through videoconferencing modes of communications, thus, eliminating the need for a physical visitation to take place. This can be quite a benefit for visitors of incarcerated individuals who may have had to travel quite long bits of distances.


By having Securus Technologies installed into our correctional facilities, we will have the opportunity of investigating and solving a myriad of crimes. The communications that occurs through the Securus Technologies platform may be monitored by law enforcement agencies and can be relayed over to courts for investigative proceedings should it be needed. Why not implement this wonderful form of communications into today’s correctional facilities when there are so many benefits to reap and take advantage of? You will not regret utilizing this for the purposes of communicating with others, as it is a wonderfully designed and engineered system that is bringing all people and communities closer together. The program is easy to install and should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the help desk representatives. They’re always more than willing to assist any and all customers.


Life Line Screening, Preventative Healthcare

Preventing health issues before they get out of control is the first step to help people live longer today. There are ways to tell when a dangerous condition is beginning to happen. Life line screening is preventative healthcare that helps protect people from unseen health issues. It screens for several basic issues that can be treated before they get serious. Here are the details on what it screens for to help, people be in better control of their own health.

Blocked arteries are screened for to help prevent the early signs of stroke. It is not an invasive test either which makes most people happier. Nobody wants an invasive test. It is tested for by performing an angiography test on the person. The results could help detect the early signs of a stroke. Getting those tips early can help in the process of healthcare today.

Abdominal aneurysm screening is the second thing that is offered with the life line screening. This is only needed for men that are age 65 to 75 that smoked. While everyone can be tested, this is the age to really think about the test.

Screening for hardening of the arteries is another good idea that this test series offers to the patient. The legs show signs that must be addressed before the issue becomes unmanageable. Click here to know more.

Irregular heartbeats are a thing to evaluate as well. The screening performs this test as well to help find the early signs of atrial fibrillation.

Osteoporosis is the last part of the test series to help protect and catch the early signs of some of the most dangerous conditions that lead to death. It is not invasive and offers an excellent solution to health screening solutions for the general public. Often used with wellness packages in health care, it is a valuable part of regular health care today.